You Clean Up Nicely, Naturally.

March 13, 2014 – Some of the toughest cleaning matches are best met with an unexpected opponent: natural cleaners. Sure, we often reach for our all-purpose, anti-bacterial in the plastic bottle. But did you know that there are everyday grocery items that do double duty as cleaning superstars?

We’ve got the right solution for your kitchen cleaning conundrum with just two basic – and all-natural – items you can find at any ALDI: lemons and white vinegar.


  • Stain remover: Cut a lemon in half and use the cut side to remove stains from cutting boards and food storage containers. Add salt or baking soda to the mix to tackle stains on tea cups, coffee mugs, pots and pans.
  • Odor remover: Place rinds in the garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh. Use the juice as an odor neutralizer on surfaces – even hands.
  • Polish: Mix lemon juice with vegetable or olive oil to polish wood and buff scratches.

White vinegar and water:

  • All-purpose cleaner: Mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water for a cleaner that you can use on most kitchen surfaces, shower walls and floors – even the inside of coffee pots. The smell of the vinegar fades quickly.
  • Window cleaner: Use your vinegar/water mixture with old newspapers for streak-free windows.

Read on for more clean ideas!

  • Pot and pan scrubber: Don’t toss that bag! Take the netted produce bag from onions or potatoes, fold a few times and use to scrub your pots and pans. Add baking soda for added strength.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner: 1 part baking soda, four parts vinegar. Combine together and scrub down the bowl.
  • Polish: Toothpaste works wonders as a polisher for silver, chrome fixtures, piano keys and even acrylic accessories (such as desktop organizers).
  • Rust Remover: Salt and lime are the perfect rust fighting team. Sprinkle salt on the rust, squeeze fresh lime juice over the salt until it is well soaked and let the mixture sit for 2 to 3 hours before using the leftover lime rind to scrub the residue away.

Have a favorite natural cleaning solution that we didn’t mention? Share it in the comments!

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  1. roberta trew

    Love Aldi’s and wish you were nearer my home. Why can’t we pin these tips to Pinterest boards
    or why don;t you make up a board with your tips? they’re great!

  2. Alena Callimanis

    I bought your Everyday Home Carpet cleaner. I have a 100% wool carpet. What can I use as detergent for the 100% wool carpet with your machine>

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