What Switching & Saving Means to YOU

April 8, 2015 – At ALDI, we find that one thing rings true time and time again: To know ALDI is to love ALDI. We asked our customers how Switching & Saving with ALDI has made a difference in their lives and the results will amaze you.

“I have been coming to ALDI for over 20 years. My kids and I would make a game of it and when we got home, we would add up the savings and put that amount in the bank. I saved so much that money put both my kids through college, and my son is still using that money to go through a master’s program. I love ALDI!!” – Jennie C.

Autumn F.

“After having our first child, we started to become very conscious about what we were putting into our bodies (and into his little body!). Shopping at health food stores was breaking the budget badly, and when I discovered all the real, whole food I could get at ALDI, I was ecstatic! ALDI is our #1 grocer. We buy organic grass fed beef, organic fresh and frozen produce, organic fair trade sugar, fair trade coffee, dried beans, brown rice, whole wheat and organic pasta, organic salsa, pasta sauce, and jam, olive oil, the list goes on!” – Autumn F.

Brittany E.

“We are a medically retired military family of seven with four small children. After we were discharged, money was tight. The bills were piling up and the pantry was empty by the end of every month. It took months for our VA pay to start and be the correct amount. When it finally was, I went to ALDI. We filled three carts based off of meal plans I found online for your store. We filled our cabinets, pantry, fridge, and then some. My family of seven can now afford good quality food on a retired military paycheck because of your store. You saved our family! We love ALDI and will always be loyal customers.” – Brittany E.

Sandy H.

“I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy about a year and a half ago. I was able to find some gluten free foods at a few supermarkets but the cost was alarming and it was a hassle reading all the ingredients. I had already been shopping at ALDI for produce and some canned fruits and vegetables, but was pleasantly surprised to pick up a jar of spaghetti sauce, and spot a gluten free symbol right on the label. So then I was like a crazy woman, picking up all kinds of food items and looking for that wonderful symbol. A few months later I was flabbergasted to see the liveGfree brand products – mac & cheese, cake mixes, pretzels – wow! I switched to ALDI and save a bundle, even on a restricted diet!” – Sandy H.

Do you have your own Switch & Save story to add? Tell us in the comments!

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34 thoughts on “What Switching & Saving Means to YOU

  1. Theresa

    I knew about Aldi years ago but never really shopped here. In the last six months I’ve made an effort to spend more wisely and eat more healthy. Started visiting various grocery stores and noticed that Aldi had the best prices for produce, meats and a few other items I purchase regularly. I’ve found items at Aldi almost 60% less than other stores. Now I’m a regular shopper. The store I visit is fairly small but I like that so I don’t get distracted.

  2. Jerry Conlon

    When I first got divorced, I went to Aldi’s to save money. My children were eating cereal when my daughter said “Dad, these aren’t Cocapuffs”. My heart sank. Then she said “These are better”! I hugged her!

  3. Lindsay Jirik

    I’d shopped at Aldi on and off for many years, but when my fiance and I got engaged, we decided we needed to review our budget and stick to it more strictly. One of the easiest changes was being consistent with doing my grocery shopping at Aldi. My fiance officiates sports year-around and he consumes a lot of sports drinks. Switching to Aldi Infuse and N2 save us money and he don’t have to sacrifice taste.

  4. Laurie Sikes

    it has been 20 years since the first time I was in an Aldi store in Dearborn Heights Michigan… Was not impressed then. Recently I’ve noticed a surge in Aldi stores being built in , so my Husband and I decided to give it a try again… Wow, were we ever surprised….. Love the products and Love the prices! We are Hooked!!!!

  5. Allie M

    i have been shopping at aldi for some time now. i love going into the store near me and finding new products for my vegan lifestyle. lots of the fit and active products and organic products are vegan. of course all the fresh and frozen fruits, veggies and dry beans are. i went to a local vegan/organic store to just see how it was, i could not afford a loaf of bread in there much less food for the family and myself. the family is not vegan. i can also get the foods they like at aldi so its like a one stop shop for me. saves time, saves gas and saves money with wonderful and affordable products. i would like to do a review on the seasons choice veggie (vegan) burger for the ones that do not know or have never tried them. just another example/reason to shop at aldi : i tried these for the first time and was quite impressed with the ingredients and nutritional facts especially compared to other veggie burgers on the market. and the price is cheaper than the name brands on sale with a coupon!!!! i have to say these are the best veggie burgers i have had, and the price, WOW! this is my switch and save…

  6. Ashley B.

    I have switched to Aldi for 90% – 95% of our groceries. I can get meats, fresh fruits and veggies, juice, cereal, bread, deli meats and cheeses, canned goods, milk,and eggs for between $85 and $110 ever week, depending on how much we need that week. Some weeks I’ve stocked up enough that i can get out for $50 or not even go that week.

  7. Wendy Quir

    I’ve been using Aldis now for a few years and found their prices and quality of products to be as good if not better than the oppositions. I seem to get more trolley full for my dollar there.

  8. Michelle B.

    We are a family of seven with four kids with teenage appetites and my husband is a retired school teacher…money is tight and we can feed everyone and not break the bank. We save hundreds of dollars each trip! We love Aldi!!!

  9. Julie

    I joined a weight loss program.One of the things that always frustrated me was how expensive some healthier produce can be. A friend who is very health conscious told me to try Aldi for produce. Since my first visit I go there regularly for my healthy greens, organic tomatoes, organic carrots and more. In the process I also discovered the Simply Nature products. My program challenged me to find a low/no sugar pasta sauce.Simply Nature Marinara fit the bill. It is all I buy now. All this to say, I lost 30 pounds and gained a new place to shop for healthy food! Win/Win.

  10. cindy c

    Ours is in another town.but I try to make a trip every other week to get my cranberry chicken salad for my lunch.among other items.well worth the trip

  11. Wendy Hawthorne

    I use to get lean ground beef from other stores, and now I purchase grass-fed beef from Aldi – to make burgers, meat pies, meat loafs, stuff peppers, stuffed cabbage and a host of other dishes…No need to buy ground turkey or beef from any other store….

    I also pickup the peppers, cabbage, potatoes, sweet potatpes and a host of other yummy fruits and veggies from Aldi – because the produce is fresh and priced at a better cost compared to the high prices at other stores.

  12. Maria dexter

    I love shopping at Aldi. Everyone at our store is friendly and helpful. recently being diagnosed with celiac disease and dairy allergies it was expensive to purchase food I can eat. I can at aldIs. It’s good food as and doesn’t contain the allergens I appreciate what your store has done for me and my family’s bottom line. Thank you

  13. Lisa

    I first found Aldi when I was helping out my church’s food pantry in Tulsa OK. I talked to the manager to arrange extra bread shipments once a month. While there, I saw that the produce prices were better than any of the local stores and started buying most of my own groceries there. I’ve moved to the Chicago suburbs and Aldi is within walking distance. I love the organics and am starting to find many items like salsa & tomato puree without any added sugar. Good job – thank you!

  14. Todd Johnson

    I started going for a few things here and there,but when I discovered the variety and quality of your products,with such great prices,now Aldis is the only place I shop!!I also make it my personal mission to convert everyone I know to switching over,which is not difficult once they try it!THANK YOU!

  15. Janie archer

    I saved just on popcorn alone. They have some of the best microwave popcorn ever made. I also shop for cereal, fruit and produce if nothing else!

  16. Julie

    I refuse to shop at my former employer following a work injury and a terrible battle legally. I feel that my hard earned money needs to go far nowadays and shop at Aldi weekly. I am able to make a very small income strech and still prepare gourmet meals for my family. You don’t have to shop at a top 100 rated grocery store to get what you need . You can find wonderful afordable food at Aldi. Not to mention great cashiers that are always friendly! I am so happy that I have made this choice to shop Aldi !

  17. Erin Ginn

    I had not shopped at aldi before but became a loyal customer very quickly 2 years ago. I buy 90% of my produce there as there is always an amazing selection. My two small boys are addicted to the Kirkland chicken fries that retail for $4.09 compared to Tyson at $8.99 and they are better. My 3 year old is responsible for having the quarter ready for the cart. I recommend aldi to everyone! Their bargain aisle with non food items gets me every time!

  18. Susan Doyle

    Aldi is somewhat new to the Houston, TX area but I’d heard my uncle from western PA talking about Aldi frequently. I am recently retired and find prices on dairy, bread, vegetables and canned goods significantly lower then all or most other grocery/big box stores. As I recently retired and have much less money to spend every month my grocery dollars now go further shopping at Aldi. Thank you Aldi for entering the Houston, TX area.

  19. Elizabeth H

    I was a late convert to Aldi’s. I moved to a house with an Aldi’s nearby. I started dropping for milk, eggs, and bread. The more times I visited, the more I was shocked at the quality of the items, as well as the interesting selection of seasonal produce, international, and gourmet items. Aldi’s continues to blow away all of my preconceptions about the store. On a monthly basis, I serve an Aldi’s item to a friend who is shocked to hear that I bought it there. Aldi’s also helps my budget tremendously with low prices and a selection of groceries that keeps me focused on the essentials of nutritional needs of my household. I find that I spend far less on extraneous household items when I shop at Aldi’s versus a large big-box competitor. Today’s Aldi’s is not the Aldi’s of my childhood. I welcome the focus on health-consciousness, quality, and diversity of international and gourmet items. Thank you!

  20. Karla bechtel

    I worked 6 mo in OWASSO okla,, lost 30lbs.. Be considerate of the workers! They have the heart to help but they treat a lot of employees like slaves

  21. Stacy keresty

    aldi’s is the best grocery store there is! I have been going there for 12 years! I have 3 kids and a very tight budget! I’m amazed how much I saved,and was able to get twice as much food then the big name stores! The food is natural and healthy! Tastes great! I love the fact that use recycle boxes! Service has always been fast and friendly! I used to have to walk everywhere! With all the money I saved in a 4 year period I was able to finally buy a car! A year later I was able to get season passes for my kids at great adventure! Now last 7 years saving money to hopefully buy a house! Thank you aldi! If not for your affordable healthy groceries I would not have been able to accomplish any of this! Me and my kids are very thankful! Today’s economy is very hard without your food chain life would have been really hard for us! God bless you and all your employees! I will never shop anywhere other then aldi!

  22. Teresa Black

    I love Aldis for their fresh fruits and frozen Vegables. After having a triple bypass 3 years ago I have been trying to eat healthier. Aldis makes the possible and affordable. The fit and active produce are awesome. Only place I find them is Aldis I travel about 25 miles just to shop the store in Erie PA . The staff there are always helpful and friendly. Thanks for making my life easier sincerely Teresa Black

  23. Lashonda Johnson

    I enjoy shopping at Aldi, I have walked out of there spending less than $90 for a weeks worth of groceries and still had food left over!! Thanks Aldi!!

  24. Justin Digby

    For my wife and I who are on an extremely tight budget switching and saving means that we can come to Aldi’s and get high quality food at a low price. Instead of going to the grocery store and buying boxed food, we can afford to make first class meals from scratch that are healthier for us. It also means that we can treat ourselves to a night out every once and a while. Thank you for being so awesw!

  25. Shannon Campbell

    My family has grown over the years but even with the kids growing up and moving out we have always tried to save money where we can and Aldi done that for us. We don’t lose flavor or quality just get great items for a better price. I love Aldi and I recommend it to everyone,they’re great and food is wonderful!

  26. Barb Chapman

    When we returned to the US after living overseas, shopping was overwhelming. The stores were so big, the amount of products were overwhelming, and the sticker-shock at the register was painful. I eventually found Aldi. It has really saved my sanity during this time in the states. The size of the store makes it easy to navigate, the focus on whole foods and the quality of the produce make it healthy, and the cost at the register makes me smile! Thank you for being a refuge during an otherwise stressful time.

  27. Virginia B.

    I just recently switched to Aldi and I could kick myself for not doing it earlier. I usually buy store brands anyway. I did a price comparison on the 100 items I use all the time and Aldi’s prices were many times between 1/3 and 1/2 of the prices at the store I had been shopping at. Typically at least 25% less. The Aldi brands are consistently top quality. These are not inferior knockoffs. I could afford to shop anywhere I want to but don’t believe in spending more than I have to. I love the idea of people putting their carts back. All it takes is a quarter to make people pick up after themselves. The store layout and products do take some getting used to. I predict I will buy at least 75% of my groceries there, probably more. The few things they don’t have that I need I will have to go to a regular grocery store for. Unfortunately. Their business model shows a lot of common sense and an efficient way to do business. I like that. Keep things simple. It works.

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