We’re Expecting…

June 8, 2016 – We’re all smiles as we announce a different kind of bun in our oven…say hello to Little Journey – our first full line of baby products! You’ll have to sit tight until August to start stocking up your diaper bags with LJ, but we promise you’ll go ga-ga over it!

From cooing infants to eager preschoolers, Little Journey will grow alongside your kiddos and meet their varying needs. For every giggle, gurgle, grin (and hair pulling meltdown), we’ll be there with products that meet or beat national brands while also saving you money to invest in your child’s future.

Check out some of the fun products you’ll be finding on our shelves soon:

  • Changing Time: For those less-than-glorious moments, we’ll have your little ones covered with a full line of changing essentials such as gentle cleansing wipes, diapers and training pants.
  • First Feedings: Nutritional needs evolve over time but providing the best food for your baby is always a constant for us. Four newborn powder formulas and a toddler formula will be at the ready for those growing tummies.
  • Toddler Tastings: Our infant-to-toddler snacks make eating healthy easy and yummy – double winning! From infant cereals to organic puree pouches and yogurt bites, your cabinets will be stocked high and you’ll be wishing you were a kid again.

To kick off this exciting news, we’re hosting a baby photo contest on our Facebook page to find the face of our first, real-life Little Journey star! From now through June 22nd, parents and legal guardians with children up to 24 months can upload smiling shots of their cuties for a chance at our grand prize: a $30,000 check to help support the winner’s journey towards higher education, a year’s worth of Little Journey products and a fun-filled photoshoot in the winner’s hometown. Our nine finalists will get some love, too, with a gift pack filled with Little Journey products.

Voting opens June 22nd and closes June 29th so don’t miss out, enter by clicking the image below!

Baby Enter Now Image

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109 thoughts on “We’re Expecting…

    1. Sandy

      Yes, more pet products and NOTHING edible from China, please. If you offered made in the USA, organic, etc., they would certainly sell!

      Thank you.

      1. Laurie

        I too wish Aldi’s would carry higher quality cat food….wet/dry. Also stop bringing in food items from China…where they use human waste to fertilize their food….esp. fish…..I would rather pay a little more and not get sick. I do 95% of my shopping at our local Aldi’s store.

        1. English teacher

          All of you it is not Aldi’s .it. is simply ALDI. OK end of lesson.
          Also, they don’t carry anything – they simply have it or not.

          1. Steve

            LOL That urks me too English Teacher. My wife even calls it Aldi’s. Just like you hear people call JCPenny, “Pennies” . What the hell?!?!? hahaha

  1. Debi

    I WORKED for ALDI’S starting in 2005 and we did carry pet foods and I have pets, however in their defense it took up valuable room that they can now use for other food items, such as imported and organic foods that are in demand, but are terribly expensive else where. A lot of people have allergies to ingredients in regular foods!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Renee! Entering the Little Journey photo contest is easy and open to all parents and legal guardians of little ones 24 months or younger. Simply “Like” the ALDI USA Facebook page and submit a photo of your little one for the chance to see them become the new face of Little Journey. For the official contest rules and regulations please visit: http://bit.ly/25xLNv7

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Alice! We’re inviting our ALDI USA Facebook fans to select the top 10 finalists by voting online June 22 – 29, 2016. From there, a panel of ALDI judges will select the baby whose photo best meets the contest criteria to become the first Little Journey star.

  2. Deb Robinson

    ALDI is the best! It’s great to see you expand your selection. I’ve been shopping with you for decades in Indianapolis, Fayetteville, NC, and now your new store in Portsmouths, VA. With my four sons raised, I purchase 98% of my groceries from ALDI. I tell folks how wonderful you are. I love your business model (keep the store small), and have dreamed of being the spokes person for ALDI – as Flo is for Progressive Insurance! Ha! Keep up the great work! Thank you.

  3. Pam Reygaert

    Anyone NOT shopping Aldis is missing the boat! Great products great prices and wonderful customer service! Thanks Aldis!

  4. Pam Friedman

    I greatly appreciate that you are carrying a gluten free line of foods. I love the stuffed chicken breast with ham and cheese, and ravioli with spinach is delicious. Why is it that some items are not kept in stock. Everything seems to be limited supply. You once had a variety cheesecake gluten free that was seen on only one occasion. Anyway I appreciate what you do have.

  5. Rita

    I would absolutely love for Aldi to be in Pueblo West, Colorado. I loved shopping there when we lived in Illinois and miss it so much.

  6. Kristi Walsh

    Please bring back La Vie Sparkling flavored Water. I loved it and so did my granddaughter, and a plus no aspartame. I saw that you carry La Croix in the can, but bottles are easier to transport, and La Vie gives a bigger variety in flavors.

  7. Caroline Dingess

    Too bad, my first grand child, a boy, is due on 8/26/16. Based on the good looks of my daughter and her husband, little Sebastian will look amazing. I think he’ll look like Otis Sudeikis. He would make the perfect face for Aldi’s Little Journey line of goods. One more thing, your Fusia Shrimp and Avocado Rolls are to die for, I’ve only been able to buy them once, last January.

  8. Anne Suppa

    Wish you would consider putting an Aldi’s in the City of Port Jervis, New York. Right now, the only Aldi’s is In Middletown, New York, and is quite a distance for us to drive. You would have the competition of Shop-Rite (in Montaque, New Jersey) and Price Chopper (in Matamoras, PA). We are in the Tri-State area where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania come together. This would be a blessing for us and it would yield big profits for this company. There is a new shopping complex :(renovated) in the Port Jervis area near Burger King and Rite Aide Drug Store, and it is near the Erie Rail Station. Please consider this location. Thank you.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Anne. As a famous little mermaid once said, we want to be where the people are – and that includes near you! We’ll share your suggestion with our real estate team.

  9. Andrea Vigue

    Wishing you would expand farther North, I have family in Maine, near the capital and I continually sing Aldi’s praises. Your products and prices would very welcome there…

  10. Linda C

    Love love love all your LiveGFree products! I visit each week to stock up. Great products. Thanks for offering them.

  11. Mary Jo

    Aldi has been the main source of feeding my family for 25 years. We especially appreciate the gluten free products with 1/3 of the family diagnosed with celiac. Please add a gluten free ‘graham’ cracker! Keep up the good work, Aldi.

  12. Mary Murphy

    Two comments: 1. Please put an Aldi’s in Winona, MN… 30,000+ pop. but adding in 4 colleges in quite a large city.

    2. I wish your products had lower sodium. PLEASE.

  13. Peggy

    I’ve been shopping with you since August, 1996. I buy 95% of my groceries there! I am sure I’ve saved lots of money over the years. When I do have to go to another grocery store, I cringe because I know I will be spending so much more money! I tell everyone about Aldi!! Thanks for taking credit cards now too! From one faithful shopper!

  14. Ted Schroder

    We love this place, for years we would go to Fayetteville GA to see a movie then shop at Aldi’s every Sunday….now they have opened one up in Peachtree City, GA where we live….thank you….

  15. Debby

    Is Aldi planning to bring back the large plastic containers of organic salad mix? So many of us use them and are very disappointed that they are not carrying them. The bags are too small and require buying too many at a time. I know many people who would be extremely happy to have these containers back.

  16. Karen Lee Hill

    First introduced to ALDI in Gelnhausen, Germany, in October of 1982!!!! Huge fan ever since! Keep pushing for ALDIs in San Antonio, TX, and Fargo, ND. Actually an ALDI Distribution Center in Fargo, so that you can cover the 9 state area around Fargo! I keep getting the same “we’ll share it with our real estate team.” Would love to at least be able to see a projected store list and one for stores that are “Opening Soon.” Not sure why San Antonio – the 7th Largest US City – has been excluded and yet other Texas Cities like Houston and Dallas have multiple stores in their areas! Pity when I have to have friends stop on their way to SA to pick up Winking Owl Moscato and bring it down to me! You are missing out on huge sales in both aforementioned cities!

  17. Kenneth Stalcup

    Though our Aldis has been open a short while, we LOVE it! We try new items every week and soon they are on our regular shopping list! The meats are the BEST! Always very fresh.

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  19. Elva Groff

    I, too, would like to see the Lacura line of lipstick and cosmetics back on the shelves at Aldi. I have shopped at Aldi since the first store opened in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

  20. Chris

    I really wish that Aldi would put in a self scan register that way someone who has a few things does not have to wait behind someone who has a cart full of things. They never ever use all of the registers that they have. It would be great 20 items or less!!!

  21. Margaret Kanel

    All of us ‘Winter Texans’ NEED an Aldi’s in Brownsville, Texas. We talk about this need every year when we are there. There are basically just two places to shop for groceries in Brownsville, HEB and WalMart. There are some random small local grocery stores, but an Aldi Grocery would sure be appreciated. Income levels there are somewhat lower, so the addition of an Aldi’s would sure give those people better opportunity to feed their families with quality fresh fruits and vegetables, along with the other offerings that Aldi’s has.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Margaret! It’s great you want ALDI near you! We sent a <3 note on your behalf to our real estate team. Thanks again!

  22. Barbara W.

    I love love love Aldi’s. The products are great, the prices are right and I can shop for myself (single), and be in and out in 30 minutes! There are a couple of Priano items I’d love to see back in my local Lansing MI store: Breaded Veal patties, and Eggplant Parmigiana. Thank you!

  23. ann

    My son has a sensitivity to corn syrup, so we have eliminated products that use any form of it. In doing research on it, I’ve discovered that this is a common sensitivity among children (often un-diagnosed) and often results in hyperactivity, attention deficit, and (for my son) short-term impaired cognitive ability. I would love to see more products that do not have corn syrup! The breads and sometimes buns you offer are already free of it, but Aldi cookies, cereals, and a few other products do contain corn syrup.

    In our family of four, I have to work around sensitivities/allergies to corn syrup, red dye, and wheat/gluten. I’m not sure what I would do without Aldi! Your efforts to provide foods that are more natural and allergy friendly, while still having a low price are invaluable to me. Thank you so much for all you’re doing!!

  24. Francine

    I just bought Shep Pure Being Grain Free dog food. It’s made in the USA. It rivals the Blue Buffalo I have been buying. My one Eskie has a sissy stomach and itching issues. Both Eskies LOVE it. No digestive issues and NO itching! This food will save me $420 a year!!! I would like to see Shep’s Grain Free wet food, if they have. If you can get a deal on elk antlers, THAT would be great!

  25. Peggy

    I appreciate the new store in Quincy Ilinois with much more parking space. Always helpful workers to help me find an item. Speedy checkout and a variety of food and other products. Special sale items are great especially fresh fruit and vegetables.

  26. Ilse Seichter

    I loved to shop at Aldi back growing up in Germany. I live in the USA since 1976.
    No Aldi near Boston MA and nobody knew Aldi
    Moving for the winter to Port St Lucie in Florida we found Aldi in 2 Places, what a treat.
    coming back to New Hampshire for the summer, Aldi is in Salem NH. It is not close,
    1hour trip, but we always stop there, when we get close. After living in Germany for 36 years, you
    Just miss shopping at Aldi very much.
    Hope, you come closer to Laconia or Concord NH one day, since you the only place, where I can
    Get good German Food inexpensive.
    thanks for making my shopping enjoyable and affordable.

  27. Kitty W

    Yes, the senior population is growing everyday and they get NO help from the govt and services and even meals are being cut! Senior discount?

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Kitty! Since we mostly offer our own exclusive brands, and we already negotiate the best possible prices for name brands, we don’t offer a senior discount.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Marea! Parents & guardians may upload pics of their kids that are 24 months and younger for the chance to win.

  28. Melanie Anderson

    I, too, hope you don’t take away any of the food you already offer! In my opinion, you could take away some of the seasonal things in the middle of the store to add a baby section. Food is necessary for everyone…all this other is not. Thanks for hearing my opinion. I also am grateful that you now take credit cards. We recently began using a points card for almost all our purchases and groceries are a biggie — more points. Thanks!

  29. Peggy

    Where will you put more items in your store? We already have problems getting through the aisles with the huge new carts. And the price labels on the bottom of 2 shelves are very hard to read if the store is busy.

    Please build another store for Shawnee, KS!

  30. gail

    Please get rid of food coming from China. especially the fish. It is raised in polluted waters and washed with bleach and feed feces from other animals. I am sure you know of this info. so please if your thinking of us at all, buy from other sources or raise your own fish. I know your big on glutton free how about being free on poisoning the people.

  31. Sam

    How do we vote in this contest? I have my daughter entered and there is no vote button.

    There is not a search option, I open her picture and there are only share options which I have done.

    Any help in figuring out how to vote?


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  34. Brittany

    Can anyone help me figure out why I can’t find my son’s picture? I’ve searched for over an hour through the photos and even used the link given when I entered him in the contest and still can’t find his picture. I feel like this process should be easier to vote.

  35. Lee Ann

    As a stay at home mom of four (and two celiacs in the family) with one on the way Aldi has been a game changer for our grocery budget and meal plans. We can actually afford good food and stay within budget!! I have been grateful for the few baby products already offered but often wished for more. I am SO excited. And our particular store has the kindest employees who are encouraging and helpful when I come shopping with my whole crew. Thank you, Aldi!!

  36. Roland

    What is Aldi’s and Woobox doing about those purchasing thousands of votes from ‘vote sellers’? I have trouble believing anyone can garner that many votes legitimately.

  37. Tara

    I just tried the new journey diapers . And they are better then any Huggies or pampers I have bought . I’m so impressed with the quality and the price . Thanks

  38. Kristy

    We absolutely love Aldi and all of their organic products. Having 2 children is expensive and it’s great that we can save money and still eat healthy. We are really excited to try the Little Journey products for our youngest!

  39. Julie Ranck

    Hi. I have been purchasing your organic baby food pouches for about 2 weeks and have noticed the 4.0 ounces is really 3.5 ounces. I squeeze the pouch completely empty.
    Can you please look into this and check the quantity in your pouch or change the labeling? Thank you.

  40. Lori

    Dear Aldi, I just started using the Lullabies diapers a few months ago. Loved them! I bought the new brand this week and I am wondering if they are the same as the lullabies. My son is now getting a rash which usually occurs when he has a reaction to something in the diaper. Do you know if they changed the make-up of the diapers?

  41. Wanda

    I would like to know who makes your Shep Pure Being grain free dog food in the USA. This info is not given on labeling. YOu are now expanding in the Virginia market. There is NO grocery store in Crewe, Virginia and you would be very welcome here.

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  43. thuy

    love it, diaper size 4. i save a half money after i know it. lucky ❤
    (i use huggies before. i feel it s the same, but cheap =1/2 huggies)
    my husband s cheerful with this change

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