Track Your Fitness with Bluetooth

May 4, 2015 – ALDI makes healthy living simple and affordable by offering a variety of high-quality food products. This week, we’re bringing you even more ways to stay on track with Bluetooth Special Buy* products and a couple of our favorite better-for-you recipes from the ALDI Test Kitchen. To help kick off your summer fitness routine, head to your local ALDI and check out the Crane Bluetooth products including a heart rate belt, wireless activity tracker and diagnostic scale.

ALDI_social-refresh_bluetooth_V03Heart Rate Monitor
Monitor your heart rate and more with the Crane Heart Rate Monitor. When used with the chest strap app, the heart rate monitor can easily transmit data for you to analyze and track your workout information. The app will help you track training zones, calorie consumption, GPS tracking, activity duration, distance and speed. $24.99, Special Buy beginning 5/6

Activity Tracker
Set goals and record progress with your newest fitness companion, the Crane Activity Tracker with OLED display. Like a traditional wristwatch, the Crane Wireless Activity Tracker sits on your wrist, helping you keep track of your daily steps, distance, calorie consumption and sleep patterns. $39.99, Special Buy beginning 5/6

Diagnostic Scale
Stay healthy and in-the-know with the Crane Diagnostic Scale. The Diagnostic Scale has automatic user recognition and can store up to eight users’ information. Automatic pairing with your smartphone lets you view and store your progress as well as your weight, fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass, body mass index, basal metabolic rate and active metabolic rate. $39.99, Special Buy beginning 5/6

Fuel Your Body
Whether you hit the trails for a run or power squat in the gym, your body needs ample nourishment to help replenish and repair muscles.

HL2015_Veggie_Spaghetti_Recipe_Veggie Ribbons
Cut the carbs and up your veggie count by turning your vegetables into ribbons of noodles! Top your colorful creation with organic tomato sauce for a satisfying dish your whole family will enjoy.




Savory Shrimp Salad Romaine Bites
Crisp and cool, our Savory Shrimp Salad Romaine Bites are a favorite from the ALDI Test Kitchen. When cranberries meet sweet potatoes, you’re in for a taste bud awakening.

We love hearing from our fans! What’s your favorite summer workout?

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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39 thoughts on “Track Your Fitness with Bluetooth

  1. Meghan Fischer

    please please please keep the live g-free items!!! I was so psyched to go into my local Aldi’s and see so many options!!!!!!

  2. trish

    Purchased crane heart rate monitor. didn’t come w the watch and absolutely nothing is coming up on my android. .. . Can some one help me

    1. nancy

      I bought the Crane Activity Tracker 1- 5-2017. I have downloaded the app and have it set up on my phone. I can’t get the watch to pair with my phone. It is Galaxy S5. Thank you for your help.

  3. Wolfe Masters

    I bought the diagnostic scale recently and it works great. I’d like to get the watch and heart rate monitor too, any chance the Clawson, MI store can get another shipment of them?

  4. Howard Bochnek

    Purchased the Crane Fitness Tracker. This product is worthless crap. We bought two and neither one works or can accept a charge. They are lifeless lumps that will be repacked and returned to the store tomorrow.

  5. Wade

    Recently purchased Crane activity tracker from the West Palm Beach store. I will not pair with my LG cell phone. Thinking of returning it.

  6. Dawn

    Bought the activity tracker yesterday and love it! So far it is working great! Many more features than the Up by Jawbone. What a nice and inexpensive product!

  7. Sabrina Hogan

    Purchased the activity tracker today and it won’t pair with my newer Android phone. Frustrating. Probably going to return it. 🙁

  8. Trudy Allard

    I have the activity tracker, love it, it is so easy but … My steps and calories are so far out, I think it is almost trebling the count!! I have contacted Crane and they suggested I used the reset, this I have done several times, I have also unregistered and started again and it does not clear all the history, does anyone know if there is a way of correcting this problem ?

  9. Steve Gait

    I bought my first HR-GPS Tracking strap in January 2016.
    Now, I have had to exchange five of them as they stop working or won’t link to my iPhone 6.
    I have tried changing batteries, but they still don’t connect

  10. Bob

    My scale is always off. I can stand on it the same place and weigh one number wait 20 seconds in between weighing and I’ll weigh something else.. the digits will either go up or down 3 pounds or more. Is there a way I can recalibrate it or something ? I put new batteries in as well, it was no help

  11. KSB

    I saw several negative reviews and so I feel obligated to write this review on the wireless fitness tracker. I bought one for my son and then returned to buy more since it exceeded our expectations. We have had them for several months and they work as advertised. We connect them using the download to Apple iPads (1 mini and 1 Air) with no problem I would not swear as to the accuracy of the step count but it gives you an indication and what we like the sleep tracker, charting deep and light sleep, as well as total hours.

  12. Tyler

    Bought the activity tracker, step counter seems to work. But the calorie counter doesn’t, it says I burned 1800 calories in 30 seconds while sitting on the couch

  13. Belinda Dorney

    I bought a Crane Activity Tracker. It just died and will not charge. This morning, March 11, 2017 it had a full charge. Tried the Crane website and received an error message each and every time. I’m​ disgusted that Aldi’s would​ sale this junk. I don’t have the receipt to return it for a refund. What recourse do I have?

    I am considering not shopping at Aldi’s anymore.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      We’re sorry to hear about this, Belinda. Please contact our Customer Service team for help at

  14. Gloria Wright

    I purchased my activity tracker at Aldi in 2015. I don’t have a smartphone and it doesn’t pair with my android phone. I purchased it to just monitor my daily steps. It doesn’t give accurate step count. I forgot once to check status of battery and it died. Well after a complete recharge via computer the time is way off and there is no way to reset it. This is the first device I have purchased from Aldi that warrants a complaint. The purchase price was really a good deal but functionality of product is poor. Will not be purchasing another one.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      We’re sorry to hear about this, Gloria. Please contact our Customer Service team for help at

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Mary! Some of our ALDI exclusive brands and national brand items are covered by a manufacturers’ limited warranty. We suggest checking the instruction manual or warranty card that came with the product to figure out how to make a warranty claim.

  15. Carol Turnage -Jackson

    HI I bought this tracker. But I have not been able to set it up. I have not been able to find that app to scan.
    I quite frustrated and ready to return it to the store. But I want it to do what its supposed to do. So I hang on yet another day. Please help me!!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Thanks for your feedback, Carol. Our Customer Service team would be more than happy to help at

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