‘Tis the Season to be Saving

November 28, 2015 – This year, ALDI is bringing in an expert to help you navigate holiday gift-giving, and who better than The ALDI Elf? In the second of this four-post series, she’s sharing her favorite Special Buys to help you shop smarter for the holidays.

We’re always getting new requests for toys in Santa’s Workshop, so we know how to please even the pickiest little (and big) girls and boys. Luckily, ALDI has something for everyone, too, with new Special Buys each week.

So don’t fret if your gift list is filled with polar-opposite personalities (I’m lookin’ at you, South Pole), because ALDI has you covered for the various interests of the people (and elves) in your life! All items are in store beginning December 2, but are only available for a limited time, so don’t delay!

Gifts for the Techie 
Technology makes everything faster and more efficient, especially at the North Pole! Fancy gadgets help you stay in touch with loved ones and make life a little easier, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. This week, ALDI is stocking the aisles with  low-price, high-tech gifts.









Gifts for the Kiddo
We elves love all things holiday, but toys are our specialty. Seeing the grin on a little one’s face when they unwrap the perfect gift makes us happier than a reindeer in a carrot patch. Here are a few Special Buys that’ll earn you that winning smile.












Gifts for the Foodie
Everyone deserves to indulge in good food this time of year (thanks, Mrs. Claus!), but we all know someone with great taste year-round: this person shows up to every gathering with delicious tidbits, and knows how to put on a mean dinner party. Treat your favorite foodie to these gourmet goodies.


















Hurry into ALDI to get these gifts before they’re gone, and stay tuned for more tips from your favorite deal-slinging elf!

With yuletide joy,
The ALDI Elf

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Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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22 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to be Saving

  1. Deana Webster

    I have always loved shopping at Aldi ever since I was old enough to go to the store with my dad. In mt town Effingham, Il, Aldi has been around for years. This October it closed down to remodel. When it reopened all of the sudden people all over town were shopping there. They never knew such a place existed. It was a hoot watching first timers try to figure out the cart rental system. We’re hoping things settle soon because now our peaceful shopping is a mad house.

  2. Debra Lay

    I shop at Aldi’s fairly often in Gastonia, NC and surrounding City’s as well. I love the great prices, clean stores, fresh veggies and fruit. I love the extras you have for sale weekly. I love to grab the sales paper for what you will have for the next week. We’ve bought a fireplace heater to toys and more.
    I also love the flowers you sale for all occasions and the fresh cut flowers that last for a long time especially for the low price. I love to shop Aldi’s.

      1. Nita

        Love Aldi’s!!!! But it is a bit of a jaunt to get to. Would love it if you could open a store in Ravenna, OH. 44266. There is even the perfect storefront location available right on Main Street. Please open a store in Ravenna, definitely needed.

  3. Kathleen Johnk

    Great store, always clean and every one of your employees are pleasant and speedy. Always organized and stocked. Please do not leave RI. !!!

  4. Billie sackett

    I would like to help with for Christmas for my daughter she like monster high and frozen and live on limited income and don’t have money for Christmas thanks and merry Christmas to everybody

  5. Sandra Black

    I love shopping ALDI’s in Seneca, SC. Very friendly, helpful workers and nice, clean store.

    I would love it ALDI’s would open a store in North Myrtle Beach, SC. It would be a big hit there, lots of tourist year round.

    Thanks for a great place to shop with good prices and lot of choices to shop for. Sandra B


    I would just want to be bless to see another holiday,i cannot afford to celebrate to be there for my family,i pray some day,that i can be there for my family.and celebrate like other family,but i’m thankful for what we have.i feel my prayer will be answer soon,thank you.


    I shop in the West Plains MO store. The store is always clean and I am always able to go through the register quickly. The staff is great help, shelves are faced out every hour it seems. My ONLY complaint is that the manager needs to learn more people skills.

    I was taking an empty box off the banana rack and she came up and briskly said that ”
    you can’t have that …. it is part of the display” in a stern voice. Don’t get me wrong she does an excellent of of running the store. She just needs to be a little softer like “I’m sorry … this is part of the display …. there are boxes over there you can have”. This was a year ago that this happened but it still sticks with me. I don’ want to feel like a child (don’t touch that) when I go to your store. All in all though GREAT STORES
    I will keep shopping there forever


  8. Delores

    Cross Hill ,S.C. Is begging for a grocery store like Aldies.
    Your return would be great, because we have to drive for twenty minutes
    to a grocery store. ( and it is way to expensive for most of us)

  9. Gloria Barnes

    I LOVE Aldi’s… It’s my favorite store. All of the products are excellent and the prices can’t be beat. I visit my store, Sandy Springs, Georgia a few times a week, especially at Christmas time. I love the unusual seasonal food and gifts that you offer. I tell everyone about Aldi’s. My sister wants you to open one near Pensacola, FL. When she visits here, she always goes to Aldi’s to stock up. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

  10. Nicole Tambasco

    I stopped making jello cake because of the red dye. Noticed today Aldi brand does not contain red 40! I’m making the exact recipe on the back of the white cake mix box. Several holiday recipies call for red coloring but my daughter is allergic. I can use the strawberry jello as a food coloring substitute..if you had cherry that’d give me even more options. Either way.. THANK YOU!

  11. David Hechenberger

    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aldis stores for groceries! We do not need you to be Wal Mart. Please more great food and food prices – no more other crap to clog up your isles. Thx

  12. Yvette Rice

    I shopped at Aldi Nord in Germany. I am from Germany. I was so happy when a Aldi here in Rockledge, Fl opened a few years ago. I only wish it will carry more german groceries.

  13. Nancy Meek

    Please please open an Aldi store in Myrtle Beach SC. We have just left the Aldi store in Florence SC which is 77 miles away. You could make a killing at the beach as does the Dollar stores. We have recently moved from PA and loved all our Aldi’s!!

  14. Emily

    Hi! I shop at Aldis all the time but would like one closer to where I live. It would be great to open one in the Wisconsin Dells as the one I shop at is in Baraboo and that is some 30 miles away, one way.
    I do love the store and it’s products are great! I haven’t found anything yet that I didn’t like. Keep on doing what you do so well.

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