Tips for Sustainably Refreshing your Bedroom & Upcycling Old Bedding

Hi! I am Jenni from I SPY DIY, and recently I gave a bedroom at my Airbnb a little refresh with bedding and decor from the ALDI Finds section. When doing a refresh, I like to be mindful that throwing away certain textiles impacts the environment, and wanted to share a few ways to sustainably refresh your bedroom (including making sure the new items you are buying are OEKO-TEX certified) and tips on how to upcycle old bedding. I stopped by the ALDI Finds section because the price point is perfect for my Airbnb and I get the quality my guests want and the style I love!

Plus, ALDI has a Detox Commitment where they’re working to gradually eliminate certain substances used in the manufacturing process for textiles, so almost all ALDI Finds apparel and home textile products are certified to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. This means the fabric is verified to be free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances!

Below are a few fun ways to upcycle your old bedding!

TIP #1: If an old comforter is showing signs of aging, turn it into a dog bed! Simply fold in half, and then in half again (keep folding depending on your comforter size, and pup size!) When you reach the desired size, stitch the open sides closed using a simple whip stitch.  I replaced my old comforter with the Huntington Home Reversible Plush/Sherpa Comforter.

TIP #2: Faux fur throws can be hard to clean if someone spills on it, but instead of tossing it, use the clean part of the fur fabric to recover the front of a pillow. Just cut the faux fur to the size of your pillow front, then use fabric glue to attach it to the pillow! I replaced my old faux fur with the Huntington Home Faux Fur Throw. 

TIP #3: When I am seeing some wear and tear on the cotton bed throws and blankets, it’s time to replace them at the Airbnb. But instead of tossing them, I roll it up, and use an old belt as a strap and use them as picnic blankets. No need to worry if they get a little dirty laying on the ground! I upgraded my old blanket with the Huntington Home Velvet Plush Sherpa Throw. 

TIP #4: No need to throw away old sheets, there are a ton of DIY projects you can use the fabric for. One of my favorites for kids: Find some long sticks, or buy some inexpensive 1×2 wood from the hardware store, and create a Teepee frame, using rope to hold it together at the top. Wrap your bed sheet around the frame to create the outer shell! I replaced my old sheets with the Huntington Home Fleece Sheet Set, perfect for the winter! 

TIP #5: When upcycling your bedding look for fabric certified to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

All ALDI bedding featured in this refresh can be found in the ALDI Finds section starting on October 23rd for a limited time! 

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