There’s Something New at Checkout

March 1, 2016 – We heard you, ALDI fans! You’ve been asking about credit cards for a while now, and we’ve decided to finally make Simply Smarter Shopping… simpler. Starting today, you can swipe your way to savings. And don’t worry – we’re still dedicated to keeping your grocery cart full and your wallet even fuller. Our acceptance of credit cards will have no impact on the prices you pay for the ALDI products you love.


Same great products. Same low prices. New ways to pay. Tell your friends by clicking the icons above!


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107 thoughts on “There’s Something New at Checkout

  1. Marlene Halvosa

    I Love ALDI’S I have been a loyal shopper for ten years now and actually one of your biggest cheerleaders I tell all my friends and strangers about how Great shopping at Aldi’s is. Not only great value but fantastic other items (Household, Garden, ect.)

    1. Dawn

      I haven’t used my credit card yet but will every time. Now I won’t have to add up items in my cart and cash in my wallet to see if I can buy what I want! I have hated the idea of being embarrassed at checkout when I didn’t have enough cash with me to cover what I had!

  2. Dennis Charles Sutherland

    I shop at Aldi for most everything that I can find there to fit my needs. I like the simple layout of the store and the friendly and efficient employees. With only a few exceptions I find the store brands to be of excellent quality. To sum it up, I love Aldi!

  3. jeanie lucas

    I this is good. put it cost money to the company to use c.c. just hope you stay by your word that your prices stay low. love Aldi and will always shop there.

    1. Judy Sturm

      Amen… the consumer ends up paying the freight on credit cards in the long run.
      I too love my Aldi!
      Always shocked at some who are “snobs” about it.

  4. Joyce Tucker

    Thank you! Your new policy accepting credit cards will make it so much more convenient for those of us who do not use debit cards.
    I would also like to compliment the staff who work at your Chantilly, Va store. They are courteous, helpful, and maintain a very clean and tidy store.

    1. Brandie Weed

      Why assume that the “god” in “OMG” referrs to YOUR god? There are more than just one religion, and more than one worshipped god. Oh. MY. god. Not necessarily yours.

    2. DOS

      Not all Christians…..You could choose to make OMG stand for Oh My Goodness. Try to be positive and forgiving of worldly mistakes. You were forgiven at the cross so why are others not so worthy of the same grace?

    3. Wayne

      Great store, offensive slogan to whichever god you want it to refer to. God and His name are Holy and deserves the utmost respect. We need not, for our sake, use God’s name as slang, a curse or in an ad campaign.

  5. Ingrid Stefan

    We love Aldi – it’s just like being back home in Germany. However, when will you be bringing back the Ham Salad? My family loves it. I love the savings – a whole lot for quite a bit less than the other supermarkets.

  6. Sheila

    There is not enough room to say how unbelievably incredible of a grocery store you are! Please open more in the eastern panhandle wv is all I wish for! You are my only grocery store!

  7. Shelby

    Thank you, Aldi for making groceries affordable and healthy! Also, thank you for not raising the prices due to the new use of credit cards. My family are regular Aldi shoppers and we are so thankful for you!

  8. Karen Hedegaard

    We have been feeding the homeless people here in Orlando for four and a half years and we always buy the stuff in Aldi. I am from Europe and I know Aldi from over there so that was an easy choice. I love that I can do it fast and cheap with out having to chose between many different brands of ketchup etc. Since august 2011 our church in Orlando has served more than 50.000 plates of Aldi food to people in need!

  9. Shelby

    Thank you, Aldi for making groceries affordable and healthy! Also, thank you for not raising the prices due to the new use of credit cards. My family are regular Adi shoppers and we are so thankful for you!!

  10. Mel B

    Shopped at Aldi when we lived in Germany. Missed it when we came back to the states. Was I ever glad to see Aldi come to the states. There are a lot of items that Aldi is our go to place for. Now with taking credit cards the savings will even be better … credit card points! Woo Hoo …. Thank you Aldi’s! !! Once a customer always a customer! !!!

  11. Ruth Pearson

    We really enjoy shopping at Aldi’s but I had to always make sure I had cash or my debit card, now this will be so much easier for me. Thank you for listening to your customers!!

  12. Donna

    Yeah. Now more folks will be able to shop and enjoy the savings I see every time I shop at Aldi, which is sometimes 2-3 times a week. Love It.

  13. Edna Carpenter

    YeeHa! This is terrific — you made my day. Using my credit card will allow me to shop with less stress — the stress of not having enough cash to purchase all the great buys I see at Aldi’s. Yep, sometimes that does happen. I live out in the country and shop to stock up canned goods as well as other items. Aldi’s helps me stay in budget and get still get what I need. Great store that’s getting greater!

  14. Marge Chatburn

    Glad to see that Aldi will be taking credit cards now. Have seen many people get in line and find they can’t use credit and it is all they have. I think this will bring in more customers. I love Aldi. They are convenient and I can get in and out fast. I go there almost every other day. There produce is fresh, and I never find anything outdated in the store. That means well trained and happy employees. I have tried just about everything food wise in the store. Very satisfied. I keep bragging to my friends that I can do my weekly shopping and spend less than if they went to another store and bought a couple items.

  15. Debbie Episcopo

    Yay! Aldi is the first place I go to when I have to get my shopping on! Thank you for helping with my time, my taste buds and my wallet. Now that you allow credit cards, this will help my wallet even more! You ROCK, Aldi!!!

  16. Kelly Stenshorn

    Being a single mother of many years ..Aldi’s has helped me out through tough times. Now that my kids are older I still shop there.

  17. Lisa

    Love Aldi and all their products, produce and their friendly staff! I shop the location off Nicholasville road, in lexington, ky. The prices are great, always fresh produce, and always have something new! Thanks Aldi!

  18. Diana Newman

    Living on an extremely tight budget is always a challenge, but at Aldi’s I can make my dollars stretch. I am especially glad for the gluten-free products. They are so reasonably priced. Thank you.

  19. Patricia

    YES! I always use my debit card and use the “credit” feature for cashing out everywhere else as I don’t like using a pin entry. ALDI USA was the exception, always having to process as debit. Now, I can use as “credit”. Thank you!

  20. Esther M. Briwn

    I swear by Aldis since I first shopped there 6 years ago. Not only are the prices lower then any other grocery store, but the convenience of their check out system that hardly ever holds up the lines is so convenient! Thats because you bag your own groceries in your own clothe bags, or bags they have available to purchase for less then a quarter! Paper and plastic, or the stores boxes they put out for our use. Even the grocery cart system is very convenient. You pay a quarter but get it back after shooping. No carts scattered in the parking lot! EVERYTHING about Aldis is convenient! I highly recommend it!!

  21. Cindy Cordial

    The prices at Aldi are within reason so I can afford to buy things in larger numbers. I then have them at home when time is short and I don’t have the time to go to the store. Aldi products are better than a lot of even name brand items at a far better price. I only wish my store still had the instant tea.

  22. Valery Kagansky

    “There’s Something New at Checkout” it is great idea with credit cards! My wife and I always love to do shopping at ALDI and always thought about credit cards that it would be so nice if we could use them at ALDI. Thanks ALDI for listening your customers!

  23. Lisa Losinski

    This is absolutely Wonderful! We LOVE shopping at ALDI!! Thanks for making it more convenient & thanks ALDI for all the wonderful savings! It really help’s when time’s are tough & Money is short.

  24. Lisa Losinski

    This is absolutely Wonderful! We LOVE shopping at ALDI!! Thanks for making it more convenient & thanks ALDI for all the wonderful savings! It really help’s when time’s are tough & Money is short.

  25. Barbara Reed

    ALDI always has the best produce…with that said it makes our hurried life easier to be healthy. Now with the convenience of getting to use my credit card I don’t have to worry about getting cash or checking my bank account before picking up our fresh delicious food.

  26. Lori Ann Manis

    Aldi is particularly convenient because its size allows me to quickly navigate and purchase most of the things I need in one stop. It’s very convenient on my wallet, as well.

  27. Judy

    I absolutely love the deals, and the variety of foods, compared to just name brands. The employees are very personable. Great savings when on fixed income. Thanks.

  28. Kathleen Zutell

    I love Aldi’s! The organic line is fantastic! Please consider adding a store somewhere in the Destin Florida area.

  29. Rosalie Mayes

    ALDI’s adds convenience to my life by physically being close to where I live and helping me be able to buy the foods that I need at moderate prices that fit my budget.

  30. Cheryl Smith

    I simply love your store! I live in Milford, CT and have been shopping in your store since it opened! There are other stores that are closer to my home but I get so much more bang for my buck! I can feed my family healthy meals and still have money left for the little things like gas for my car and our electric bill. Thank you so much for coming to Milford, CT and for now accepting credit cards. (Now if you could bring yarn I like you do in other countries I would be a crazy woman)

  31. Nancy Barrett

    Love Aldi,s!!! Raising three grandsons means it of food which costs a lot of money. Without you dear Aldi’s I don’t know what I would do. Oldest grandson is 19 and your store has been feeding him 18 of those years. All three are wonderful strapping young men. Thank you for everything!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Susan Cutmore

    Love Aldi’s!! Was there yesterday & again today!!! I’ve noticed you are stocking more & more selections & love the organics. Love the idea of being able to use a credit card which I do often in many stores!! Keep up the good work Aldi!!!!

  33. Melinda

    My favorite Aldi items are their shelled pistachios, the clancy honey wheat pretzel rods and their frozen bagged steamable vegetables. I also bought lots of their under sink adjustable shelf organizers but they seem to be one of their “here today/gone tomorrow” items.

  34. Cynthia Diederich

    Although I will probably continue to use cash or debit I think the new policy will be helpful for many people. Thanks!

  35. Jay Coventry

    I like it – but may continue to use my debit card and cash, just to show I support low costs of doing business. ALDI is on my side.

  36. DeAnne Morelli

    I use to live in Illinois. I moved to Texas in 2004. I always shopped at Aldis. So to stock my pantry I would make a couple of trips to Illinois to stock up at Aldis. One day at the store as I was checking out the cashier was curious as to my huge purchase. I told him my story. It just happened to be someone high up in the Corporate and he asked all kinds of questions. Well it took a few years but boom, my Aldis is in Texas. One close to me. Again my mom went to the Aldis in Illinois and this same gentleman checked her out. He asked if a store was close to me. And of course it is. Aldis is my first stop when I shop. I convinced others to try it when it first came here. Some thought it was old outdated stuff. I described the store and they tried it. I just love Aldis.

  37. Jill Wessel

    I was at the store today shopping for our baseball team and they did not let me use the team credit card:( They are not ready for this, but I hope they are soon. This is very exciting!
    West Allis, Wisconsin Store

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Heather – Nope! There is no fee to use your credit card at any of our locations, and credit cards will not change our prices.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Hana – Nope! There is no fee to use your credit card at any of our locations, and credit cards will not change our prices.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Paul – Nope! There is no fee to use your credit card at any of our locations, and credit cards will not change our prices.

  38. Necia

    My husband and I are faithful Aldi’s shoppers! It is situated between 2 other grocery stores and while it was being built, we had our doubts. Well, we are HUGE fans now and we’ve gotten our friends, family and co-workers on board also!! The App is very helpful as well — I love seeing what’s new or on sale before I even walk in.
    We are so glad that they are now taking credit cards since our credit union rewards us for using credit instead of debit. BUT, what they do not take is COUPONS, which we found out the hard way this week. After making a long list and spending 45 minutes filling our shopping cart, we get our “haul” rung up at the check out and upon presenting our 30% off coupon are told that they no longer accept coupons. What?! Needless to say, we were very disappointed to have wasted all that time stocking up and then having to spend way more than planned — yes, we could’ve put stuff back but by that point we felt like we were holding up the line.
    I guess the thing I wish had happened is; at least honor the current coupons that are out there. Ours expired that very day, 2/29/2016

  39. Fran Baker

    Yay, Love Aldi even more…if that is possible….I find Fresh Local foods Florida strawberries are almost always in store, great prices on everything!! I always find something new I like in the aisle where you offer non perishable goods. Today I scored great food, and new mats for my kitchen, with matching pix from last weeks sale…!!So Fun shopping at ALDI …and now credit cards!! Today I spent $101 and would have paid 2x that amount at other stores…Thank You Aldi…loyal customer from NY first and Florida now…

  40. Doris

    My bank issues debit cards and credit cards, I have one of each but until now could only use the debit at your store. But now I can use the credit card and get rewards with it. My food bills are some of the highest I make, so I have been missing out on the rewards when I shopped at Aldi’s. I’m very happy I will now get to add these rewards to my others.

  41. AuntKarkar

    Ok, I get there won’t be an increase on the prices of the products, but what really seems to be the question that people haven’t figured out to ask is, “Will Aldi charge a fee when a person uses a credit or debit card?”

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Aunt Karkar – Nope! There is no fee to use your credit card at any of our locations, and credit cards will not change our prices.

  42. Jan

    We were first introduced to Aldi in Newton IA probably 25-30 years ago. As I recall it has changed dramatically from boxes in rows on the floor and no fresh food to quality foods including fresh, dairy, frozen, and fresh meats. There are now 2 stores in our Texas area and I shop there every week. On occasion I won’t find something and go elsewhere. Love Aldi.

  43. Dianne

    Want to give a shout out to your staff at the Marietta, Ohio store! Been going there for years, always courteous and friendly. Great store, like it a lot!

  44. Ann Marie Deans

    No plans to raise prices now, but I don’t believe that will be the case much longer now that you are accepting credit cards. That’s what I loved about your stores; the peace of mind that prices would stay low. Not so sure about that anymore.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Ann – No way! ALDI shoppers don’t have to worry! It may have taken a while, but we’ve figured out how to take credit cards without increasing prices, making shopping at ALDI more convenient than ever.

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