The Who, What and Why of ALDI

November 19, 2014 – From the instant you insert your quarter deposit, receive your shopping cart and step inside the sliding doors, you’ll go from a discount grocer shopper to an ALDI Super Fan. Our ALDI differences are building customer loyalty and driving company growth from the inside out. Here are just a few ways we keep things simple to drive BIG growth.

AldiStore_Overview_FromCorner - CopyConsistent Store Layout
Our store layouts are designed to better serve our customers – you! Four to five (compared to more than 30 at other grocers), uncluttered, 8-feet wide aisles and open carton displays are all essential in creating the perfect shopping experience. Particularly, our open carton displays help us keep restocking costs low – giving our shoppers more savings.

Shopping Cart Rental System
One quarter is all you need to rent a cart for your shopping trip. Insert your deposit directly into the cart to release it from the bunch. Once you’re done shopping, return your cart and we’ll return your quarter! No need for cart wranglers means more cost savings to our shoppers.

Reusable Bag Program
Given our simple approach to retailing, one of the ways in which we help our customers save money is by encouraging them to bring their own shopping bags or to purchase a reusable, long-lasting ALDI bag. The end result is that we not only save our customers money – by avoiding adding the cost of the bag to our prices – but also precious resources.

Ease of Checkout
Every ALDI-exclusive product has multiple barcodes on the packaging for quicker scanning during check-out. Your cashier won’t spend any time looking for a barcode and checking out will seem faster than ever.

Fun Fact: Did you know ALDI is one of the only retailers to allow cashiers to sit while they check out your items? Standing in place all day is hard on your body! Sitting for a shift is more ergonomic which means it’s intended to provide optimum comfort to avoid stress or injury.

Do you have a favorite ALDI experience to share? Tell us in the comments!

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97 thoughts on “The Who, What and Why of ALDI

  1. Martha

    I absolutely love Aldi – great layout, awesome prices, and the cashiers are always SO nice. My mom and I were actually talking last week about how we think the cashiers are nicer because they get to sit and aren’t forced to be on their feet all day!

    I have so many favorite Aldi items, but I have to say my top picks are grapes and asparagus – the prices are so much less than my regular grocery store.

  2. Cathy Barrington

    Thank you for supplying gluten free products in your Aldis stores.
    Can anyone tell me if the Millville All Natural Oats OLD FASHIONED cereal is gluten free product. I look forward to seeing more of the gluten free items as demand increases.
    Thank You in advance for your comments,
    Cathy Barrington

      1. Lynette

        It’s not that the oats contain gluten, it’s that they are processed on/in the same equipment that wheat, rye, etc. are, thereby contaminating the oats with gluten in the form of dust. Gluten-free oats are very expensive because to certify them “gluten-free” means they are processed in a dedicated facility used only to process oats. There are very few facilities like that. Most are multi-use.

  3. Hans

    Surely, more Advent calendars would be sold if people would know what they were. Buying my usual 20 to hand out, not even the cashier knew what they were and what they were for. Sometimes it might help to brief staff on what’s available and why.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    PS.: Thanks for being closed on TG day.

  4. Chris

    I love shopping at aldis they are the best but lately haven’t been able to cause have had no money for food praying for help for the holidays thank you aldis for being in Michigan

  5. Linda Roberts

    I have been shopping at Aldi for quite some time. I have lived in Joplin, Missouri since 2004 and when our Aldi store was destroyed by the tornado in 2011 it was a disaster. It was probably the one and only place I really missed. Yes I could drive to another county and go to one, but it wasn’t the same. I was so happy when you reopened our Joplin store, as was so many other customers. Thank you for always being consistent in quality and pricing. I love my Aldi store in Joplin, Missouri.

  6. Mel

    The first time I went to Aldi here in Clinton, Mo (9 yrs ago), I thought it was crazy…. now everyone knows to leave my Aldi’s quarter alone! Thank you for providing whole, real, fresh food for my (low carb) family. I especially appreciate that your Greek yogurt, sour cream, and cheeses are real and not full of fillers. It’s a lifesaver, literally, for a healthy diet!

  7. Geraldine Mahan

    Cookeville Tennessee Aldi Store has the most Outstanding , Courteous and Helpful Employees I have ever encountered. I find it Enjoyable to grocery shop at this Aldi’s. I Am So Glad We have An Aldi’s in Cookeville It’s An Absolutely Wonderful Asset To Cookeville, TN.

  8. Gwen Robbins

    I love Aldi! I did my shopping this morning for Thanksgiving. Got everything I need including wine and spent a lot less than I would have at Publix.

  9. Carol

    i love the Aldi shopping experience. Besides always saving money, I find that the other shoppers are so nice. People say hi and since the lines move so fast, if I only have a couple items someone always offers to let me go ahead of them. I am so happy that I have an Aldi store near me.

  10. Heidi

    Any chance you might be considering opening an Aldi in San Angelo, Texas? I know I’m not the only one in this town missing my shopping at Aldi!

  11. Amanda M

    I love Aldi! Before we got the one near us, my Mom would bring me Aldi items when she came for visits!! Lol! I love the ground turkey chubs for casseroles and sauces. And I also LOVE that you let your employees sit at the check outs!! It does take a toll on the body standing for long periods of time. Thank you!!

  12. Alicia

    My husband is a juicer and we buy all of our produce at Aldi. The produce is ALWAYS so fresh and there is always a great variety. There are so many gluten free choices. The Fit and Active line of products are AWESOME also. You make it easy and affordable to eat healthy! Thank you!!


  13. lloyd

    Great store with great prices and products very friendly staff who seem to make sure you are happy..Been a loyal customer for a long time and have converted many to Aldis..Keep it up

  14. Henny Heide

    I love Aldi I have shopped there since you opened in Bradenton Florida. I spend every week about $100.00 there . The only thing i don’t care is all the toys. They can get them just as cheap at other places. I would like to see more European items and more often then twice a year.

  15. Joanne

    I love shopping at Aldis. They have a great selection of products at terrific low prices. They are quality products, many better than name brands. Aldi really helps me stretch my food budget.
    I do wish they were more handicapped friendly. I have difficulty walking and mostly use an electric cart that other stores provide. Is this something that would be possible?

  16. Martha Sherman

    Any plans for a store in Sioux Falls, SD in the near future. I stock up when I visit friends and family near stores. I sure wish I lived near a store once again.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Thanks for asking, Martha! We currently are expanding in many markets, but there are many factors involved when we open a new location, so we can’t always confirm new store locations in advance. You can check for upcoming Grand Openings by visiting our Grand Openings tab from a desktop computer or internet browser here: to find the ALDI store closest to you and to see a list of our upcoming Grand Openings!

  17. melissa st clair

    I was an aldi shopper for 15 years before i moved. I now live in thaxton va and can no longer shop at aldi because zhe closest one is 70 miles away. I was told there was going to be one built near roanoke va this year but have not seen one yet. Are there any plans of this in the near future?

  18. April

    I love Aldi and have shopped there for years! However, my significant other is not convinced that the milk from Friendly Farms is hormone free and doesn’t feel comfortable buying the eggs not knowing if the chickens are cage free. Can you shed some light so I don’t have to shop at two different stores? Much thanks!



  20. Monty Norin

    I really like the cart rental system and wish other retailers would adopt the same. While your company does it to eliminate “cart wranglers”, it provides a cleaner parking lot, and reduces the chance of damage to your customers vehicles, I personally hate coming out of a store only to find that a cart has been left out there, only be blown acrossed the lot only to find a nesting place in the side of my vehicle, scratching the paint if not also leaving a dent. It also frees up space by not having those cart corrals which are either full or not properly used by the lazy. Please don’t change that.

  21. Karen Schaffer

    Thank you Aldi for having gluten free that is more affordable for those of us who have autoimmune health problems. Love your sauerkraut that you import from Germany!! You are great!

  22. Angie Zeno

    I Love Love Aldi’s !!!
    Easy to shop and when I come home I feel Good about the Amount of Food I bought for the
    Small amount I Paid !
    I Love so many Products that I tell people who I see at the store ( many 1st Timers) how wonderful the products are. They often ask me if I work for Ald’s and That I should do a Commercial !
    Maybe it is my Gray Hair and Sweet Smile… I think I will start wearing my Apron when I go in. LOL !!

  23. cindy urgolites

    Love aldi and can’t wait for the Ebensburg Pa store. Can anyone tell me when they are going to open??? I currently drive about 30 miles to the nearest Aldi it will be great to have one 15 miles away

  24. Sam Zaidi

    I love to shop from ALDI to save and get fresher,everything items moving fast that’s why getting fresh,25 years shopping from ALDI,any city don’t find means you pay extra.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Thank you for your thoughts regarding organic products. Currently, we offer the SimplyNature product line that includes several organic items at all of our stores. From time to time, our stores also may offer additional organic products as part of our Special Buy program. Organic products can be identified by an “Organic” call-out on the packaging. We also offer nearly 70 varieties of fresh produce and a selection of organic produce, as well as fresh meat, dairy and bakery items.

  25. Mary Fowler

    i love Aldi, we shop al over Europe at Aldi, it is a very popular store, for the rich and poor. And all the stores are similar for where their products are located. I hope Aldi in the US will start selling clothing also

  26. Nancy Duncan

    It would be a true blessing if Oneida Tennessee got a Aldi’s store. With the cost of living so expensive. There has been a few large factories and coal mines closed . We need you store for the elderly and disabled . And unemployed can get good food at a cost you just can’t get it anywhere else but AlDI’S . Please think of bringing a store to our community. I drive 50 miles and buy milk ,eggs and fresh fruit and all my favorite item . Would be a true blessing if you bring your store here. Thank you Nancy Duncan

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Elizabeth! ALDI has more than 1,300 stores in 32 states. While we haven’t opened stores in your state at this time, we’ll make sure your suggestion is shared with our real estate team. We hope to see you in one of our stores very soon!

  27. candy

    Everything about ALDI’S is great . I absolutely love this store. The only bad thing for me is I have to drive a hour one way to get there. How do you go about getting one to come to this town of RedWing, MN. ? Our town is growing and boy would I love to see one come here !!!!
    Thanks ALDI !

      1. Tom

        I’m with Anne. Currently, we only get to shop Aldi’s when we’re in the Cities or in Rosemount. When we lived in Little Canada, MN, Aldi’s was our neighborhood grocery store and that is the only thing I miss now that we live in Red Wing. I don’t know how much damage Aldi’s would do to the local stores, but I’d bet my money that Walmart would take a huge hit from Aldi’s presence.

  28. Anne

    Absolutely LOVE ALDI. Started shopping there almost 2 yrs ago. Can’t wait til they put a store even closer to where I live, which is suppose to happen.

  29. Rhonda

    We love Adli!! Before the Fort Smith, AR opened we would drive to Fayetteville or Springdale to shop there once a month. I’ve been trying to get a job there for a couple of years. Never get called in for a interview.

  30. Joe

    I like the friendly people who work there. I go to Aldi’s because it small and has just about everything I need and stuff I don’t need. I LIKE MY ALDI’S

  31. Terri

    I live in Wisconsin and I love everything about Aldis, the low prices, the friendly cashiers, the spiral hams are the best, and the quick checkout. I can’t say enough good things about this store. I hope eventually one opens near Columbia, Mississippi where my daughter lives. She has been hoping for one to open for years.

      1. Andrea

        We are still waiting for an Aldi store to open in Columbia or Hattiesburg, Ms. I’m not sure why more stores are not being built in the state of Mississippi.

        1. ALDI USA Post author

          Hi Andrea – Our real estate team will look into the area you suggested. We appreciate your patience as we work to bring every day low prices closer to you!

          1. Courtney

            I live near Tupelo, MS and would LOVE to have a store nearby. The closest store is about an hour and fifteen minutes from my house. With a full time job and a crazy schedule, trips to Aldi are very rare. If one was closer, I probably wouldn’t shop anywhere else!

          2. ALDI USA Post author

            Hi Courtney! It’s great you want ALDI near you! We sent a <3 note on your behalf to our real estate team. Thanks again!

  32. Connie James

    I bought only 2 cans of one product because not sure if we would like it, German potatoe salad in a can. Salad was good. went back to get more and none to be found. Aldi in Fayetteville, NC has not had product since, look every time I go. Like store though

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Connie, glad to hear you enjoyed the Happy Harvest German Potato Salad. The inventory in our stores can vary by location and our Special Buy items are only available for a limited time. Please contact Customer Service for product availability.

  33. Christine Jansen

    Love Aldi!!!! I used to shop there with my elderly father , in Indiana , soon found out Aldi had the miniature dark greens and pumpkin flax cereal ! Was in heaven , then all great vegetables !!
    Still go there if I am home !
    Will find u in Miami !!

  34. Mikel

    Since I Am First Generation German I adore ALDI. Brings me back to shopping with my OMA in Germany when I was a kid. The store is always clean and the sortiment changes weekly. Of course I dig all the German goodies so much cheaper than the German deli. The Specaltius there s double the price and not as fresh. I am a HUGE ALDI fan.

  35. Vera McShane

    What I like most is the humane treatment of staff and not open stores on holidays. I know employees have much better benefits than those of large national chains. One big reason why I shop at Aldi’s.

    As a retired retail sales manager, I am more critical about store appearance than the average customer. I have two Aldi stores nearby, same distance. One has really bad parking conditions, one has to cross a busy street to enter the store. My favorite store has all the parking and more, the store is always in mint condition and staff is friendly and lines move quickly.

    My favorite items are eggs – they are tasty with a dark yellow yolk, plain soy milk, yummy instant cappuchino und mild coffee, flour is always very fresh, apples, plain almonds, frozen string beans. Around the holidays STOLLEN and other German goodies I miss from home.

    I buy Prince Edward Medley by the box and I fell in love with Breakfast skillet, not so long ago offered as a special. What I would like to see – low salt items in the cold-cuts department.

    What I am afraid of – all this heavy advertising will hurt quality and prices!

    Keep up the good work.

  36. Lou Spatafore

    Aldi’s is missing the boat by not having a location in Marion County, West Virginia. The population is nearly 60,000 with a major university. There are only 2 Shop n Saves and 2 Save a Lots with the same ownership, a Food Lion and Walmart. The demographics are perfect for Aldi’s and the competition is weak.

  37. Jo

    ALDI is what a grocery store should be. I absolutely love it! And yes, one of the nicest things about it along with the quality merchandise and the prices, is how happy and friendly the workers are.

  38. Sherrie Newton

    Although I have a German friend I was not prepared for my experience at your store. Never occurred to me that the carts are locked and cost a quarter. So I stood there pulling on the cart getting frustrated and I wasn’t even in the store. Another customer explained the coin thing so I figured your company was just doing the nickel and dime thing so I went into your store figuring only buy what I can carry. Small store and the displays were not set up to impress. Prices were good but found nothing I wanted right away. Did fill my arms before check out only to see a sign telling me only debt and food stamp cards accepted. Not sure if my debit/Visa card would work and not sure if I was standing in line for nothing. Clerk at the check out was wonderful quick and really spot on. This was my experience.

  39. Bridget


    I love this blog post. I had the ALDI experience for the first time in September at the Gateway mall branch. I was so impressed.

    I am currently studying corporate culture and sustainability and was so excited to make a presentation about the culture at ALDI to my graduate class. I wrote to you guys through your website asking if I could interview someone, but I got a very generic response fro. A no-reply address.

    I am still very much interested in sharing the ALDI story if someone would speak with me or even just send me an email.

    Great post!

  40. Cheri

    I have found very few of Aldis brand foods that I don’t like. Your produce is the best value in town, not to mention that it’s also some of the best tasting. If there is a downside (to ANY stores), when you find an item you LOVE, it disappears from the shelves. My family absolutely loved the italian bread sticks that were found in the refrigerated section with the pizzas. It was in a rectangular cardboard box (as I said…..refrigerated). I have gone back to my store 4 times, and it hasn’t resurfaced. Very disappointing.
    I know I have saved hundreds of dollars throughout the years…..I wish I would have kept track of the amount. Thanks for wonderful products!

  41. Don H.

    I’m very happy to find out Cartersville GA is going to get an Aldi. I’ve been driving over 16 miles once a month to stock up. The planned site will be about a mile from my house! Along with the great groceries, I look forward to your special purchase items. I have many throughout my home. I use your Kitchen Living(R) personal blender every day to make mocha frappes as well as smoothies and fruit sorbet. I’ve learned to stock up on seasonal items like baking cocoa for my frappes as it is only available during the fall holiday months.

    I enjoy knowing the parking spaces won’t be cluttered with carts, staff is friendly and helpful, store layout and package barcodes are designed for speed and efficiency, and reusable shopping bags are encouraged to save money and the environment (“It’s all about the green!”). Everything about the store is well planned and designed to eliminate waste and reduce operating expenses, which helps keep the prices low and shopping time quick.

    Aldi shoppers are smart shoppers!

  42. Lisa

    I cannot thank you enough for the new line of gluten-free products. They are amazing. The bread and tortillas are the best I’ve found anywhere. I hope to see the line expand. Also the organic line too. I do about 99% of my shopping at Aldi. My reasons:

    Consistently good products
    Fresh produce
    Amazing value
    Clean, easy to navigate store
    Shopping carts in good repair
    Smaller store for quicker shopping
    Friendly, helpful staff
    Eco-friendly: bring your own bags

    The products in many cases are not just equal in quality to their more expensive name brand counterparts, but are BETTER even.

    As a side note, our vacation in Germany took an unexpected turn and we have been here a month now. My husband has shopped Aldi Süd several times now to supplement my hospital food. He says it’s the same great shopping experience as at home – except without the gluten-free options.

    Thank you, Aldi!

  43. Connie W.

    I would have a very tough time getting groceries and feeding my family if there wasn’t an Aldi’s! I love how the store continually expands and brings in new products. The cashiers have become friends to me and the prices allow me to stay within our budget. Life is better because of Aldi stores!

  44. Sallie

    hi I am a customer or was a customer I am NOT no longer do the fact I had a $25 gift check and when I went shopping with it the amount of purchase of my items came up to $22 the store clerk didn’t offer to let me get any other items to put on that to add up the difference or suggest anything other than take my $25 gift check and I lost out on $3 do the fact this $25 gift check was money that I put out of my pocket into I understand you do not give change back on it but there should have been a solution done without me losing any money on that gift check and it was not done they proceeded to check me out and did not do no further actions I advise anybody not to get no $25 gift check from aldis whatsoever if you value your money I don’t know why the store thanks that I can afford to give 3 dollars away and I barely can for $25 so I thought I anyone not to do that that’s my opinion is anybody else agrees on it feel free thank you for your time

  45. Tim patterson

    Aldus needs to build a store near Harrisburg, SD. With anew highway planned between Sioux falls and Harrisburg, a new store would be a gold mine here.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Patricia, we appreciate your suggestion! We’ll share it with our real estate team. Thanks for being an ALDI fan!

  46. Justin

    I was VERY excited about the plans for an ALDI here in Cartersville, GA – but haven’t heard a peep about it since November. The City of Cartersville’s development website doesn’t show any movement on it since Nov 2014 either. What is happening? I just spent a week in Medina, NY and we shopped at your store here everyday… and we’re going to go through withdrawls when we return home tomorrow. 🙁 Please move forward with the Cartersville, GA store!

  47. Elena

    Dear ALDI management, please consider bringing ALDI to the state of MS! You are absolutely needed in Hattiesburg, MS and Gulfport/Biloxi, MS. I am your true fan who absolutely adores the store concept and products. If you open a store in Hattiesburg, it will do on par or even better than your stores in Columbia, MO and St. Louis, MO. Respectfully,
    Waiting for ALDI in Hartiesburg, MS…

  48. Donna

    We need one on the Ms Gulf Coast!! I shopped at ALDI’S, when I lived in St. Charles, MO…I loved the store, still do, miss it so much!!! Yes, German bloodline…

  49. Charlene

    I love it that Aldi allows cashiers to sit. This will sustain energy and increase job satisfaction. This would be great for pregnant women and would decrease the likelihood of extended maternity leave. I hope that they bring one to Tallahassee, FL in 2016.

  50. Andos

    I love the simplicity of shopping at Aldi. I am in and out fast. They sell quality items. Prices are low. I think it is great that the cashiers sit because cashiering is strenuous and I am sure it makes a tough job better.

  51. Michelle

    We’re FINALLY getting an Aldi’s in my town. My best friend in Oklahoma City has been shopping there a while and I just figured we’d never get one here.

    After working as a cashier (I’m nearing 50) for 2 years in retail, I can say that a company who lets the cashiers sit a while is a Godsend. I always enjoyed my customers and miss them but I now have heel spurs and cannot stand for more than an hour at a time.

    Many people do not realize that standing in one spot is very tough on blood vessels and tissue in general. The human body was made to be moving (walking), not standing in place. We’re not horses. 🙂

    Congratulations to a company that truly cares about the health of its employees. I am looking forward to shopping at our town’s new store!
    And no, I don’t judge any employee who sits. Attitude is the only important factor in customer relations, I have been there and understand!

  52. Nopesa

    About 20 years ago I went to visit my son, who was in the Army, stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany. That is when I saw an ALDI store in Germany, and found out that they were owned by the Germans in the USA.
    I did not visit the store, because I was vacationing and did not cook. I did not start to visit ALDI in the USA until credit cards were accepted at the store in my location.
    I really like the store because of the variety and quality of foods that are available.

  53. V. Laszlo

    Hello. First, we love Aldi’s. Now a question. We have been buying Pueblo Lindo tamales. Very tasty. It now looks as if the Pueblo Lindo tamales have been discontinued. Is this permanent? Or is this a seasonal (Christmas) item? I would like corporate to know that these tamales have a large fan base. Please bring them back. Thanks. vl

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi V. Laszlo! For specific questions about ALDI products, please contact our customer service team at

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