Blueberry lemon smoothie.

Thanksgiving Warm-Ups

November 4, 2016 – With Thanksgiving just 21 days away, we’re dreaming of juicy turkey, hearty stuffing and sweet pumpkin pie. But there’s more to the holiday than just dinner time (though that’s our favorite part!). What about the rest of the day? Striking a balance between staying fueled for family cooking and eating light so you’re ready for the main event can be tricky. We pulled together our favorite light-but-just-right breakfast recipes to tide you over until dinner time.

Oatmeal Apple PancakesOatmeal and apple pancakes with syrup formed into a caterpillar.
For a better-for-you spin on this kid-pleasing classic, add apple and oats! You can also cut your pancakes into festive shapes using cookie cutters.




Breakfast cookies with mixed berries. Berry Breakfast Cookies + Blueberry-Lemon Smoothie
Cookies for breakfast? You heard that right! Pair a breakfast cookie with our Blueberry-Lemon Smoothie and start the day with a boost of antioxidants to power you through the Thanksgiving frenzy.


Peach cobbler parfait with nuts and whipped cream.Peach Cobbler Parfait
Light and sweet, this parfait is the perfect way to start any holiday.







Breakfast casserole with hash browns, ham, and cheese.Wonderful Wakeup Casserole
Is the whole family in town this Thanksgiving? You can make this recipe the night before to save you time in the morning!



What does your family eat Thanksgiving morning? Tell us in the comments!

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