Stadium Sized Savings

February 1, 2016 – The big game is touching down  this weekend and with big parties often comes big spending – but not at ALDI! This football season, we’re helping you win, for less. From fresh meat to DIY apps and dips, these ALDI finds will make you the MVP of your party (and save you almost $20 compared to the national brands*).

Pizza, Pizza
America’s sport deserves an American favorite. Save about $2.00 on Cheese Pizza and $2.05 on Pepperoni Pizza this week with ALDI*.iStock_000055378642_Large

Big Game Goodies
We know apps and dips are the star of party spreads and at ALDI, your layout will be bigger (and better) than ever. Save about $5.45 when you buy tortilla chips, salsa and even guac at ALDI*.

Serve it Up
Make clean up a snap with Boulder Paper Products from ALDI. Save about $8.90 on paper towels, cups and foam plates when you shop at ALDI to stock your watch party*.

What’s your must-have ALDI snack for Football Sunday? Tell us in the comments below!

*Based on an average of prices for comparable brand name products sold at leading national competitors in the areas where ALDI has stores on 12/20/2015 –  12/24/2015. Savings at individual stores may vary.

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18 thoughts on “Stadium Sized Savings

  1. Diane baum

    My big Aldi football snack is a vanilla custard- sponge cake, dark chocolate pieces and fresh grapes,strawberries and raspberries

  2. Pat May

    I shop at Aldi’s once a week. My favorite store. I buy most all my essentials there including wine. Your produce is the best. Affordable and fresh!! Can’t give Aldi’s anything but praise.

  3. Juanita

    I agree Aldi is a great place to shop and save! I have found the Boulder products are just as good as name brand and offer great savings!! Go team Aldi!!

  4. Elaine Witwer

    I love Aldi’s. I go to the store in seven hills, ohio. The employees are always friendly and helpful. They are conscious of the items going through on your order. If there is a ripped bag or something that isn’t quite right from handling, they personally run it back and get you a new one. Exceptional service. We are on such a tight budget. I know I can spend 100 dollars there and fill a cart for a family of five for a week easily! Everything is great quality. You can’t beat the savings, anywhere.

  5. Leanne

    Loganville Georgia Aldi’s is the best always has everything I need fresh produce sandwhich meat cheese ,cracker’s to make that party tray for game day or any day . Amazing customer service if you haven’t tried there Gyro kits you don’t know what you are missing . Speaking of missing you will be missing out on great quality food but most of all this is where you can shop and go home with money in your account or pocket .Thank you Aldi’s….

  6. Soofia shah

    Aldi store is not best,it’s excellent. I go there almost every weekend, because I need every time fresh.prices are so good and affordable,.staff members are friendly. My Aldi store is in mace ave bronx.

  7. Mrs. Virginia Muccari

    Love your cheeses, crackers, packaged Italian meats like prosciutto, capicole and salami. I am going to make a cheese and veggie platter and a big Italian combo with the meats, sliced provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and the olive tapenade you had this week. I love everything you carry, please expand!!!

  8. Valerie Palmer

    I love Aldi and wish we had one closer to Marion Center, PA. However, the savings is almost unbelievable. I love the quality as well as price of the produce and the German foods that makes me miss my family and childhood. Thanks, Aldi for quality products.

  9. Sue Edwards

    I have been a employee for over six years. I find it easy to sell any product we sell. Not only because we stand behind what we sell.but because I’ve been a aldi shopper for so many more years. My first store I shop in was Johnstown. I drove 45 minutes to find affordable quality products for my family. Today I still love the saving and love my job.

  10. James Proc

    Your Aldi Samosas are amazing! I’m gonna serve them up again for our Super Bowl Party tomorrow. Bought 12 boxes of them!!! At $3.99 for 12 samosas plus tasty tamarind sauce…it’s a steal!

  11. Trudi Weiss. Fridley, MN

    My husband used to travel in WI and would rave about Aldi when he got home….how the carts were returned and didn’t smack into cars. How neat the stores were and how fast, cheerful and helpful the workers were. When Aldi entered the Mpls area I checked it out….and have been a regular ever since. Fruits and veggies are very reasonable! The variety and freshness of items is awesome for such a small store….don’t know how you do it! I could go on and on. As I tell my neighbor, I love that store more every time I go there!! Thanks so much, Aldi!!

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