Snacking with Food Allergies

August 4, 2015 – Here at ALDI, we know that every family has different needs when it comes to food. Don’t let a food allergy affect your child’s snack time! We’ve got some tasty options to keep your snack-time nut and dairy-free (but definitely not flavor-free!).

Apple Chips

Apple Chips
This fruit-based treat is the perfect example of how a little modification can go a long way. Skip the walnuts in the ingredient list for a better-for-you and nut-free alternative to any old potato chip.

Hummus Caterpillar
Our Hummus Caterpillar is a fun and tasty way to work a protein-packed treat into your kids’ diets. Combine hummus, bell peppers, tomatoes and pretzel sticks to make this snack come to life!

Fruit and Veggie Salsa

Kids’ Fruit and Veggie “Salsa” with Tortilla Chips
Can’t decide between savory or sweet? Don’t sweat it! A great appetizer or after-school snack, these salsa options have something for every palette.

Veggie Chips
Homemade veggie chips are the perfect answer for those salty after-school cravings. Baked in olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, these chips are so good your kids won’t even know they’re better for them!

Do you have a favorite nut or dairy-free snack? Tell us in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Snacking with Food Allergies

  1. Sophie

    To make our own apple chips we use our dehydrator. We don’t eat apples a lot raw, but we sure go through our dehydrated apple chips like there was no tomorrow!

  2. Heather F

    I have recently moved near an Aldi, and would like to start shopping there on a regular basis, however, as my oldest child is allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts, I have to be very careful. I have looked over the website and asked my local food allergy group about their experiences, and googled “Aldi food allergy” and it still seems rather unclear as to what products might be safe for us and what Aldi’s general food allergy policy is. For example, labeling products with “May contain {some allergen}” is voluntary — Does Aldi label all product that may contain an allergen? Do they label when products that do not contain Top 8 allergen are made on the same equipment with products that do? Do they have certain processes in place to try to prevent cross contamination of allergens/ingredients? I would feel a lot better about shopping there if I could see something in writing from Aldi about their approach to handling food allergies.

  3. nuttreefree

    Hello. Can you please let me know if the Baker’s Corner products, like all purpose flour, baking powder are produced in a Peanut and Tree Nut Free facility. Thank you

  4. Jennifer

    I have been an Aldi shopper for four years. But I am switching my main grocery store: Aldi foods are too cross contaminated 🙁 The top three allergies in young kids and infants are: Milk, Egg, Peanut. The black pepper grinder I considered buying last week went back on the shelf because it was cross contaminated! Ridiculous! I don’t expect cookies to be safe, but I do expect single ingredient foods, especially fruit and vegetable foods to be allergen free. Please reconsider your factory procedures, Aldi. You are slowly becoming no better than Wal-Mart’s Great Value store brand. You are losing my business.

    1. April

      I have recently diagnosed milk allergy and tonight had an allergic reaction eating chicken and broccoli. I couldn’t figure out what happened, but when I finally looked at the ALDI Steak & Chops Grinder I used to season the chicken I see “may contain almonds, hazelnut, milk, and wheat.” I never would have thought to look at a whole-spice grinder for an allergen. Lesson learned! Now reading this site I’m very leery to shop at ALDI.

  5. Ruth gardocki

    I would like to use Aldi’s bread and Italian style bread as well as there donuts and pies Etc. Can you tell me if they are made in a peanut free Factory?

  6. You Erika

    I would have to agree! Your products are way to cross contaminated. A lot of products say “may contain tree nuts.” My son has a life threatening allergy to tree nuts…and I’m seriously bothered by all the products we can’t buy because of this.

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