An array of Valentines day products forming the shape of a heart.

Shopping for Love

Are Americans Finding Love in the Grocery Store?

ALDI fans know how it feels to fall in love in our aisles—who wouldn’t go heart-eyed over delicious products at such low prices? But this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to explore another kind of love connection.

We surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults to learn just how likely they are to find “the one” while shopping at the grocery store.

Turns out, the odds of bumping into your Romeo or Juliet in the ALDI aisles are higher than you might think. Nearly one in three adults have gone on a date with someone they met at a grocery store, or know somebody who has. Need more convincing? Check out the stats below, and then head to ALDI…you never know who you might meet while picking out a perfect piece of produce.

A shopping for love themed infographic sharing information about finding love offline and the perfect grocery store pick up lines.

P.S. If you’re putting together your shopping list for a romantic date night in, don’t miss our Specially Selected gourmet snacks and chocolates, award-winning cheeses and wines – including our Intermingle Red Blend or Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty- and fresh flowers.

P.S.S. Remember this adorable couple? Comment below if you’re looking to make ALDI the backdrop to your engagement photo shoot.

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