Seafood Recipes for Lenten Celebrations

February 20, 2015 – The season of Lent brings with it tradition, family and a lot of fish. This is the time where many of us eschew red meat and poultry from our diets and opt for more dishes that come from the sea. Let these ALDI Test Kitchen recipes play a role in your Lenten traditions for a tasty addition to your family’s dinner menu.


Alfredo Shrimp Casserole 

Warm, flaky and creamy – what more could you ask for in a homemade casserole? This dish is sure to be a favorite. With a crispy layer of your favorite Savoritz crackers, you won’t be able to put the fork down with this dish.



Double Stack Tilapia with Cauliflower Mash

With cauliflower on track to be the most popular produce of 2015, this dish is sure to satisfy even your most foodie friends and family members. Nestled between two flaky tilapia filets, the cauliflower mash gives a hearty yet healthy addition to this Lent-friendly dish. Serve with a side of greens to complete the meal.


022515_SauteedShrimp_RoastedPepSautéed Shrimp in Roasted Pepper Butter Sauce

For a flavorful dish with an extra kick, this combination of roasted red peppers and jalapeños will take your Friday night dinner up a notch. Pineapple sweetens the flavor perfectly to please any palate.


Do you have a special recipe you share with family and friends during Lent? We’d love to know!

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6 thoughts on “Seafood Recipes for Lenten Celebrations

  1. Sarah S.

    I cannot truly express how happy I am that ALDI offers all of these healthy recipe ideas and even offers recipe booklets in their stores!! The larger grocery stores in my area certainly DO NOT do this. The recipes are easy and many are very healthy. Thank you, ALDI! I am so glad I decided to give you a try about a year ago. I have never looked back!! 🙂

  2. Susan M

    Love the store… Just wish there were more selections. Also would like to see more consistency with the products. Can’t always count on something being there on my next visit.

  3. Carey OShea

    Hey Aldi
    I was first introduced to you in Ireland where I lived for 10 years. Your food quality at reasonable prices,and the ease of shopping saved me time and money. Just wished you would except all visa and mastercard. Thanks for great products at lower prices.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Carey, we do not accept checks or credit cards due to handling costs. This helps us save money in our operating costs, and these savings are passed directly to our customers via our everyday low prices. Thanks for being a fan!

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