Faves from an ALDI Registered Dietitian

May 23, 2016 – Hi, guys! Sally here – MS, RD and avid ALDI shopper. I’m here sharing my favorite ALDI finds. Well, any ALDI shopper knows the list is actually endless! Check it out:

AvocadosALDI post collage 3
The best price I’ve seen anywhere. I buy them every week for homemade guacamole, tacos and avocado toast.  They even have organic avocados!

Bagged Apples
These are the perfect size for little kids and lunch boxes and come in varieties like Gala and (our all-time favorite) Honey Crisp! Organic apples are also available!

SimplyNature Organic Baby Arugula
What would I do without pre-washed greens? You can’t beat the convenience for quick salads, and I love that I can find organic greens like arugula and spinach at ALDI.

Mini Sweet Peppers
These sweet peppers are just the right size for my kids’ lunch boxes and are so colorful and sweet.

Deutsche Küche Egg Spaetzle*
We’re always excited when the German food hits ALDI shelves. My husband loves this spaetzle, which reminds him of being an exchange student in Germany. I serve it with pork schnitzel, of course!

SimplyNature Organic Diced Tomatoes
These organic diced tomatoes (and the organic tomato paste) are pantry staples, ready to be cooked into chili and sauces.

Casa Mamita Taco ShellsALDI post collage 2
Just three main ingredients (corn, oil and lime). That’s it! I always have at least one box on hand for Taco Tuesday.

Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is the olive oil I use for dressings and drizzling. (I keep a bottle of Carlini 100% Pure Olive Oil stocked for cooking.)

Baker’s Corner Yeast Packets
A great price for a pantry staple, in either active dry or fast rising. I use this for homemade breads and pizza crust.

Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters
I only use butter (not margarine) for baking and spreading, so I buy a pound of this butter every week.

SimplyNature Organic Dressings
I usually make my own salad dressings from scratch, but I’ve tried most of these varieties and love them for a convenient change of pace.

Millville Oats & Dark Chocolate Protein Granola
My husband is currently hooked on this cereal. It’s also good as a topping for yogurt and ice cream.

SimplyNature Freeze Dried FruitALDI post collage 1
This is a lunch box treat for my kids—it’s as sweet as candy!

Clancy’s Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Pieces
My older son is nuts for pretzels. I like these because they add some protein and fullness to the mix for a splurge snack we can’t resist.

SimplyNature Green Pea Crisps
Another fun lunch box or snack time surprise for my kids. They’re like veggies crossed with a snack chip! Since they’re baked, they have 50 percent less fat than regular potato chips, and are way more delicious.

What’s your ALDI favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.


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8 thoughts on “Faves from an ALDI Registered Dietitian

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  2. Deanna Segrave-Daly

    I FINALLY have an ALDI near me (actually it’s been near me since December but it’s in area I rarely travel to so I was clueless until earlier this week) and I so get why everyone is stoked about shopping here.

    I couldn’t get over the how reasonable the fresh fruit and veggies – even the organic produce! I loaded up on avocados, berries, mushrooms, bananas, plums, nuts, popcorn, crackers – there were even ice cream cones. I’m usually a Trader Joe’s gal for all my staples but definitely will be putting ALDI into the shopping rotation more often now (and will look for your suggestions, too.)

  3. Avvisati Roberta

    My favorite aunt Audreys as well as my mom’s favorite are the Millville crunchy fruit and nut cereal we absolutely love them and wish they would bring them back to our shows in Elk Grove we misse my favorite aunt Audreys as well as my mom’s favorite are the Millville crunchy fruit and nut cereal we absolutely love them and wish they would bring them back to our Aldi’s in elk Grove Village Illinois we love them so much that we missed them on our shelves

  4. Avvisati Roberta

    My favorite a Aldi’s as well as my mom’s favorite are the Millville crunchy fruit and nut cereal and we absolutely love them. We wish they would bring them back to our stores in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

  5. Bonni Antczak

    The Cornichons with Herbs pickles are just amazing~~ I can’t wait until I see them again. I’m not a
    “pickle” lover…but these are really REALLY great! I’d love to see them all the time at Aldi’s~

  6. Fran

    my 20 fav staples
    Organic eggs
    Organic milk
    Specialty cheeses
    Bagged Avocados
    Grass fed beef
    Wild caught salmon
    Raw sugar
    Sweet potatoes
    Organic coconut oil
    Olive oil
    Organic clamshell lettuce mix
    Peanut butter
    Whole fryer chickens
    Bagged Brussels spouts
    Organic Mac n cheese
    Small portioned 2 ok cheese cake slices. Turtle is our weekly treat for a good week.

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