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Raise a Glass to our Award-Winning Wines!

December 20, 2015 – We’re sipping on something extra special this season…our award winning wines!

Over the course of 2015, 13 ALDI exclusive wines and spirits have earned a combined 16 awards and ratings. We’re honored to have received recognition from Wine Enthusiast Magazine and Wine & Spirits Magazine as well as the Beverage Testing Institute and the International Wine & Spirits Competition, among others.

From black cherry spiced Los Andicos Malbec and crisply sweet Kelly’s Crossing Sauvignon Blanc to smooth O’Donnell’s Irish Cream, our award-winners offer something spot-on for every palate. So whether you’re hosting a wine and cheese party, throwing a lavish dinner soiree or mulling something warm and spiked for a chilly evening in, there’s a prize-winning pick on our shelves that’ll be perfect for your holiday celebrations.

To see a full list of the winning ALDI wines and spirits and choose a bottle for your next festive gathering, visit Cheers, and happy holidays!

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4 thoughts on “Raise a Glass to our Award-Winning Wines!

  1. Margaret j Smith

    I have shopped in your stores for years,And got many bottles of your wine for my gift for my freinds.I don’t drink much wine,do like Real Sangria,from Spain.Never looked to se if you have any of that.Love your prices,and things in your store,mainly fresh veggies and fruits.Your store is very clean and very thing is where it should be,I’m so glad that you own the stores,my daughter and son-in-law was stationed in Germany,twice,They got me a tickett to come over,I’m very glad I did.It’s so clean and wonderful,and the food is great. Thank you,again!!!!!! Mrs Margaret j Smith

  2. Jiri Donat

    Your German and Canadian dessert wines are great but only available as a special purchase for a very limited time.
    You should bring them in permanently.

  3. Vicki White

    I love your Winking Owl Chardonnay! I was surprised it wasn’t on your awarded wines list. I wish it was available as a box wine. Winking Owl has a white blend in a box but it’s a little bland. I think the pinot grigio tones down the flavor of the Chardonnay. The red blend in a box is quite yum, an easy drinking wine.

    By the way, you had a Columbard Sauvignon a year or so ago that was out of this world good. You need to bring that back. Finally, I bought your Halloween red made from Dornfeld grapes and it is wonderful! I bought two bottles but I think I need to get my mitts on some more. Guess I’ll be shopping at Aldi tomorrow!

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