Prost! It’s German Week at ALDI

March 31, 2016 – Founded by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht, ALDI first opened its doors in Essen, Germany in 1946. It’s now been 40 years since ALDI arrived in the US, but we still take time every spring to pay homage to our German roots! Join us as we celebrate German Week with traditional recipes and a lineup of must-have German Special Buys you’ve been waiting for all year.

Bratwurst, Roasted Potatoes and Onions with a Mustard Cream Sauce2015_Bratwurst_RoastedPotatoes_Onion_MustardCreamSauce_Recipe_Hero
Tuck into this hearty German classic. It’s easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy, with a creamy mustard sauce and roasted veggies.

If you’re not up to speed on your German food lingo, a Krautburger is a beef and cabbage-filled bread pocket. YUM. Our Test Kitchen Krautburger uses buttermilk biscuits, because why not.

German Style Pierogies 
Take classic, soul-satisfying pierogis up a notch by adding tangy flavors and crunchy textures from kale and apples. Drizzle with a beer mustard sauce for that perfect German zing.

040815_Pierogie_Recipe_Hero - CopyDeutsche Küche Bavarian Soft Pretzels*
As far as we’re concerned, either you love soft pretzels, or you’re wrong. Dip in melted cheese or serve dusted with salt for maximum flavor.

Deutsche Küche Imported Strudel*
These deutsche delicacies are available in apple, cheese and fruit varieties. And yeah, you’ll probably want to sample all three.


Deutsche Küche Spaetzle*
Spaetzle egg noodles are a classic German comfort food. So go ahead – cozy up with a steaming bowl of buttery, cheesy noodles.

Which German Special Buy are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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31 thoughts on “Prost! It’s German Week at ALDI

  1. Grace Campanaro

    Everything sounds great – but I love the spaetzle. So I will definitely will be buying them this week. I enjoy going to Aldi’s – the people are so friendly and helpful and you can’t beat the prices. Thank you for having a place in my town of Union, NJ.

  2. Bruce Ensor

    I love all the German foods. I lived in Germany for almost nine years, so I visited Aldi all the time. I also liked some of the German salads that you could get in a jar (karotten salat, etc.), the different flavored cream cheeses, the thin sliced Black Forest ham, and the ultra high temperature milk too….. Thanks for all the German foods you carry. It brings back a lot of memories. 🙂

  3. Joanne Kurtz

    You make me hungry. My mothers family came from Germany and we enjoyed these dishes when I was a child. Some I learned to make like the sweet sour beef roast and raw potato pancakes. Grandmother always made her own sauerkraut and red cabbage kraut. Not good at the German spellings but she was a fantastic cook Enjoyed every one of her meals. Thankfully she lived with us for many years, Being nosy she put me to work helping like I am still looking for my knuckles that were left in a grater grating potatoes for the raw potato pancakes Learned to make her German lettuce and dandelion salad, Wow past hungry now

  4. Judy pearl

    I love Aldi. In German too and love to have these items available locally in my new Aldi in Palm Springs. Danka shein.

  5. Irmgard

    I am the first one in the Store when Aldi’s has German week. Also in October and definitely around Christmas time when all goodies from Germany arrive. I would say 90% of my shopping is done at Aldi’s. Next month off to Germany and shopping there at my favorite store.

  6. Jean Hanlon

    Shop Aldi’s all the time . Son was stationed in Fulda Married and stayed there , when he came home he was glad we had an Aldi’s so we can stock up on German stuff for him to enjoy as he did in Germany. Really enjoy , we have three stores in the area that we can go to.

  7. Anjelikka Kowalski

    OH wow…the Spätzle are so so yummy. I also tried the Pork Schnitzel and stocked up on all their German goodies…my shopping card was filled and I only paid $120 for all of it. I compare that to a Walmart I would had paid $200. Yes, the savings add up real fast. Don’t be afraid to try out the products just because they have a brand you do not know, it is exactly like the brand name. Smart way of doing it ALDI.

  8. Em

    The plain spaetzle does not have instructions for cooking on the bag and I could not find a recipe on your site. I would appreciate instructions and recipe.

  9. anna goff

    could you please get potato knoedel..i miss them so much. in germaby they come alraedy made in plastic bags. you just have
    to shape them and put in boiling water. sooo good.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Annemarie! Keep checking our weekly ads online at & in stores for upcoming German week themes throughout the year!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi BJ! Keep checking our weekly ads online at & in stores for upcoming German week themes throughout the year!

  10. Sheryl Sparks

    I am looking for the mushroom spaetzle by Deutsche Küche? I was hoping you would have it in Oct. or late Sept. But have not found it in the stores yet.

  11. John

    Why can I NEVER find German mustards at my local Aldis in York county PA? The last time they were available was in 2015. Too long!!
    We want MORE German foods!!

  12. Evelyn

    Please, please, please bring some Aldi German remoulade sauce!!! That’s the only thing left I still have to have shipped To me by my family. Please!

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