Pressed to Perfection

August 29, 2016 – Life can get crazy busy at times, so we find little tricks to make our days easier! And with this week’s ALDI Find being a Belgian Waffle Maker for $14.99*, we’re cooking up all our meals on this portable griddle this week.

Grill Burger Meat
No grill? No problem! Just heat up your waffle maker and throw the burger on. Once the burger is cooked to your liking, simply top with cheese and any other favorite burger topping.

Pro Tip: Place a ball of your favorite cheese inside your burger then cook for melty-cheesy goodness.

Crispy Grilled Cheese Sammy
Looking for a grilled cheese with a crunch? Cooking in a waffle maker will do just that! Add your favorite cheese between bread and viola, a crispy, cheese-overflowing sandwich.

Pro Tip: Add a little spice with our Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Healthy Snacks
This savory treat will settle your sweet tooth instantly, and you’ll forget it’s actually healthy.

  • Cut apple into slices and rub both sides with sugar (optional).
  • Spray waffle iron with cooking spray and place one apple slice in each section of the iron.
  • Cook for about a minute.

Pro Tip: Slice the apples thin enough for a nice little crunch!

Breakfast on the Go
Breakfast will never be the same with this delicious creation! Mix your favorite Frittata recipe and serve with bacon for a tasty Frittaffle breakfast!

Pro Tip: Whip up the frittata mix the night before and throw it in the waffle maker in the morning for a quick breakfast!
What have you grilled on the waffle iron? Let us know in the comments below!

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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16 thoughts on “Pressed to Perfection

  1. Erika Moore

    I am a “regular” at Aldi and buy probably 80% of my groceries there! It would be great if Aldi had decaf single serve coffee cups in their regular Sortiment. Preferably Simply Nature/Fair Trade. I drink the regular coffee all the time and would love to buy the decaf for my husband instead of having to make another trip to another supermarket! Also more German sandwich meat and Brötchen would be so great – but produced in Germany – not American, German like. It’s just not the Same!!! Thank you for bringing Aldi to the US!!

  2. James Schaefer

    Does ALDI’s sell German Springerle and Pfeffernusse cookies during the Christmas holiday season? I remember my German grandmother and mother baking these delicious cookies every Christmas. I live in Sheboygan, WI which has a very large German community but I can’t find these wonderful cookies anywhere!

  3. stephen J. Lohn

    Aldi is new in my area (Sun City, Florida Store). Some of your specials need to be regular items. I bought a jar of cheese stuffed sweet peppers, when I went back to buy more; the store was out of stock. I spoke to Alex, the store manager; he informed me that it was a special and would probably not be in back the store again. Please make it an everyday item, at least in the Sun City Store.

    Stephen Lohn
    Apollo Beach, Florida

  4. stephen J. Lohn

    The closest store you have to me is in Sun City, Florida. That is 18 miles away, not a problem in its self; but the old people that live there drive 5 mph in a 45 mph zone.I am hesitant to drive there as it takes forever to reach your store. My I suggest that you consider placing a store in or near Apollo Beach, Florida, it is a growing community.

  5. Peggy Cruce

    I am an ALDI junkie! People get tired of me singing the praises of ALDI, but I can’t help myself. I have been an exclusive shopper at ALDI for about 7 years. I only have to branch out to get fresh herbs, Ginger root, and the occasional weird ingredient. If ALDI could carry more fresh herbs, I would never stray. I was so excited to see the cilantro! Also, we moved a year ago and my closest ALDI is 45 minutes away. We need a store in Pell City or Talladega AL!!!! Thank you for making my shopping so fun. I used to hate grocery shopping for our family of six, now it is truly an adventure every week!!

  6. Don Holden

    Our new Aldi in Cartersville Georgia opened for business today. Staff is friendly, store is beautiful, and many of the fresh vegetables are in refrigerated cases. I like the wider aisles and the bigger shopping carts. I drive past our new Super Kroger to shop at Aldi! I had been driving 14 miles to shop the Aldi in Kennesaw Georgia, but the Cartersville store is now 1.1 mile from my house. Thanks for the low prices and the high quality, and thanks for the new store!

  7. laura blankenship

    It would be great if a store would be put in the Commerce / Maysville area(GA) my sister and I have been trying to eat healthier .We now shop in Oakwood Ga. Thank you so much ! Laura B

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