Butternut squash and pesto lasagna

Part 1: Budget-Friendly Holidays with Chef Brigitte

November 20, 2014 – This holiday season, we’ve partnered with Chef Brigitte Nguyen and Serious Eats to create custom recipes made exclusively with ALDI ingredients. The results? Three mouth-watering creations that are sure to please your holiday guests. And they’re easy, too! No tricks of the trade needed – just some simple ingredients from ALDI and our how-to videos.

Today we’re talking budget-friendly meals as part one of our holiday series. Chef Brigitte shares step-by-step instructions for her Butternut Squash and Pesto Lasagna (trust us, it tastes just as delicious as it sounds) and tips for keeping your guests, and your wallet, happy this holiday season. Stay tuned for more recipes and tips in the coming weeks!

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15 thoughts on “Part 1: Budget-Friendly Holidays with Chef Brigitte

  1. Melanie

    Can’t wait to try the pesto! I’m already a huge fan of the Alfredo and will definitely be putting this on the must try list. Love the video and chef Brigitte!! Keep em coming!

  2. Kristin Pahati

    This sounds like the perfect dish to keep as my secret weapon for all the holiday potlucks this season. As a mom of a one year old I could use all the easy tips I could find to create delicious food for my family!

  3. alexandra barnhart

    After watching this video, I might be able to cook. Brigette makes me excited to shop at Aldi and actually cook a meal at home. That would be a first! I think I will try this recipe for the Holidays. Thanks for the tips Aldi! Looking forward to trying your store.

  4. Keely Maginnis

    Mmmmm!! These look like such great ideas. I love the butternut squash lasagna recipe. Can’t wait to try making it on my own! Thank you

  5. Claire

    I never think to combine these flavors when it comes to lasagna! Love the flavors you’re bringing together in such an original way…and the colors make it just gorgeous.

  6. Ari S.

    Wow this looks deliciously easy! What a perfect hearty weeknight meal. Can’t wait to try it for my one year old… she loves lasagna, and what a great way to sneak in some veggies for her ;).

  7. Sunny

    This recipe looks absolutely delicious! What a great twist to the usual lasagna; I look forward to trying this recipe for the holidays with my favorite – butternut squash! Please keep more recipes coming!!

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