Not Your Average Joe…

October 4, 2016 – Think outside the mug and say hello to a new way of enjoying a cup of joe. For a coffee boost, check out how we’re giving snacks and meals a fresh brewed taste.

Cinnamon Bun Iced Coffee
Go ahead… treat yo self. Who could resist this creamy, delicious treat?

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream
Coffee before bed sounds like a no-no, but infused in an ice cream treat sounds like the perfect night cap. You can always use decaf!

No Bake Coffee Banana Energy Bites
No oven, no problem! Straight from the ALDI aisles, with organic ingredients, these Coffee Banana Energy Bites are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a boost, in one bite.

Black Pepper and Cinnamon Coffee Rub
Coffee can be so much more than a morning eye-opener – it can be integrated flare into your dinnertime meals. Coffee is paired best with strong flavors like our Black Pepper and Cinnamon Coffee Rub for a unique, invigorating take on a classic steak rub.

Coffee Brownies
Whether it’s for breakfast or dessert (or both), who can resist these decadent coffee brownies?

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10 thoughts on “Not Your Average Joe…

  1. William R Schultz

    I love Aldi!!! When the store came into my area, I was actually going almost every day. I could not believe the prices, especially once I started using the products. The cereals are around half price of the ones in the stores in my area. The specialty non – food items are way below the price of other stores, and many times the quality of the item is better. The stores are also “my size”. I know where everything is, and I don’t have to go a great distance, like in the “Mega Stores “. Thanks Aldi!

  2. Terri Metcalfe

    I also love Aldi! They just opened right next to my work which is super convenient whether its grabbing something quick or shopping for the whole week. Something I discovered here, is the new specialty coffees, and they are awesome. The Guatemala and Sumatra variety are my favorite, and they are just as good as the expensive coffeehouse coffees. Thank you Aldi for opening in NSB, FL

  3. Oliviana Rothberg

    Back to the question about Aldi coming to Bemidji. Can you please confirm or deny the rumor for us? Please don’t reply with a link as we already have the link.

    Thank You,
    -Happy Aldi customer who doesn’t want to drive as far.

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