A variety of healthy breakfast options including cereal, nuts, and toast with nut butter and apples.

New Year. New You.

December 30, 2015 – The holidays are all about indulging, and we hope you treated yourself to some delicious eats this season! If you’re feeling a little weighed down by sugary sweets and heavy winter meals, don’t worry! With the New Year coming, we’re sharing some tips from our panel of registered dietitians to help you start 2016 on a fresh foot with foods to make you feel good.

Good-for-You CarbsGranola cereal and toast with nut butter and almonds.
Carbs get a bad rap, but sourcing them from the right foods can help from cutting them out of your diet completely. Whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds actually help to control blood pressure, keep glucose in check and lower cholesterol.

Spice Things Up!
Add herbs and spices to dishes to amplify flavor, without the calories. Or make baked goods better-for-you by substituting sugary sweeteners with cinnamon, mint, ginger, cloves or citrus peels for sugary sweeteners.

Fuel Your Workout
Don’t forget to fuel up before and after you hit the gym! Try a banana or wheat crackers pre-workout, and pack some peanut butter or a turkey sandwich to recharge after you sweat.

Snack Smart
Fend off hunger with mini-meals throughout the day. Creamy almond butter on whole grain bread or an apple and dry roasted peanuts make for satisfying snacks that will keep you full and curb the cravings.

What’s your favorite healthy living tip? Tell us in the comments!

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