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April 19, 2016 – We’re all about saving green… and not just what’s in your wallet. In honor of Earth Day, we’re showing you how the things we do every day in our stores make the world a little greener. And we’ll even leaf you with a few eco-friendly tips that can help you AND the planet (see what we did there?).

ALDI is the grocery store for real life. Sure, we do things a little differently to help save you green (the monetary kind), but some of our ways can save the other kind of green, too.

  • Smaller Stores, Bigger Difference: Traditional grocery stores are big. ALDI stores are smaller. Less square footage means less of a carbon footprint.
  • We Keep it Cool: ALDI refrigeration systems are equipped with LED lighting for longer life and reduced energy consumption. We also just joined the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) GreenChill Partnership. Learn more about our sustainability efforts with them here.
  • BYOB(ags): ALDI shoppers know this one well! Bring your own bags or buy one of our eco-friendly, reusable bags.

It’s easy being green, and it starts with small steps! Here are five tips to get you started:

Plan AheadiStock_000078208033_Large (1)
By making a weekly meal plan, you can eliminate food waste. Before you stop in for your next ALDI haul, whip out your calendar and make a weekly menu that fits your schedule. Try some ALDI recipes for meal planning inspo!

Use It Up
Take a weekly pantry or fridge challenge and use up all of your about-to-expire items in a frittata, soup or pizza. These dishes aren’t picky on the state of produce.

Preserve Produce
If your produce is still fresh, but you’re going on vacation or won’t be able to make grandma’s lasagna this week, freeze it! You can learn more about freezing veggies here: Fresh Veggies… From the Freezer.

Get Scrappy
Save money and eliminate food waste by making vegetable stock! Use peels, stalks and leaves—that you otherwise would throw away— from carrots, celery and onions and you have a delicious and economical recipe base. Or learn how to make every bit count here.

Meatless Monday
Meatless Monday is a small, simple step you can make each week that has a BIG impact (since we know meat production uses a lot of energy)! And, it doesn’t even need to be a Monday – Meatless Monday just has a nice ring to it.

How do you keep things green? Tell us in the comments below!



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23 thoughts on “Naturally Green

  1. Linda Beers Aydlott

    Our family does most of what you have suggested here. The only one that is different, is the Meatless Monday. We strive for meatless meals whenever possible. I like the designated day of Monday. We are going to adopt that immediately.
    You are the only grocery store that has suggested these great strategies for it’s customers. I find that honorable and wise for all involved.
    Our family is a dedicated shopper at the Petoskey Aldie’s. We spread our happy praises and recommend you on Face Book and to all of our friends. You are the only franchise store that we feel dedicated to. Why because you care about your customers in every way possible. Thank you for leading by positive example. It is our hope that your success grows and you continue your caring ways into the future. Thank you for creating a business we feel good spending our money with..

  2. Alexis Lenyszyn

    I appreciate knowing the week before what Aldi will be promoting as I can create my menus for the week and save money and time. It is a great idea. Thanks for the help saving on my food budget.

  3. Barbara Hall

    I love shopping in aldi. I’m very happy to see organic products on the shelves. The food and prices are very good. There is talk of one coming to vero beach. As of now I travel 45 minutes to get to one. I would certainly shop more often if it were closer.

  4. Kathy minton

    Love Aldi’s. Comments above are right on. I have my daughter shopping at Aldi’s in her home town. My younger daughter doesn’t have an Aldi’s in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. She wished there was a store close by.

  5. Keitg

    We have been doing meatless mondays for about a year now and are in the process of goinging meatless monday through friday or as many days as we can . it has been quite easy adaption some our favorite recipies to meatless ones. There are many meatless substitues that work well and beans work grest for fiber to help you feel full.

  6. Chefmomi

    I shop at Aldi Tampa near Target. I used to love shopping there but some of the cashiers became less friendly. I wonder if they are just burned out. I hope Aldi is taking care of their employees because it affects the quality of service. Thank you and have a nice day.

  7. LInda Iglesias

    Had extensive back surgery with limited ability to walk distances. Consequently, love the size of Aldi’s. Enjoy the seasonal items and foods too. Best of all, I know the prices are wonderful and the value makes me smile at each checkout. Thank you Aldi’s!!

  8. brenda Hayes

    Please develop a Shopper’s Committee in each location. I have found that NOT ALL of your brands are quality; Don’t you ever taste them yourselves.

    The last purchase was a rice casserole; it was not even close to the same quality as Stouffers; much smaller for the family size. I would not buy it again.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Brenda. We make sure ALDI exclusive brands are just as good as, if not better than, the national name brands. If you don’t like an ALDI food item, we’ll replace it and give your money back. Just return the package and any unused product to your local ALDI store manager and they’ll help you out.

  9. Mehdi

    Please keep up the good work ALDI,’
    I only go to other store if I can not find item of interest in ALDI.
    I wish ALDI could offer more items such that we do all of our shopping in ALDI

  10. Regina Beitel

    I love Aldis! I am thrilled with your affordable prices, but mostly for your high standards to bring us healthier foods and organics..I am lucky that I live across the street, so I am a regular.. I’m always happy to see new products to try, especially your simply nature line! Just wish the special purchases could be permanent. Thank you for great prices and wholesome foods!

  11. Christy

    I really hope that Aldi comes to Vero Beach, Florida. We have to travel to go to one and we love to shop at Aldi. Please consider opening one in Vero since I believe you would have alot of business here.

  12. Christy

    I am a regular customer at Aldi. I was wondering if you can have the following items consistently in the store, organic raisins, whole dates, organic lentils, and dry kidney beans. Thank you

  13. Christine Jahanshahi

    I am a regular customer and would like to see organic or preservative free hummus and tofu in your stores.

  14. izad

    I live in Vero Beach, Fl.
    We don’t have Aldi as you know better than me.
    We have to travel to other cities to get to Aldi. Would you please please please open one store in Vero Beach. I know you keep promising. But we need one very badly. We don’t like Publix. Please open one very soon. Thank you, Aldi lover.

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