Milk 101

April 30, 2015 – There are what seems like endless options in your grocery when it comes to choosing what milk is best for you and your family. Whole milk, skim milk, soymilk, almond milk – and the list goes on! It can be hard to tell which options are nutritionally the best for your body, but don’t worry, ALDI Advisory Council Member, Tara Gidus, is getting to the bottom of it today! Different kinds of milks can be good for different reasons – take a look!


Tara GidusTara Gidus, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, has served as a National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for five years and motivates groups on various topics such as achieving a healthy weight, maximizing energy, enhancing sports performance and creating a positive body image.


12 thoughts on “Milk 101

  1. Neil

    Milk clearly has some amazing benefits. In fact, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans identified calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin A as “nutrients of concern” and have recommend that we all drink three glasses of low fat milk daily.

  2. Kelly

    I read recently that none of your milk contains growth hormones, but it wasn’t from Aldi, and I can’t find the answer on your site. Could you please confirm whether this is true or not?

    Thank you!

    1. Phillip Leech

      Yes, there are other discount stores also, but generally I find you really have to watch the quality – especially with meats.

  3. Mary Cap

    The Aldi whole milk we have been buying, upon opening a new jug, has clotting at the beginning of the pouring. It is very unappetizing and is a hit or miss thing well within the expiration date. I have never seen this with any other brand of jug milk. Why is this happening? Are the expiration dates accurate?

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Mary. If you aren’t happy with any ALDI brand food product, we’ll replace the product and refund your money. Bring the package and any unused product to your local ALDI store manager and they will help you out! Thanks for your questions. Please contact Customer Service & they will address your questions.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Nancy! If you’re not happy with any ALDI brand food product, bring the package and unused product to your ALDI store and they ‘ll help you out!

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