Meal Planning for Vegetarian Lifestyles

March 20, 2015 – “But where do you get your protein intake from?” That’s one of the most commonly asked questions for vegetarians, or those who don’t consume meat. But whether you’re a long-time vegetarian, are considering going meat-free or simply want to mix up your eating routine, there are a number of other foods that will allow you to get your daily dose of power protein.

ALDI Advisory Councilmember, Mary Donkersloot, shared some of her favorites to help you incorporate protein into your diet – sans meat. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Tell us some of your favorite veggie dishes or meat swaps in the comments!


Mary DonkerslootMary Donkersloot is a nutritionist and has a private practice in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she has helped individuals with their nutrition-related issues for more than 20 years. Mary is the author of three books, including Quick and Healthy Eating at Home and On the Go. Learn more about Mary at

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6 thoughts on “Meal Planning for Vegetarian Lifestyles

  1. Donna

    My family and I love Aldi! I am a long time vegetarian and thir line of “fit and active” yogurts as well as their Southwestern Veggie sandwhiches (frozen) are some of my favorite itmes!

    My son is a major fan or the gardening items that are offered seasonally. Every year he has the best garden in our neighborhood and we always say it is thanks to ALDI!

  2. Courtney

    My boyfriend is a vegan and I am vegetarian. We have been long time fans of Aldi and are excited to see all the new vegan friendly products including: freeze dried fruit, coconut oil, almond and soy milk,kale, cashews (to make “cheese”), hummus, and even some of the frozen meals like the Mediterranean penne, the produce is great and we love the higher end dark chocolate that has no animal products in it! Keep the great new things coming!

  3. Sharon

    I love the Aldi black bean burgers but they are usually sold out or so far back in the freezer you can’t get them. I think Aldi should have more of these and less of the other (not popular) veggie burgers.

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