Meal Makeover: Healthy Employee Recipes

June 23, 2014 – At ALDI, we’re inspired by so many things – one being our amazing employees! We asked ALDI employees nationwide to share their favorite recipes and the story behind them for a chance to have their recipe made over, healthfully! Team members shared nearly 600 recipes and stories, and now we’re sharing our top five with you, from breakfast to dessert.

Breakfast – Spinach and Turkey Egg Casserole

This casserole gets prepared the night before, and we always had this on holiday mornings. We could smell the sausage cooking and started craving it the night before!” – Christa F., Store Manager

Lunch – Healthy Stuffed Peppers

“My husband and I were experimenting with some food one afternoon and while I was learning how to make a jalapeno dip, he was trying his hand at stuffed banana peppers. Boy were these banana peppers tasty!! Since then we make them once a week.” – Amanda H., Shift Manager

Snack – Buffalo Wings
buf wings

“I love wings! It’s that time of year when they are popular at parties. I like them very crispy and it would be great to have them with less calories and fat with the same taste.” – Diane N., Warehouse Selector

Dinner – Swiss Steak with Cauliflower and Potato Puree
2014_SwissSteak_Cauliflower_Potato Puree_Recipe_Hero

“This meal is a time tested family favorite and is the ultimate comfort food. Frequently requested by friends and family, my grandma made this on the coldest of days to warm everyone’s hearts.” – Scott E., Manager

Dessert – Peach Pie Cake

“Who doesn’t like dessert? No one! This recipe has been with me for a while passed down for three generations. I’ve taken it to many family get-togethers and have never brought any back home – never any left when we leave!” – Beth B., Manager Trainee

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6 thoughts on “Meal Makeover: Healthy Employee Recipes

  1. Joan Brooks

    I love your store and the friendly help. I spent over $125.00 a week and consider your prices a bargain However, lately, I bought one of your one pound top round steaks. It was 1.07 pounds but after slow cooking for a recipe, it had shrunk to 9 1/2 ounces or almost 50%. There is nothing on the packaging that says water was added. But it makes a $4.99 a pound piece of meat cost almost $9.98 a pound which is not acceptable for round steak. This is in addition to having to alter the recipe to make enough servings. I appreciate that your chicken tenderloins have “15% solution of chicken broth injected” which I can live with.

    Also, I understand that the dreaded “pink slime” is used in a lot of ground meat in American supermarkets. I buy a lot of your “All Natural 93% Ground Beef ” because of its low fat content. (It still has a lot of water in it). Do I need to go up to your organic ground beef when it is available if this is an item I am concerned about? I know that it has more fat but it will not have possible ammonia in it to kill the E Coli bacteria. Your ground beef says “All Natural Lean Ground Beef on the label with a *. The * says “All Natural Ingredients” and “Minimally Processed” as an explanation. What does that mean?

    1. Joan Brooks

      I really don’t especially want my email printed. These questions are for my knowledge only. This site is the only one I’ve found to contact you. If you would just email me back, my questions and your answers are the only facts in which I am interested. Thank you! (I love Aldi’s).

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