Making Merry for Mom and Dad

December 5, 2015 – This year, ALDI is bringing in an expert to help you navigate holiday gift-giving, and who better than The ALDI Elf? In the third of this four-post series, she’s sharing her favorite Special Buys to help you shop smarter for the holidays.

The holidays are the time of year to show your love and gratitude for the important people in your life, the time to reflect on all the days Mom had a hot meal waiting for you after soccer practice and all the nights Dad read stories to you before bed (The Night Before Christmas is still my fave; anyone with me?).

This week, you’ll have your pick of parent-perfect Special Buys to help you say thank you.  Better get dashing through the snow before they’re gone!

Gifts for Mom
Is there anything Mom can’t do? She shops (and graciously passed down her love of ALDI to you!), cooks and cleans and on top of it all, she’s always trying her best to make you happy. Show her how much you appreciate everything she does with cozy gifts to help her unwind this holiday season.













Gifts for Dad
Santa is something of a beard aficionado, and this Grooming Kit comes specially recommended from the big guy himself. There’s something for every Dad in this gift set!













Gifts for Both
Whether your parents put on big bashes or gather small soirees during the holidays, these high-end, low-price gifts will add festive flair to their celebrations.













These Special Buys won’t last long! Stop by ALDI this week for gifts to give Mom and Dad that most-wonderful-time-of-the-year feeling.

With yuletide joy,
The ALDI Elf

P.S. Make sure all Moms and Dads get these parent-perfect gifts, and share this post with your friends by clicking one of the share icons above! Learn more about these holiday finds at

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30 thoughts on “Making Merry for Mom and Dad

  1. Charlotte Hawthorne

    Want those multi color acrylic glasses you had this summer, would love 3 more boxes of 8 count before this summer.
    No one wants to talk to me.

  2. Michele pope

    I love your store and the variety of products we are Italian and love the flavour of things we can get appreciate it being so close too luv ya guys merry Christmas
    From the POPES

  3. Heidi Wolf

    We are wanting to know if any stores serviced by Salisbury Division have any of the LED snow globe figurines that were in Special Buy the last couple weeks. Thank you!!¡

  4. Erika

    I absolutely LOVE Aldi. It was my favorite store when we lived in Germany. I wish there was an Aldi store in Albuquerque, NM. That store would be packed every single day with customers. Love you guys and wishing all of you a happy Christmas!

  5. Sandra Bell

    Tried shopping for the first time at ALDI with my credit card and they’re not set up for credit card transactions. Wish I had known before wasting my time.

    1. Janice

      You get your 25¢ back when you return your cart. This way the carts are always put away and they are always dry even on a rainy day because they don’t stay in a parking lot corral. No bags, no problem! Keep some bags in the trunk of your car(s) or grab an empty box while shopping to use to carry home your savings.

    2. cheryl

      Well the reason for the 25 cents for the cart is that people bring back the cart and get their coin back, I think it’s great this way the carts aren’t all over the lot., No sacks bring your own keep the cost down, or buy some from the store. No brand foods then go to another store they have their own brand name, no cc, so what pay with debit or cash also keeps cost down, that means they don’t need to charge for all those hidden cost. Don’t complain about the store Aldi’s is actually the largest grocery store, they treat and pay their employees very well, so take yourself on down to the road to your Name Brand high dollar store. Merry Christmas.

    3. Dawn

      Yeah one of the draw backs for sure! But they do have an atm I think.. I made the same mistake yrs ago lol cash or check only :(. But it’s one reason they keep the low prices! Love aldi we need one closer! Closest one to me is lil over 15 mi..

    4. Dawn

      You get the .25 back lol and you can use their boxes or buy bags for cheap or help recycling and bring your own bags.. This is how they keep cost down! Might be a draw back for some but it’s really not a big deal! I noticed a few years ago when gas got extremely high and all the stores raised their prices to offset the fuel costs, aldi didn’t raise their prices.. As for name brand foods, they carry some but their brand is as good or better than name brand foods.. ive told so many people about aldi to help them save money, one friend is so hooked, she hates going anywhere else!

  6. Mady

    I would love for you to open at 8:00 am I work nights and on the way home it would be great to stop by and pick up my list but now I have to wait until my day off . PS I love your handle

  7. Evelyn

    I purchased the 4 qt stand mixer. How do you remove the mixer from the stand? The directions do not say. That is if I want to use the hand mixer without the stand. Thank you.

  8. Evelyn Duncan

    I purchased the 4 quart stand mixer. How to you remove the mixer to use as a hand mixer without the stand? The directions are not clear. Thanks

  9. Kellie

    I love your store. My ex German bosses used to send me cookies and stuff for Christmas and this year I found aldi and the same wonderful cookies and of course loads of other great things as well!! Three beautiful non stick cookie sheets three different sizes all 3 for $8.00 best buy! Absolutely love everything about this store!

  10. Gail Strawberry

    I appreciate ALDI so much, a few years ago I had 2 kids & 4 grandchildren to feed. Your store was a blessing to me. Thank You. The children are all grown & I still shop at ALDI

  11. Samantha

    I Love Aldis! I struggle to just provide on a daily & feel if this store ever relocated I don’t know what I would do. I’m greatful for the affordable great tasting everything. I love how Aldis has healthy choices,they are so affordable. Now I see Spanish seasoning like adobo & Sazon it’s awesome I can keep on & on. From my family to you Thank You very much.

  12. Pete

    Never been to an Aldi store yet, there is one under construction nearby. Is it true no credit cards, no grocery bags, no name brands, charge to use carts? Surely not. They won’t last six months in this market trying to compete with HEB, Kroger, Randal’s et al if that’s the case. Can someone from the company clarify this?

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Pete – We do not accept checks or credit cards due to handling costs. We also don’t hide the cost of bags in our grocery prices like other stores do. You can bring your own bags to shop at ALDI, or buy our eco, paper, plastic or insulated bags for a nominal charge. Of course, we encourage you to reuse and recycle bags whenever possible. Also, customers use a quarter to retrieve a cart and then get a quarter back when they return the cart to the corral at the end of their shopping trip. All of this helps keep our costs down so that we can pass even more savings on to you! If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Service team at

  13. Darcie Snyder

    Love ALDI. Lived in Germany for a few years and there is now a ALDI near when I live in Iowa. I can find the foods I ate in Germany that cannot be bought elsewhere. Especially fun at Christmas season with their gingerbread cookies and bratwurst and so many more fun items.

  14. Esmeralda rodi

    Aldis stores are absolutely wonderful to help stretch a household budget. Thank you for stocking those products that don’t have high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, etc. I’m always happy to hear when my relatives have an Aldi store open near them because they will experience the savings too.

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