Make Outdoor Entertaining Last

September 8, 2016 – Summer might be ending, but your time as an outdoor entertainer extraordinaire doesn’t have to end. Back in April we gave you a few tips for hosting backyard soirees, and now we want to help you keep the patio party going, all autumn long.

FiresideRed and White wine sitting by the patio firepit. Flames in background.
Set up a fire pit near your main seating area before guests arrive so your entertaining space is warm and welcoming. (The fire pit also means s’mores can happen…and we’re always up for s’mores!)

Custom Curtains
Get crafty! Spray paint PVC pipes and fit them together to make standing curtain rods. Hang curtains around your seating area to create a cozy vibe and hold in the heat.

Lovely Lighting
Place clusters of different-sized candles around the patio to cast a warm glow on the festivities.

Cozy Comforts
Drape inexpensive throw blankets on your patio chairs for guests to wrap up in as the sun sets.

Toasty Treats
And of course, the food! Serving warm fall fare like soups, casseroles or mulled cider will warm your guests from the inside out. Try this crowd-pleasing recipe for Not Your Momma’s Cider.





Share your autumn entertaining tips in the comments!

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