Introducing: ALDI Chef’s Corner

November 6, 2015 – Have you ever wondered who the faces are behind the delightfully delicious ALDI Test Kitchen recipes? Well you’re in luck! We recently introduced a new series called “ALDI Chef’s Corner” where our Test Kitchen chefs speak directly to YOU about their favorite tips and tricks in the kitchen. Tune in every month here on the blog for a taste of what goes on behind the scenes at ALDI.

Get to know our Test Kitchen Chefs a little better:

Chef StaceyChef Stacey had always wanted to be a chef, even as a child. After realizing the path to her dream, she attended Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts, Chicago. Working in Italian and Vegetarian restaurants as a culinary student was quite exciting, but she found that her passion lies in baking. As the head baker in a gluten free bakery, she gained insight into dietary restrictions and vital experiences that she leans on when creating recipes for ALDI. As a mother of four, she is also an expert at making vegetables appealing to any picky eater, while ensuring that meal prep doesn’t cut into family time


Chef AlyssaChef Alyssa has been conducting samplings and creating recipes with the ALDI Test Kitchen for over 4 years. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Chicago, she has travelled throughout the United States, cooking on cruise ships, touring with well-known rock bands, as well as working with local minor league baseball teams while honing her craft. She is best known for soups and comfort food, she is also a lean, mean, grilling machine! Mother of two and married to a chef, she enjoys cooking at home with her family, and preparing healthy and playful dishes that are quick and easy. Check out her corner of the ALDI Test Kitchen here.


Chef MichelleChef Michelle began her culinary training early, graduating from Kendall College right after high school. Her catering industry experience is wide ranging, including private dinners with Broadway cast entertainment, appearing on Chicago news programs, assisting with food demos and even catering for a President-Elect! Growing up shopping at ALDI has ignited her passion to provide ALDI consumers with high quality products. She enjoys adding her personal touch to ALDI events incorporating Latin Cuisine, low calorie and gourmet recipes on a budget. As a brand new mom, she is adding a new dimension to her recipe creations, helping parents prepare effortless healthy meals.


Chef KevinChef Kevin has settled in at ALDI after taking a tour through the hospitality industry. After graduating culinary school in 2008, he worked his way up from line cook to executive chef at an award-winning classic Italian restaurant. His true calling is southern style barbeque and anything smoked. However, as a master VPN-Certified Neapolitan pizza expert with olive oil running through his veins, classic Italian is near and dear to his heart. Cooking, music, and the outdoors keep him happy, healthy, and busy, while life at ALDI keeps him focused and driven.


Chef MorganFor Chef Morgan, cooking is a family affair; her father, oldest brother and sister are all chefs. A graduate of Robert Morris University’s school of Culinary Arts, Chef Morgan’s industry experience includes everything from casual quick service restaurants to hotels to fine dining. She feels cooking can be an exciting adventure and enjoys combining ordinary ingredients in an unexpected way to make something new, fresh, delicious and wallet friendly. She believes that food should taste good and be good for you, but the occasional indulgence is a satisfying reward. Living her life with dietary restrictions, she creates dairy-free recipes whenever possible. In her free time she enjoys working out and spending time with her pug, Porky.


AudreyChef Audrey attended culinary school at the Illinois Institute of Art when she realized her hobby was becoming a lifelong passion. After culinary school, Audrey mastered her skills in restaurants around the Chicago land area, incorporating local and seasonal ingredients in breakfast and lunch menus. She has many years of experience working for a national organic retailer as well as catering large events and private parties. You can find some of Audrey’s recipes featured on ALDI product packaging. Audrey enjoys trying new restaurants (especially food trucks!), and spending time outdoors with her beloved boxer, Boots.



Chef Linsey realiLinseyzed her passion as a young “chef” while recreating her Grandma’s Italian classics. She received her culinary degree from the College of DuPage, where she had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. Her professional experience includes catering, various restaurants, and in the kitchens of multiple gourmet grocers. Chef Linsey continues to specialize in Italian comfort foods as well as utilizing simple ingredients to showcase their natural quality. Exploring new restaurants with her husband, travel and spending time with her furry babies are some of her most enjoyable pastimes.


Chef ScottChef Scott joined ALDI in 2013 after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. He has over 6 years of culinary experience which includes restaurant expertise, recipe development and teaching culinary skills. While in school, he enriched his education by working for the Ghirardelli Chocolate Discovery Center making confections and learning techniques in chocolate crafting. He specializes in traditional French and Japanese cuisines, fusing both into new and exciting flavors. Inspired by his love of culinary fusion, Chef Scott makes a habit of creating every holiday meal for his family and friends, documenting his ideas along the way.


Chef MeganChef Megan started her blossoming career at the young age of 5, in her family’s restaurant, where she fell in love with every aspect of food. With her mother’s southern roots and her father’s California style, no recipe was left behind. By 18 she was managing the busiest local deli in Riverside, California. After attending Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena, she took a post in a fine dining restaurant that provided the catering for local landmarks such as The Fox Theater, Municipal Auditorium, and the Life Arts Center. ALDI has now been her home for 2 years where she has been able to showcase her baking skills and quick homemade meals, and she can’t wait to see the positive impact that it will surely bring to her hometown!

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5 thoughts on “Introducing: ALDI Chef’s Corner

  1. denise leach

    I’m strict vegetarian and love shopping at Aldi. I really appreciate your weekly specials on produce, and also your selection of organic and fair trade products. I remember how happy I was when I first went veg to look at your fruit jels and find they did NOT have gelatin!
    Please keep vegans in mind with your products! I bought a pie crust seeing it had vegetable shortening, but the natural flavors still bother me. It would be wonderful if you could label things vegan, or no animal products.
    I love the convenience and flavors of your hummus, esp the new wasabi flavor. I’m very glad you have the Chipotle black bean burgers and that they are labeled vegan. I’ve bought them for friends (omni) and they like them so much they now buy them.
    It would be nice to forgo the vit D3 in cereals. How about D2?
    I never met an unpleasant employee, everyone is nice!
    Thank you!

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