How To: Cheese & Charcuterie

November 2, 2015 – There’s more to a holiday cheese board than you think. This season, learn the basics (and some tasty extras) to impress your dinner party guests. From traditional brie and sweet cranberry white cheddar to bite size salami and pitted dates, our charcuterie board will leave you inspired.

What special items do you add to yours? Tell us in the comments!

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One thought on “How To: Cheese & Charcuterie

  1. Elisabeth Price

    I am amazed at the cheese and charcuterie boards that can be made with Aldi products! Love the prosciutto, salami, and different hams, especially the thicker sliced ones. And don’t forget that you can slice a beautifully cooked and spiced roast of pork or beef, chicken breast, etc. which can be savory and have no preservatives or other additives – and the roasts at Aldi’s are really low cost. The gherkins or pickles are high quality and I have bought capers, marinaded artichokes, pickled peppers, etc. I love the cheeses that come in small batches wrapped in parchment paper – like aged Dutch gouda, English cheddars, and others. Aldi’s domestic brie can be delicious: what I do is keep it under a cheese bell in a cool room, not it the refrigerator. It ripens wonderfully! Radkishes go well with cheese and can be cut into pretty flower shapes. Grapes are good on a cheese board, but don’t forget to cut them into very small bunches, unless you serve them with grape scissors. I would say my cheese and charcuterie boards are second to none in my neighborhood, and they are a lot cheaper to make than most!

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