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Holiday Reds & Whites

November 9, 2016 – As a sommelier, I often hear from folks that they only drink white wine in the spring and summer and red in the fall and winter. While I often try and get wine enthusiasts to drink all styles of wine, at all times of the year, I agree – there sure is nothing like a glass of red wine that soothes a crispy fall day or chilly winter’s eve.

Hello! I’m Leslee Miller, regular contributor to the Simply Smarter Living blog and the official ALDI Sommelier. Is this red /white dilemma part of your seasonal routine when it comes to drinking wine? Sure, red wine does seem to feel a little ‘warmer’ on the palate, yet I like to think of pairing wine more from the perspective of ‘your mood or your food’.

For instance, if I’m grilling a gorgeous cut of beef on the grill, then yes – often times a red wine with a little earth and smoke seems to do the trick for pairing, but if it’s a super chilly day in winter and I’d rather be sunning somewhere on the beach, there sure is nothing like a glass of Sauvignon Blanc like ALDI’s delicious Kelly’s Crossing from New Zealand to brighten my spirits. Yet, there are a few reds that do a pretty good job of crossing the seasons!

ALDI exclusive and award-winning wine, Scarlet Path Zinfandel from Lodi, California has notes of supple rose petal, blueberry, black cherry, blackberry, bits of licorice and bright summer garden herbs. All these flavors make a perfect combo for those smoked meats or charred veggies we love on the grill in the fall, yet works perfectly with a juicy BBQ cheeseburger in the summertime.

Hot off the list of accolade-achieving wine lists, ALDI exclusive Outlander Meritage from Paso Robles, California also does the trick for bridging the seasons for wine drinkers. Loaded with soft dark berry fruit, blackberry jam, anise and vanilla – I love this wine with a warm bowl of blackberry cobbler and ice cream in the summertime. I also fall completely head-over-heels when I pair it with ALDI chocolate-covered cherries and a wedge of Happy Farms Preferred Blue Cheese on a chilly fall evening. There’s nothing like it!

So whether you’re a fan of seasonal wine sipping, or just going for those reds this fall and winter season, don’t forget to make room for all the other grape varietals in the world, too. There might just come a ‘mood’ or a ‘food’ that will need one color or the other to make you happy!Sommelier Leslee Miller

Leslee Miller is a dually certified Sommelier through the International Sommelier Guild and the Court of Master Sommeliers. She is the sole owner of wine consulting firm, Amusée, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Reds & Whites

  1. David Dalgleish

    I drink primarily reds in the winter(Michigan) and whites during the warm months. But I do like a white with Thanksgiving. I buy primarily the low-end priced wines at Aldi but will splurge and buy a higher-priced one for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks to Aldi for giving us that alternative.

  2. Linda Calloway

    I think Chocolate Kiss Red Wine is WONDERFUL and definitely a winner for me!!! Aldi’s is the only store I have seen this!!!! Please don’t take it away!!!

  3. Charlene Vanore

    Love shopping at Aldi but I wish the So. Philadelphia. Store carried more organic produce! It would save me a trip to another supermarket for organic produce.

  4. Sherri McKay

    Hello Aldi employees!!!

    I love the store and its offerings. This is my first time exploring your website. I was surprised to learn you sell alcoholic beverages in your stores. I hope to see that soon in your Pittsburgh locations. Bravo Aldi!

  5. Amy G.

    My husband and I live in CT but make a trek twice a year to your closest VT store to buy your Moiselle Moscatos and beer. Also have to buy for my mother who likes them too so we stock up. Really wish you sold alcohol in the CT stores as there have been some specialties that we were interested in but was not in the area. Please keep working on the licenses for CT!

  6. Barbara Sanford

    I saw the wines in this week’s Aldi’s ad & they were exactly what I was looking for. Drove from New London to your store in Lisbon (about 15 miles) only to find out wine isn’t sold in CT. My question is why would Aldi’s advertise items in CT that are not for sale in CT? Very disappointing.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Barbara! We’d love to raise a toast with you but due to some state and local laws, not all stores sell wine and beer. We don’t want to leave you high and dry though so we’ll keep working to offer our full product line at all our stores. To see if your location sells wine or beer, visit our store locator here: Cheers!

  7. Roger Spice

    About a year ago I bought some moscato wine at aldies onspecial, it was named PALUZZI .I loved the wine but have not seen it at your stores ln wisconsin since. Could you advise me where you ordered it from or if you will carry it again. I would by it by the case if I can. Thank you,Roger Spice

  8. Ina Power

    Oh, I miss you Aldi, wish you could come to Austin, Texas or somewhere close by. I am from Germany and really loved to shop at Aldi before we moved to the US.

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