Holiday Kitchen Must-Haves

November 17, 2014 – Get a head start on your holiday meal planning by stocking up on some must-have kitchen gadgets, on Special Buy beginning this week.

112013_S_44295A_KL_FoodProcessor_OOP_NoPropsKitchen Living 6 Cup Food Processor
Whatever your holiday menu calls for, this 6 cup food processor has you covered. From soups and sauces to dips and spreads, this kitchen gadget is ready for all your chopping, grinding and puréeing needs this holiday season.

This tool is handy for dessert, too. Save time by tossing cookies, candies and nuts into the processor for toppings. Try it with these Chocolate Toffee Ice Cream Truffles for a delicious, pop able dessert. Special Buy* beginning 11/19.

111914_S_4661_CRF_5QT_CastIron_Braiser_Red_OOPKitchen Living Cast Iron 5QT Braiser
Winter calls for warm meals and what’s warmer than hearty meat and vegetable stews? This cast iron 5 quart braiser is perfect for family-sized one pot meals. The key to braising is allowing meats and vegetables to sear at a high temperature, then letting them sit on lower heat to create a natural gravy.

Braisers are also great when you are in a pinch to create a filling meal for your family. This Spicy Braised Chicken Thighs recipe can be prepared in advance and chilled overnight. Just reheat and serve! Special Buy* beginning 11/19.

111914_S_5080_CRF_6QT_CastIron_DutchOven_Red_OOPKitchen Living 6QT Cast Iron Dutch Oven
A Dutch oven is a kitchen essential during the holiday season for tenderizing meats and vegetables. This 6 quart cast iron Dutch oven is deeper than a skillet, so it can handle larger cuts of meat, like whole turkeys and beef roasts – great for serving the whole family (and friends!) around the holidays.

This Braised Pot Roast with Vegetables recipe is a favorite of ours and a crowd-pleasing holiday dinner dish. Special Buy* beginning 11/19.

What recipes do you have planned that these kitchen must-haves could come in handy for? Tell us in the comments below!

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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        Hi Janine and Soozabella! These ALDI Finds are just around the corner! The Crofton Cast Iron 5-Quart Braiser or 6 -Quart Dutch Oven will both be in stores starting 11-9-2016. ALDI Finds only stick around while supplies last so be sure to hurry in! But, because things can always change, the dates we post here may change or vary by location. Check our upcoming ads here:

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