Haunting Halloween Décor

September 29, 2014 – Pumpkins, costumes, crisp fall air- it must be almost time for Halloween. This week, we’ve got everything you need to capture the spooky Halloween spirit and deck your home with ghosts and ghouls! For a festive look that your kids and neighbors will love, look no further than this week’s Special Buys.

100213_S_43851A_HNH_LightUpPumpHuntington Home 21” Light up Pumpkin
Jack-o-Lanterns are front-porch staples for Halloween season. This light up pumpkin is the perfect choice if you don’t have time to carve or want an added element for your pumpkin display. Special Buy* beginning 10/1.

100114_S_45895_HNH_HalloweenInfHuntington Home 4’ Halloween Inflatable Assortment
Once you’ve raked away all the leaves, your front lawn might start to feel a little bare. Dress up your yard with this glowing assortment that can be shown off during prime trick-or-treat time. Special Buy* beginning 10/1.

100114_S_45555_HNH_AnimatedDropHuntington Home Animated Dropping Reaper Assortment
Want to give your friends and family a good-old-fashioned Halloween scare? This cackling reaper can drop three feet, making any passerby jump at its light-up eyes and scary sounds. Available in Reaper Skeleton or Reaper Pumpkin. Special Buy*  beginning 10/1.

100114_S_45556_HNH_SpookyDancer 2 - blog100114_S_45556_HNH_SpookyDancer 3 - blog100114_S_45556_HNH_SpookyDancer - blogHuntington Home Halloween Animation Assortment
Kick your Halloween fun up a notch with these dancing and singing characters. Available characters include skeleton heads, dancing skeletons or plush walking and singing Igor, Witch or Butler. Special Buy*  beginning 10/1.

HHGreeterPostHuntington Home Hanging Animated Greeters
Turn your home into a haunted house this Halloween. Set the tone with these motion and sound activated light up hanging greeters!  Mix and match these frightfully fun characters who will move their mouths and speak spooky phrases or laugh when guests least expect it: Pumpkin, Skeleton, Frankenstein or Ghost options. Red Hot Special Buy* beginning 10/1.

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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  1. Tracey

    I have been with Aldi’s from the start! I am SO excited to see you are doing so well. I am a loyal fan/customer. Keep up the great work.

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