Graduate with a Masters in Savings

May 9, 2016 – It’s a big moment! You’ve got a grad in the house. Congrats to the graduate and also to you, for supporting them from start to finish. Exams are complete, future plans are laid out, and now… it’s time to celebrate.

Here are a few quick tips for a stellar savings-centric graduation party. And be sure to check out our Pinterest board, dedicated to you, the Host with the Most.

Consider co-hosting with another family that has a grad.56e89b35819540d216bce49a (1)
Grad party season is hectic, so it’ll be easier for guests to stay a while if they’re celebrating two awesome graduates in one stop. Plus, double the grads = double the reasons to celebrate. And it helps to split costs between two families. Win-win.

Choose food and drinks that appeal to most people.
Your grad party might not be the right forum for that eclectic new recipe you’ve been meaning to try out. Maximize your savings and minimize your food waste by serving up crowd favorites like pretzel nibblers and dips that won’t break the bank. Find our favorite dip recipes here and see how the cost breaks down here:

  • For $3.82, you can make about 24 pretzel nibblers.
  • Make Black Bean Avocado Dip for a total of $2.82, or serve six at $0.47 per serving.
  • Serve Spinach Romesco Dip to six for a total of $6.08, or $1.01 per serving.
  • For the kids, whip up Kid’s Fruit and Veggie “Salsa” for about $1.40, or $1.40 per serving.
  • Don’t forget things to dip with! Make Tortilla Crisps for $4.84 or about $0.81 per serving.

And don’t feel like you need to put out a full spread! A few scrumptious staples will do the trick. Serve it all up with our Wash or Toss Tableware Assortment* only $2.49 and Huntington Home Indoor/Outdoor table cloth* only $7.99.

Have an open house instead of a formal party. 56e89b13819540d216bce48b
Let your guests go with the flow. Setting a window of time that guests can drop in, rather than requiring them to arrive at a certain time, will give your party-goers more flexibility with their schedules and increase the number of guests that are able to attend. Plus, it’s less likely everyone will show up at once, so you won’t be overwhelmed and it’ll be easier to mingle and chat with everyone.

Simplify drinks.
You don’t need to be running a full bar out of your backyard. Water, juice and a couple types of soda will be just fine. And if you want to throw in one choice of beer and one choice of wine (or champagne!), that’ll work too.

There’s a lot to celebrate for your graduate, and you can give ‘em the party they deserve without breaking the bank. Congrats, grads!

Have you hosted a grad party before? Share your tips in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Graduate with a Masters in Savings

  1. Deanna Vesely

    This is my second child to graduate from college. The best tips for the party are crockpots and inflatable ice boat for keeping salads cold. Oh and of course buy your supplies at Aldi!

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