Gluten Free? No Problem!

May 2, 2016 – For our shoppers who need or want to avoid gluten, we’re proud to offer gluten-free products from cake mixes to fresh bakery bread all under our exclusive liveGfree brand! Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disease that’s triggered by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

As we head into Celiac Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up our award-winning liveGfree products and grain-free Test Kitchen recipes below to help you live gluten-free!


Naturally Gluten Free Pancakes
No specialty products here. These babies are naturally GF and oh-so-simple.

Gluten Free Carbonara-Style Pasta Florentine
Hearty and satisfying as can be, this pasta will transport you to Italy on any evening.

Hungry for more?  Check out these award-winning products from our liveGfree line. All of the goodness, none of the gluten.

Know a gluten-free eater? Show them how to liveGfree with ALDI by clicking the icons above!

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95 thoughts on “Gluten Free? No Problem!

  1. Kathryn Gaudette

    I hope you will carry SIMPLY B GLUTEN FREE products , they are outstanding ! Free of the 8 major FDA food allergens
    Founder Betty Cogdell

    1. jeanna

      I travel 80 miles to aldl in lex KY..i wish aldi would carry the gf cheesecake samplers , soups, fish,all the new things we live them keep them and make new things also we are starving…celiac

  2. Julie B

    I was told in-store that past “special buy” LiveGFree items could be brought back by request; is there any truth to that? If so I’d love to see the canned GF chicken noodle soup, the GF oreo-type cookies (both chocolate and vanilla), and the GF yogurt covered pretzels regularly. Thanks!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Julie! Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll share this with our buying team and who knows? Maybe you’ll see it soon!

        1. Jenifer

          me too!! i didn’t get to try the soup but the pretzels and the fried onions and the cookies are all great and would love to get them year round

        2. Patrick Czaplewski

          I’d like to see hamburger buns and hot dog buns if possible I love your gluten bread you have I usually take what ever is out on the rack I’ve tried others yours is the best Thank you

  3. Lila Ongaro

    Try Aldi’s live G free gluten free angel food cake mix. It is, seriously, the BEST angel food cake I’ve ever eaten, and it was easy to make. It turned out really high, fluffy and very soft and moist.

    You can find it this week at Aldi with the gluten free specials but I think that Aldi should keep it as regular stock. I would make one a week, it’s that good.

    I just bought 12 boxes!

  4. Andrea Hylton

    I had asked about Aldi spices being gluten free. Was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal phone call about the two spices I asked about; cinnamon and chili powder. The man verified that both are gluten free. Gluten free spices are very expensive so I am thrilled to be able to purchase them at Aldi. I will continue to inquire about them individually and hope to find even more gluten free spices at Aldi.

    1. Emily

      Thanks for posting this Andrea. Was just coming here to check on this because the spices say may contain “wheat, dairy, etc.” and I am looking for a source of gluten contamination in our diet.

  5. Lisa Shroyer

    The new ravioli is amazing!!! PLEASE keep them in your stores. Truly the best microwave dinner ever!!!! I was dancing in the aisle when I saw them. I will be shopping the store much more often for these. Thank you!!!!

  6. Christina L

    Walked into aldi just to get ice cream, thought i was in gluten free heaven. definitely going back to stock up. Just wished the products were available year round. I did manage to grab the the edanme and lentil chips…..pleasssssseeee keep these. So delicious!!

  7. Susan

    Was THRILLED to see GF Generals Chicken. After going without this item for the past 11 months since my diagnosis, all I can say is YUMMMMM!! Please keep it in stock in the store

    Also anxious to try the ravioli and the fish. Loving the Aldi’s in Roanoke Va

    1. jeanna

      I haven’t ever been lucky enough to get to store when they have these things please…;!!!!!!!!!!!! Carry these things everyday

  8. Robbie

    What’s up with the blocking of the sale of gluten free cheese cake?
    It was in the cooler in Homewood Alabama but blocked at the register. LOTS of ?s on a Facebook page.

  9. Bobbi Perry

    I enjoy the many Gluten-free products and I agree with the comments about haveing this special products available more often.

  10. Hanan mahmood

    To whom it may concere, i have filled the application for store assosiate twice but i did not get any reply from you guyz .thnx

  11. Jenn

    We stocked up on the different special buys because we know that once they are gone they may not come back, but we would really like to see them come back! The cake mixes (Angel Food and Chocolate were both delicious!), the Jalapeno Ancient Grain crackers were so good we ate the first bag in 2 days, the General Tso’s Chicken we had to go back and get additional bags before they sold out as well. The ability to have elbow macaroni was a nice treat as well, we often buy the rotini shape, but to have other shaped pasta was an added bonus. The Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese made for a quick meal, but didn’t leave out on the flavor. We would really like to see some of these items more often, we shop Aldi because we know we can get the quality for low prices.

  12. Bobbi

    Some family members require Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Corn Free and Soy Free food.
    1) Can the elbow, penne, spiral pastas possibly be made without corn flour? Only with rice flour?
    2) Can you consider carrying a Dairy Free cheese, like Daiyo?
    3) Can you carry Gluten Free ice cream cones?
    4) Can you carry Dairy Free chocolate?
    Thank you Aldi!

  13. Beth

    I absolutely love your GF products! I have been GF for years and our 6 year old daughter was recently diagnosed Celiac. Your Whole Grain GF bread is the ONLY one she likes (we’ve tried all of the other brands & makes). Great texture and NO HOLES! I love the wraps, they are fantastic and hold up well.
    Your Brown Rice/Quinoa pasta is perfect! We avoid corn and I am seeing less of the brown pasta and more of the corn pasta in your store on Hwy 6 in Houston. I would love to see more of the brown pasta brought back.
    I would also love to see more GF offers and products as well. We live in Katy, TX. I shopped your store in Aberdeen, Scotland when we lived there and was thrilled to find you in our area.

  14. Lynn Lew

    Your GF chicken noodle soup is the best I’ve ever had. We are in Rochester, NY and haven’t seen it in months! Help!

  15. Kathy Lowry, Carrollton, Georgia

    Like so many others, your GF products are life savers! No other store has so mane GOOD QUALITY gluten free items. I was so thrilled to find the bread. I have tried them all. Ugh! Not to mention the price. My only complaint is the small size of the loaves. Let’s face it, 12 oz. isn’t very much. I feel like I am always out of bread. Any possibility that the bread could be sold in loaves that are a little larger? Also, are hamburger buns in the future? Would be awesome!

    By the way, I have lived in Germany and appreciate the high quality of German products. I was so pleased to find great German chocolate at reasonable prices, for one thing.

  16. Tegan

    I love your products! I developed a problem with Gluten (inclusinf many other allergies) after my second pregnancy. Your items are so yummy. I know you cannot accommodate everyone’s needs but I would LOVE to see dairy free options as well. I cannot eat your pizza as I also have a dairy allergy. So many of your product contain milk and cheese. But what I can have is great thanks and keep it up

  17. John

    Can I ask why the gluten free General Tso chicken smells/tastes a little fishy? My wife has a gluten intolerance, and was OVERJOYED to see GF General Tsos, so we bought a bunch of bags before it sold out. My son and I had the regular General Tso, and my wife had the GF kind, and much to her dismay the chicken has a ‘fishy’ smell and taste. Is there a particular ingredient in the batter that would do this? Is it actually fish? LOL, I hope not. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Even though its slightly off putting, the idea of having a meal that my wife doesn’t have to make from scratch makes it tolerable for her. She enjoys it, but mentions every time about the “fish” smell, and I agree with her.

    Thanks for offering so many GF options! Oh BTW, the Sweet Chili Brown Rice Crisps are amazing!

  18. Melanie McDaniel

    PLEASE keep your gf products that were released this month in your Aldi stores! I have soley become an Aldi shopper because of these products! Absolutely amazing! Was disappointed when I didn’t see you at the GFAF Expo in chicago

  19. Tina

    We are a Celiac family. We purchase GF pretzels and GF Chex regularly. GF brown quinoa pasta when available and some mixes once in a while. We only have one location 40 miles away in Lumberton, NC and it is always wiped out. More locations would be Great!
    Would love a GF Graham Cracker for making s’mores and GF animal cracker.
    Love to see dairy free, soy free and less corn based items. Especially dairy free ice cream like a coconut based so delicious from Aldi! Dairy free chocolate would be great!
    Thank you for all you do!

  20. Diane Harlan

    I just had your GF General tos chicken and it was a dream come true. When will you be offering it daily? It is way to good to keep to your self. Please make it avaliable at the Moberly Mo store!!!

      1. Deah L Chapin

        Thank you for that information. We Just made a bag of the General Tso last week and my daughter was demanding that I go out and get more…. needless to say it is all gone at our Aldis.. The GF hot dog and hamburger buns are amazing too….

  21. Kimberly

    Loving the liveGfree products and brag about them (and ALDI) to everyone! (Really just gave away a package from my stash of those precious commodity chocolate creme sandwich cookies to someone). My son and I are gluten intolerant and are pleased that we can get high quality products and flavor at a great price! We LOVE ALDI and have converted a few shoppers! However, I just wish we could know that we can get liveGfree products all the time. My husband sure would appreciate it. My garage, pantry and the back of my van look like I am stockpiling for the apocalypse! More liveGfree! More liveGfree! More liveGfree! (Can you hear me cheering?!?!)

  22. Tena Johnson

    Please keep everything in stock. The shells and cheese are so good and make my daughter happy! Ravioli and cheesecake would be nice too have all the time. Our store sold out within the week of most things.

  23. Karyn Vales

    The GF boxed mixed corn bread is the best corn bread I’ve ever had! I’m very happy with the other GF products as well. I buy them regularly. What I am wondering is if the bottled spices sold in store (onion power, garlic powder, and the rest of spices…) are gluten free? If not will their be gluten free spices available in future?

  24. Lori Edwards

    I would like to add my request for the gluten free items to be available all the time. Love the Angel Food Cake, Covered Pretzels, variety of noodles, cookies, cheesecake, really everything!!!

  25. Sherri

    Have found out – the hard way – that many of these products have gums or other ingredients ( Invert sugar?) that cause digestive problems for people who already have intolerance to wheat, corn syrup, etc.
    I just read an article on one of the gluten free websites about the gums causing severe cramping and diarrhea. Will be looking at other company products for gluten free if Aldi does not correct this problem.
    Eating gluten free should not be causing as much trouble as eating wheat!

    1. Cindy L kesbey

      I also have noticed this and they add cellulose in some of the products which is sawdust made into a powered form, It causes major digestive issues and don’t really like the idea eating wood.

  26. Lynn

    I don’t understand why the gf special buy items aren’t carried on a regular basis if they are good sellers. I understand if a product isn’t selling well, but when it sells out in a short time and people continually request it, why wouldn’t it become a regular item? I’m speaking specifically of the General Tso chicken and the sandwich cookies. The granola (both cranberry and apple flavored) have been in stock for awhile, but I didn’t see them last time I was there. That’s another favorite. There are other items that people have mentioned above requesting the item be sold on a regular basis. Aldi’s, listen to your customers! You’ve got a great product. Keep them going!

  27. Michael Spring

    Where is the hamburger buns?!?!?

    My son has Celiac and LOVED them; PLEASE bring back. Newark, Ohio location said they are only specialty item and not being made anymore.

  28. Gretchen Barota

    I was SO excited when we started shopping at Aldi for the first time in May, and I found SO many amazing gluten free options! I have Celiacc, so finding Aldi and your Live G-Free foods was a godsend. Then we went back to purchase more items one day only to realize you didn’t carry them anymore. It was so disappointing. Please PLEASE bring back the Live G-Free chocolate vanilla sandwich cream cookies (similar to Oreos.) I have one package here I still haven’t opened because I’m hoarding it like gold. Lol! There are so many g-free limited edition items I absolutely loved, but those are THE best g-free Oreo-type cookie I’ve found. Sooooo good. (Please bring back the cheesecake, ravioli, veggie lasagna, muffin mixes, blueberry waffles, and General Tso’s chicken.)

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Gretchen! ALDI Finds are premium food and household products that are only in stores for a limited time. We’ll let our buying team know that you’d like to see more GF items back in stores.

  29. Jo Heintz

    I LOVE ALDI!!! I have had celiac disease for almost 9 years. Last thanksgiving Aldi had Gf onion rings and dressing. I was so excited. Went back to get more but it was gone. I asked an employee and he said it was a seasonal item. Then a few months ago there were hamburger and hotdog buns by the checkouts. Again they don’t have them. Please bring these items back all the time. This is for the Aldi store in Champaign, Illinois

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Jo! ALDI Finds are premium food and household products that are only in stores for a limited time. We love these little surprises and hope you do, too! Check out your weekly ad to see what will be coming to a store near you!


    I strongly encourage you to stock the gfree cheesecake sampler year round. The fact that the stock is completely gone after only a few weeks should give you some idea of the demand out there.

  31. Mariam

    Your wines are not specified as Gluten free. Do you know if (or which) Aldi wines are gluten free?
    Sometimes people use a flour paste to seal the wine casks and contaminate the wines with gluten. Thanks for your help.

  32. Lynn D

    First time at an Aldies this week. They did seem to have quite a few gluten free items. Was hoping for for organic gluten free, as am looking for non GMO and still researching if USDA organic labeled means 95% or more organic (which might mean nonorganic that contains/fed on GMO plants). How to tell if at our local store?
    These other items that were mentioned sound interesting. The chicken noodle soup or the ravioli(GF). Usually make own items , dont use sugar, such as apples mixed in GF oats/rice flour… for breakfast pancakes or this time of year pumpkin or whatever growing outside.Trying eat what is a food (read ingredients,would they really feed you? ).and not lots of empty,nonnutrient “foods”.
    Thank you Aldies for trying to have better GF, but also look into nutrients, not just high carbs.

  33. Joe

    What happened to your Live G Free General Tso’s Chicken? My wife has celiac and requires gluten free or she becomes ill. The last time we went to Aldi there was only a gluten included version. Such a disappointment.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Joe! ALDI Finds (like the GF General Tso’s Chicken) are premium food and household products that are only in stores for a limited time. We love these little surprises and hope you do, too! Check out your weekly ad to see what will be coming to a store near you!

  34. Mady

    I would like to know why you reduced the size of the gluten free pizza crust mix and the baking mix by HALF and did not reduce the price by half! I used to buy them regularly but I have not bought them since you cut the product by half in size and volume! The pizza crust mix used to make 2 pizzas and now only 1.

  35. Lisa G

    The Stone Essential spices are not labeled gluten free but are labeled with just the spice or powder contained within. I have Celiac’s but also a budget before I have to throw out half my spice cabinet can you clarify if the spices are gluten free or no

  36. Sheryl

    Are your Stonemill brand slices gluten free? I noticed some with labels that say “may contain wheat or soy” while others do not have any mention on the label. Ingredients are not listed. Help! TIA

  37. Leah

    Please bring back the gluten free pizza mixes! They are so good and I don’t know why they would be discontinued. I am so disappointed!
    Thank you!

  38. Susan Walczak

    The Aldi in Stevens Point, Wisconsin has discontinued the wonderful LiveGFree baking mix. They said it does not sell well for them. I now travel out of town to other Aldi Stores to buy it by the case. They also stopped carrying the gluten free hamburger and hot dog buns, don’t know if that is a company wide thing or not.

  39. Karen

    Please bring back the Gluten Free Living G Free General Tso’s Chicken. I bought so many of them and used to eat it all the time.

  40. Jill

    My family loves the gluten free line at Aldi! Yesterday I was thrilled to be able to buy a bunch of great gluten free products, including bagels, chocolate cake, chocolate-coconut balls, cheese cake, and cheese ravioli. My family loves the hamburger rolls and we’d love it if you could carry them year round, or at the very least during summer grilling season! Also yesterday I found beautiful organic strawberries, arugula, and rainbow carrots! I also love the gardening selection in the spring! I’m always jazzed for my trips to Aldi and am now doing at least 50% of my shopping in your store and it is the gluten free products that really got me into shopping with you. Thanks!

  41. Jodie

    Please bring back the Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix and the Gluten Free Angel Food Cake Mix. They are both the best GF products of their kind compared to every other brand.

  42. amy j.

    we love the LiveGFree products and have been missing the fantastic gluten free frozen pancakes for about six months. they just stopped carrying them at our fort worth tx area aldi stores. please consider bringing them back. my mom liked their versitility — could be eaten with sweet or savory foods, great texture and gluten free. we haven ‘t found anything like them.

  43. Michelle

    I love your GFree products. They have been a godsend since my diagnosis. Please continue labeling all the Aldi brand products as gluten free or not. This is a huge help. The GFree cheesecake is so good my nonGF family devoured it. Other fantastic GFree products are the white cake mix, the granola mixes, the French fried onions, all the pastas, and the deluxe macaroni and cheese. These are all so good that not only do I love them but my nonGF family eats them readily. Please label your spices as gluten free or not– I have hesitated to buy them since I don’t know . Thank you! I too drive from town to town to get your products! It’s worth it,

  44. kay paumier

    My husband has been wheat allergic since 1981. Back then his sandwiches were in corn tortillas. He had favorite recipes by adapting with ground quick oats for flour. So glad things have gotten so
    easier. However, the one food item he was craving the most was pizza. When we did find the gluten
    free pizzas, they were ok. Then I made him one of the G Free pizzas. He was so happy!!
    Now I’m told it wasn’t a good seller, so it has been discontinued!! He is heartbroken. I was able to stockabout a half dozen before our area no longer carried them. It will be a sad day when the last one isbaked. Please tell me you are creating another gluten free pizza. Thanks for your time, and thanks for all the gluten free items you do carry.

  45. SANDI

    Please bring back the GF ravoli and GFgeneral tso’s and GF cheesecake. Celiac diagnosis is on the rise, and your GF special buy foods were awesome and reasonably priced. My daughter loved them and she is newly diagnosed. Living gluten free is extremely expensive and finding good reasonable priced foods is desperately needed. I know Aldi’s would sell many of these since they blew out of everything in two-three days. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Heather Boone

    My family has all had to go gluten free due to health reasons. We were really happy when we found your GF bread. My son would actually take sandwiches to school. He is a picky eater and it is hard to find things he likes. Now you have taken the bread out of the stores and we don’t know when it will be back. Please bring it back ASAP!

  47. Ginger

    Why did you discontinue the bread?!?! I don’t know what I’m going to eat instead now. I’ve eaten it for years, it is the best gf bread I have found.

  48. Natalie

    I too am very disappointed that the bread line has been removed from the shelves. It is so difficult to find a bread that serves as a substitute for Celiac’s. The g-free bagels (plain) have an incredible t’aste. I would visit Aldi’s every other day if the bread product I need was not on the shelf. I certainly wish someone would address this with a response. Udi’s Millet/Chia bread is also delicious.

  49. Mary Thedford

    We can’t find the G-Free bread in our local ALDI any more. When my husband asked about it he was told they would not carry it anymore because something was wrong with it. Is this true? or did he misunderstand the employee that tried to answer his question?

  50. Elizabeth

    I would appreciate it if you brought your gluten free bread back, as well as General Tso’s chicken. I really enjoy both and there is no substitution.

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