Get More Flavor with Feta!

June 2, 2015 –Combining powerful flavors to add a fresh new flare to your favorite foods is an easy way to take your dishes up a level and feta cheese is packed with a punch of flavor that’s perfect for adding oomph to your dish. Made from goat or sheep’s milk, this dry, crumbly cheese offers a tangy taste that brings out flavor and enhances any recipe.


Feta Beef Sliders with Onion Jam
Seasoning, jam, onion and cheese—what more could you want on a burger? Between the warm, melting feta and cool, tangy jam, you might find yourself adding this combo to chicken sandwiches or bean burgers, too.




Fresh Sum070412_SummerSpinachSalad_Recipmer Spinach Salad
When it’s your turn to host a cookout, stray from the side-salad norm— sprinkle feta crumbles on a fresh bed of spinach, and top with strawberries as  a light alternative that your guest will be craving for summers to come.





Garlic Couscous Stuffed Peppers
A Greek-inspired stuffed pepper is the perfect side dish for your next party. Couscous, tomatoes, olives and feta, all packed inside a warm bell pepper … all there is to say is ‘opa!’

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