German Specialty Items

September 6, 2016 – Guten tag, ALDI fans! This week, we’re getting in touch with our German roots by sharing some of our favorite snacks and treats as ALDI Finds. Snag ‘em from our shelves while they last, and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

090915_S_48075_DK_GermanPicklesGerman Style Pickles – $2.49

Oh, pickles – we crave them, we crunch them, we love them. As a zesty snack or a sandwich side, these German Style Pickles pack a delectably sour punch. Sub them in for the Great Gherkin Kosher Dill Pickles in this Rouladen recipe for an extra tang of German flavor.

Doppel Keks $1.99

In German, “doppel” means double, and “kek” means “biscuit.” So, double the biscuits on these bad boys (and double the yum!).

Stollen Bites – $3.49

Stollen is a rich, cake-like bread. And if that description doesn’t already have you drooling, these Stollen Bites come two ways, filled with a sweet marzipan center or chocolate-covered goodness. Which will you choose?

Spritz Assortment $1.99

If you haven’t caught on by now, Germans know how to make a mean dessert. Try these spritz cookies – in almond, vanilla or coconut – with an after-dinner mug of Hazelnut Hot Chocolate or a Salted Caramel Latte.

Crunchy Vital Oat Cookies $2.49

090915_S_48083_DK_VitalOatCookies_ChocolateChipAnd of course, the comfort-food classic: a good ol’ cocoa cookie. The baggie makes these perfect for back-to-school teachers’ gifts or slip into your bag to snack on in between practices and rehearsals.


Have a favorite German ALDI Find? Tell us in the comments!

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262 thoughts on “German Specialty Items

    1. MARY


  1. Petra Garner

    I know you are getting tired of me posting this, but I sure wish we had an ALDI in El Paso, Texas. Before my husband got sick and died of cancer in 2012 he would go to his hometown Decatur, Alabama and bring lots of German goodies for us and a bunch of German friends. The closest stores are in Dallas, Texas, and that just is to far to drive. Maybe one day!!!

        1. ALDI USA Post author

          Hi Christa! ALDI Finds are premium food and household products that are only in stores for a limited time. Keep checking our weekly ads online at & in stores for upcoming German week themes throughout the year!

    1. Julie

      I know it’s not the same but there’s a store in Texas that does a mail order. They have great stuff. I won’t say the name to hijack Aldi’s post – but while you’re waiting for it to open, Google things like “German” “deli”. 🙂

  2. Valerie Puntney

    I LOVE the Spekulas cookies. (If I spelled that correctly?) Loved windmills as a kid and these are better: spicier and more interesting shapes. 😉

    1. sheri

      love those too, the spice ones with pumpkin dip, omg. (pumpkin, cream cheese & pumpkin pie spice)
      haven’t been able to find them for the last year or two tho,

  3. Melanie

    You used to sell a German wine called Riesling Kabinett, then suddenly stopped. Please sell it again! Thanks. My store is in Titusville, FL on South St.

  4. Patricia Duncan

    Wished you had spaetzle, black forest ham, etc all the time. Could you maybe add things like herbs for salads, and gelatin for german “Obsttorte”. It would also be nice if we could have an Aldis closer to our corner of the world in Iowa. Thank you for bringing a little bit of home to us.

  5. Christine H.

    We just moved back to VA this summer after our second tour in Germany. Today I bought brats at my local ALDI. I’ve bought them a million times in German ALDIs and can’t wait to compare!

  6. Petra Haire

    Where is the Quark, Teewurst (Metwurst)? Some of my favorites from ALDI in Germany. And you once sold Camenbert cheese, but then stopped…why? I love deep fried Camenbert with toast and a good glass of Hefeweizen (Beer). Nevertheless, ALDI is still my NUMBER 1 store here! Keep up the great products at great prices! Thank you for having a wonderful selection of outstanding quality of goods!

  7. Laurey holland

    I am so glad the Aldi came to olive branch, MS.. I buy all my German goodies there, and when the Irish cheeses come in I stock up.. I do my regular shopping here also. Wonderful store, great selection and the nicest people work there. But, getting my German and Irish goodies is the best thing!



  9. Catherine Donovan

    Nice ! Now can we get real sourkraut or even canned sourkraut already prepared with meat and fat.?
    Thanks Love the Alsacienne choucroute, yes I’m French.
    Thanks for the chocolates !

  10. Sandra Yanker

    We love your caned German potato salad. Very good

    I have noticed since the new store in St. Louis on south Lindbergh opened that some of your prices have gone up and your sale on vegetables does not seem to happen very often. I hope you will try to keep your prices better than the other stores. After all thats what got me going to Aldi I have loved shopping at your store.
    The new store is very nice, just one thing the flow of the store does not seems as good as the one store on Rusty, items seem hard to find. I know it’s new but when it’s busy it is hard to get around!

    Please keep up the good job! We love Aldi’s good quality.

  11. CäciliaRadschun

    I love shopping at Aldi but wished you had more European food at the store . It always gives me a little bit of home . I wonder why you don’t have ; senseo coffee pods, more German bread, Koch Schinken, Salami, Kalbs Leberwurst , einfach mehr deutsche Produkte und nicht nur manchmal

  12. Sandee West

    Always look forward to the lebkuchen (German Gingerbread) around Christmas! We lived in Germany several years ago and fell in love with it! Getting authentic German goodies is the icing on the great prices cake!!

  13. Evelyn Mouw

    The Apple Surely, wrong spelling but it sounds like that. It is a carbonated apple drink, so good, had it in Europe. Seen it in your add last week.

    1. Jill

      Apfelschoerle. It’s definitely good. I bought it in bulk last time they carried it. But in a pinch you can make your own by mixing apple juice and sparkling mineral water.

  14. Sheri Evans

    Love this time of year at Aldi’s .Love all the German Foods. We wish they were available year round. We drive 50 miles round trip, Just to shop Aldi’s !!!

  15. Gabriele Jones

    IS there any way you can get German “Maultaschen” in your stores into the freezer or fridge area? I am sure I am not alone with this request. If you do …get enough for everybody 😉

  16. Pam Hommerson

    Aldi’s frozen schnitzel is VERY good. I make my own Jäger sauce and boil some Aldi Spaetzel add some sautéed onion and Swiss cheese and Aldi Bavarian red cabbage for a very authentic German meal. My roots are French/Irish but my first trip to Aldi was 1994 in Erlensee, Germany, where my Army husband and I lived.

  17. Angie S.

    I love Aldi’s. I love your products,When I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio I would do my weekly shopping there. I live in San Antonio, Texas now, It takes almost 2 hours to the nearest Aldi’s. Will you be building a Aldi’s in San Antonio? And if you do when? I am from Germany, I have shopped at Aldi’s in Germany too. I wish you would have more German products.( knodel, brotchen, brot, and sweet pastries and especially Topkuss schaumkusse). Please build a Aldi’s on the east side of San Antonio. My family and I really miss Aldi’s.
    Thank you
    Please send me a reply.

  18. Patricia Diane McGinnis

    I lived in Germany foe 2 years and I miss the food. Aldi gives me the opportunity to savor some of the favorite foods again.

  19. Aubree

    I absolutely love the German vegetable soup you carried once! Currently I’ve only found the pea soup and potato soup to be a regular item but I check every time I go in to see if the vegetable soup one has come back. When it does I’ll definitely be stocking up!

    1. Danielle

      Yes! My store stopped carrying all of the German soups a few months back. Please bring them back! The potato is my fave but they are all good.

  20. Marta

    We love Stollen. We love marzipan. We love Rouladen. I buy German mustard and sauerkraut. My favorite is the marzipan log. I wish you would carry a few German household items or toys. I Christmas shop at Aldi’s. Friends enjoy my Tannenbaum decorated with German treats.

    1. Barb McCrea

      Aldi used to carry the Marzipan loaves, but now I’m told it’s a seasonal item. It’s not seasonal at my house it’s a staple!!! Bring it back!

      1. ALDI USA Post author

        Hi Barb! Keep checking our weekly ads online at & in stores for upcoming German week themes throughout the year! Thank you for your suggestion!

  21. Susan keller

    I wish you offered the German pickles all year. I am addicted to them. The last time they were available I bought 12 jars at a time. Guess its time to go clear your shelves again!

  22. Cindy Stevens

    Just in time for my family who are arriving from Germany next week! Do you also sell German meats like brownschweiger, brat wurst, gelb wurst and knock wurst ?

  23. Terri Zervas

    I am very disappointed that you no longer carry the Red German Wines. My husband and I don’t like the California wines. I wish you would carry your Fried Coconut Shrimp all the time. I find myself doing less shoping at Aldi’s now since the items that I like the most are always seasonal items. Please bring back the German Wines and the Coconut Shrimp and the Everything Pretzels.

    1. Barbara T

      We always look for Jaffa cakes too. I was told they are only an occasional item. In our store in MD they are usually at the front when they have them.

  24. Yvonne Prestash

    How about Leberwurst and Blutwurst, I know they sell it in cans , surely not as good as the fresh stuff but I would definitely settle for the canned. Love Aldi’s German week hope my store has the Spãtzle again buying it all…Keep bringing in more goodies from Germany.
    Thanks Aldi’s, used to shop there as a kid with my Mom , in Gross-Gerau, Hessen ,Deutschland

  25. Ute

    I love peanut puffs and was happy to see them back, however, I find them almost too hard. The peanut puffs I’m used to from Germany are fluffier, almost like cheez doodles.
    I was also hoping you would eventually start carrying mohrenkoepfe.
    I love ALDIs. It’s a little taste of home that I can afford.

  26. Judy Trujillo

    Somehow I missed out. One week I bought the Knockwurst, and the hot dogs with casings. Next week they were not in store. Have now visited 4 Aldis and can not find these products. Love these two products , and see that you are touting German week, so off to see if my two favorites are German enough to make the cut. Thanks

  27. Kathie Stone

    If there were more organic veggies Aldi’s would be my only store. Please add more organic veg, you have everything else I need save that one thing. Yes, I LOVE your specialty items and the fact that there are NOT a thousand choices. Keep it simple!

  28. Birgit Bond

    Please bring us an Aldi to the South ! Anywhere from Coastal Florida , Alabama ,Mississippi , Louisiana . There are Germans here too .

  29. Heidi Krahling

    Always get excited as Stollen season approaches. Will just a regular Stollen ever be offered again? The the butter almond, marzipan, and cherry variations are ok – but would so love it if Aldi would offer the plain (just fruit) stollen again.

  30. Hans Meder

    I know how it is when you love things from other countries. I live over here now and miss american products. Frito´s Corn Chips, Keebler cc cookies, Cheez-It Crackers. Somebody send some of those over and I´ll do the shopping for you here at ALDI-SÜD. Greetings from overseas.

  31. Sherry Zenkowich

    Apple schorle, Knoppers, pretty much anything german. I wish that these items would be in the stores all the time. Love me some Aldi. Touch of home.

  32. Ruthann Hufnagle

    We drive a distance to get to our Aldies..So excited they are opening a store in Apple Valley MN. YEH…can hardly wait. We love the German food: Especially the Nurenburg breakfast links! Also the Brown mustard. When I visited Germany, I bought a few jars to bring home. I had no idea Aldies would have it so now I have a supply!!!!!!
    We too love the Spaetzle, red cabbage. I guess, just name it, we love it.
    Thanks Aldies for bringing Germany to us!!!!!!!!!!11

  33. April

    Marzipan!!! What happened to your delicious, chocolate covered marzipan??? It’s my go-to comfort chocolate, and I haven’t seen it in about a year!

  34. Dave

    I grew up not too far from Aldi’s US headquarters in good old Batavia. I remember when I first moved to Virginia, I remember telling my mom “I’d kill for an Aldi out here!” and lo and behold, they finally started opening stores out here. Yay! While I’m happy enough with pork chops, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and brown gravy mix… some of the German mustards would definitely not go amiss…

  35. Pam Allemeier

    I love the German products, especially the hazelnut dark chocolates. My Mother in law was German and didn’t live near an Aldi when I use to go and visit her took a big box of German goodies to her. Too many great things to list but you should hire me as PR I tell everyone how wonderful your store is and the products too~~ Love Aldi wish we had a Trader Joe here too

  36. Joy Parker

    I always look forward to the German specialty buys. I used to find chocolate-covered pretzels, which I’d give as gifts. But have not seen them the past couple of years. Any chance they would make a comeback?!

  37. Patricia A. Beemer

    Love that we have 2 stores near us in Elmira & Horseheads, NY and shop at both. Our Aldi is bringing in more and more organic foods and love that I can buy my organic coconut oil there and many other things. We love shopping at our Aldi and can save more money compared to other stores. Would love if it were as big as other grocery stores, but I will take what we have and appreciate it. Hope you plan on building in Myrtle Beach, SC, as we travel to Florence, just to shop at Aldi. 🙂 Thanks for becoming a healthier store for all our sakes. Kudos to Aldi!!

  38. Sandy

    Herring in wine sauce, Neideregger and Mozart marzipan, Dominoes, Contessas, Dr. Oetker products – hoping to find some of these when we visit our new Aldi’s in Roanoke, VA

  39. Jeanette

    Stollen with marzipan will make my day, and love those Emmentaler chips, not together though! And too many others to mention!
    Love Aldi with a passion!

  40. Barbara J. Leonard

    I bought two boxes of pork schnitzel and now that I have tried them, I wish I had gotten more! I also bought a package of roasted garlic German bratwurst. I can’t wait to try it!
    We love Aldi’s meats and buy almost all our meat there. Great quality meats at prices much lower than other grocery stores!
    My daughter is excited that they will soon have an Aldi store near her, in California.

  41. Christine Ries

    I along with many others on this comment board request you bring QUARK to your stores. You can’t get it anywhere else but SUPER TARGET, where they carry Elli Quark…PLEASE CARRY QUARK! Can’t even get it at Whole Foods or Sprouts, and certainly not Kroger….be the leader on this!!!! I would stop shopping at Target if you carried it at your store—in a variety of flavors— Mint Chocolate, Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, etc. If you can’t bring your own version or other brand, bring Elli Quark to your stores! Check them out at


  42. Sam

    What is ALDI store without a true German Brot? Mishbrot, Bauerbrot, Sauerhefe Brot, Sonnenkernen brötchen, etc. ALDIs in Germany have these bread machines in the store, you select what kind of bread you want and it bakes while you shop. Please try to get some German bread in our US stores. Thank you for all the good stuff you are giving us. Adding Getman Bread would be fantastic. 🙂

  43. Brigitte R

    Stollen Bites – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Usually only have Stollen for Christmas… my expectations were low since I have never had this brand before, but it was INCREDIBLE!! THANK YOU!!!

  44. Queenie

    Went to Aldi in Altoona, PA for the 2nd time now, I really love the reasonable prices. I bought the Doppel Keks at 1.99 and a box of Raspberry Jaffa Cakes for 1.99. Oh. My. Gosh! They are really delicious! Made in Germany. Such good flavor and tasty, good quality desserts! I also purchased two Tear & Share Brioche – Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Cream. Both were outstanding. Made in France. DELICIOUS! I wasn’t sure of the quality of these dessert items but the prices were low so I thought I’d give them a try. I now need to go back and buy more. They are that good. But the store is about 40 miles from where I live. I would love an Aldi in State College, PA, please!

  45. CJ

    We really need an Aldi in Radford or Christiansburg, VA. Quite a few Germans in the area and there are several empty properties that would be perfect.

    Also, please bring back the paprika chips and add even more German items. Right now I drive an hour just to get the few German items you carry at the nearest location.

  46. Stevie

    Love the new store on Grand in Chino/Chino Hills area, but please have more German products. Too much floor space is taken up with non-food products that could be used for the European food we’d love to purchase!

  47. Hannelore Inman

    Thanks for opening Aldi in Lynchburg.I am Sooo happy.Love the brats,coffee and cheeses.Need to stock Quark,please for my cheesecake.

  48. Ann B.

    While crying for the Great Gherkins Garden Pickles that have mysteriously disappeared from my Aldi’s in Hendersonville NC, I found the Winternacht Oblatrnlebkuchen glasiert and schokoliert….oh my. Simply the best iced gingerbread cookie?cake? ever! I don’t like gingerbread, but loved hard icing, so I picked them up. How can I describe this? Tender/hard, Sweet/spicy, moist/crunchy? I ate the white ones first, bummed out that I had to buy chocolate to get them….until I tasted the chocolate ones. Since I’m dieting, I even traded a whole meal for two of them! I thank my lucky stars that our German born neighbors talked us into going to Aldi’s. Where else would I get that great liverwurst, cheeses, etc.? But now these cookies are my favorite Aldi thing.

  49. Carolyn Mariconi

    Please bring back the frozen unbaked strudels! It came in Apple and Forest berries I believe. Both were wonderful! They needed to be baked, and it truly tasted like a homemade strudel. I would love to have this all year long, please! Admit, I was so hooked on them that I’ve been looking for them for the last few years ;-)! Also QUARK! I had no idea what it was, but tried it, and absolutely loved it! I had to look up what it was. Again, hooked! and now can’t find it! Arghhh! Help my frustration level Aldi, I love you!
    ps…I may be moving back to the SF Bay Area (from Connecticut last 11 years) and don’t see any stores listed in CA at all! Why is that?
    Thanks so much

  50. judy

    Please bring back Marzipan marble pound cake and Baumkuchen. i would buy those as gifts for the holiday and there are none in the stores in NJ.

  51. Shanta Graham

    Hi! I would really love to see kinder items especially happy hippos. Also mezzo mix cola. I would definitely come and but lots of those items

  52. Lauren Campos

    Would love to have some hohes c and granini saft. And those microwave currywurst from the refrigerator section like back home. Oh also, some Dr. Oetker Schoko-banane müsli

  53. John Bashian

    I live in Northern New Jersey USA. Is there a store that sells Aldi productions near me? I am looking for an item called Knoppers. Appreciate your help. Thanks!

  54. Regina Hudson

    I’m so glad you opened a store here in Calhoun Ga . Love all the German products and for me that is a little bid of home . This is my go to store now .

  55. Holly

    LOVE Aldi stores!! However, the ones here in eastern PA (Lehigh Valley – Nazareth, Bethlehem) are starting to change and are carrying more regular items you can get anywhere. They don’t carry a lot of authentic German foods anymore, they are starting to carry less and less of them. Very disappointing.

  56. E. Holis

    The Almond Spritz cookies are the best. Butter and only half chocolate. Absolutely perfect. I usually purchase 4 boxes at a time.

  57. breadlover

    I love 85% Premium chocolate. It tastes so go-o-od. The only drawback is that it is processed with alkali (offer less health benefit due to a reduction in flavanols).

    But our favorite is Whole Rye Kernels bread. it is a 100% rye bread!

  58. MS. RUBY

    I’ve been an Aldi fan for many years, and don’t actually remember when I last visited a big-box grocery store. The German-style Sauerkraut (Deutsche-Kuche) is good, but I might have to change to another brand. Two problems I have with this product: (1) The jar is too damn hard to open! (2) there’s not much juice in the jar. Thank goodness I cook my pig tails in plenty of juice for the sauerkraut, and it turns out fine. Last time I cooked it, I was struggled to get the jar open for about a half-hour, and it drove me crazy. I was pissed! Today, however, I bought some in a plastic bag, as well as cans from another store. Will go back to German-style if/when they change the packaging.

  59. Lori Sherwood

    The German (Deutsche Küche) mustards are missed! Especially the Sweet Bavarian Mustard. That was our favorite. I bought a whole case the last time I saw it & am now down to just one bottle. I gave away several to friends & family – it’s that good.

  60. Detlev Centaur

    When are you offering German Black Forest cake from Germany? you can get some if you search online for about $50! In Germany you sell the Coppenrath brand, which is frozen. The cost there is about 15 Euros. There is a big market for that here in the US!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Detlev! Keep checking our weekly ads online at & in stores for upcoming German week themes throughout the year!

  61. Frances

    Shortly after the Aldi opened here in Cincinnati on Glenway, I saw a whole variety of Deutsche Küche frozen food. At that time Aldi was still “cash only” and I bought two frozen packages of Käsespätzle. When I came back the next day ready to stock up on goodies all the frozen Deutsche Küche items had been sold. I’m stiil hoping for them to return.

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