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December 28, 2015 – We’ve all been there: you go to grab a piece of recently-purchased fruit only to find an unsalvageable piece of produce – wasting food and money. Turns out, reducing food waste may lie within your fridge! Avoid tossing uneaten fruits n’ veggies by following a few simple tricks:

Store veggies in high humidity drawers
Most refrigerator drawers have adjustable humidity settings, so crank one up to high and dedicate it solely to vegetables. The water vapor inside the drawer will keep your greens fresher for longer, especially for veggies that are prone to wilting.

Store fruits in low humidity drawers
Keep fruit fresher for longer by storing in a dry, cold atmosphere. Fruits aren’t sensitive to moisture loss, so they benefit from the added venting.

Store produce in an airtight container
This is especially important when saving partially used produce, like onions or peppers. Pro Tip: make sure that airtight container is clear in order to avoid losing it somewhere in the back of your fridge – and to remind yourself to use it up!

Soak wilted veggies in a bowl of ice water
Don’t throw away dying greens just yet.  Give them life again by soaking in a bowl of ice water. The added moisture and cold will crisp them up again for you to enjoy.

For more tips and tricks on how to keep produce fresher, longer, check out the ALDI Chef’s Corner: Making Every Bit Count

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3 thoughts on “Fridge Facts

  1. Paula

    I have learned that you can put bananas in a brown paper bag keep them in the fridge. The peel will turn but the fruit will stay fresh. It really does work.

  2. Betty

    Peel ripe bananas and slice them in rounds or chunks. Place on lined cookie sheet, freeze immediately. Then transfer to freezer bags or cartons. Use before they turn brown.
    An excellent “ice cream” base for sundaes, malts, and smoothies. Can blend with liquid to be drizzled on berries, pudding, tapioca or pie at serving time. Garnish with toasted coconut, nutmeg, etal.

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