Fruit infused waters with garnishes.

Fit Summer Recipes

August 25, 2016 – Hi, I’m Ali Holman – Fitness Expert on FOX and ShopHQ. Though summer is winding down, I’m here to share some of my favorite tips to make the most of healthy summer eats. Teaching people how to eat healthy on a budget is a passion of mine. As a TV Fitness Expert for many years, I often hear complaints that people can’t afford it or just don’t know how to make it work. Summer can be even more difficult. That is why I HAD to show my viewers how to enjoy summer on a budget-with the help of ALDI! All of the ideas I came up with are not only healthy, but also under $10 for 4-6 people per dish. Finally, they are EASY…something I think is crucial for summer festivities. Who wants to be in the kitchen all day? I know I want to be enjoying the weather with my kids and husband.

Here are the easy, #FitSummer ALDI ideas I came up with and I hope you enjoy them!

PS: These can be made any time…try incorporating them into your next get-together and you’ll be the hit!

Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Skewers
Chicken and pineapple skewers with cucumber lemon slaw and arugula.This is a favorite ALDI summer recipe and easy to put your own spin on it! I made even easier.

Dice Kirkwood Never Any! Fresh Chicken Breasts and pin
eapple chunks and either put on a grill OR a simple grill pan for an even quicker prep. Grill together to allow the pineapple flavoring to infuse the chicken. Once done, put on a kabob skewer and then squeeze lemon on top. You can serve 6 people for under $10!

Fruit “Sparklers” 
This recipe features a watermelon star on top and blueberries on stem. My kids love these and they’re perfect for your Labor Day get-together. First, let me say that the stars are not easy to make 🙂 I had a few minutes to make these for the kids so I opted for the square watermelon piece (like a flag!) on top and then blueberries on the kabob stick below the watermelon flag. I used all organic fruit from ALDI. I made 20 of these for the kids for under $10.

Patriotic Yogurt CupsFruit infused waters with garnishes.
In a clear cup, layer crushed graham, blueberries, vanilla Greek yogurt and raspberries. These were soooo good – and can be made anytime for a healthy parfait snack. I crumbled Benton’s Graham Crackers at the bottom of a plastic cup, and then layered organic blueberries, Friendly Farms Greek Vanilla Yogurt and organic raspberries on top. Seriously amazing!! You can make 20 (yes 20!) of these for under $10!!

Fruit Infused Water
Did you know ALDI has the most amazing zero calorie, zero sugar Fit & Active Flavored Water or Nature’s Nectar Pink/Yellow Lemonade for 65 cents?! This serves up to 4 people and is a great way to stay hydrated. I also love to put this in an empty ice cube tray, freeze and then add these fruity cubes to water!Hummus with red peppers, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber for dipping.

Peach Salsa with Pita Chips 
ALDI makes the best Specially Selected Mango Peach Salsa. Pair it with SimplyNature Blue Corn Tortilla Chips for an amazing summer flavor. This is an under $4 take-to-party contribution. Winning!

Flag Dip Plate
Start with a tub of Little Salad Bar Hummus in the corner of a plate. Then, layer slices of cucumbers, baby tomatoes, cauliflower and red pepper strips to look like a flag! This is the cutest. This is a fun twist on a veggie platter that is a true summer party hit! Best part? The entire tray was under $8!

Ali Holman

Ali Holman, Fitness Expert, has been training for 20 years. Her passion for fitness is evident in her diverse workouts, cutting-edge training techniques and motivating training style. Ali is the Fitness Expert on FOX and ShopHQ. You can see her nationally giving Fitness and Nutrition advice to viewers, and is a trusted Fitness Expert in the media. Learn more about Ali at

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