Endless Easter with ALDI

March 24, 2015 – At ALDI, every Easter meal (and basket!) starts with a serving of savings. Whether you are preparing brunch, dinner or a side dish, or surprising your little ones with custom Easter baskets, our recipes and seasonal items will impress your guests without breaking the bank. We’ve partnered with Chef Brigitte Nguyen to show you how ALDI can be your one-shop for Easter essentials. From chocolate goodies to whole hams for the family, we have everything you need, for less.

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19 thoughts on “Endless Easter with ALDI

  1. Evi Pickavance

    Your Easter assortment is even more boring this year. Where is the MARZIPAN? This is a staple in all grocery stores in Germany. Please, bring over here some genuine German products! ALDI still is a GERMAN company, is it not?
    Our large German customer contingent finds your wares unimaginative and unappetizing. We need Salat Fixes, Soup and Gravy Mixes from Germany! In short, we expect German food articles when shopping in a German grocery store!
    Thank You – Danke!

    Evi Pickavance, Dunnellon, Florida

  2. Katherine spears

    Ok so my question is a few years ago my aunt bought a juicer for you. And she said it only during a certain time of year! Well could you tell me what time of year you have them out the closest one to me is in Murfreesboro tn so could you help me out please and thank you…..

  3. Christie Anderson

    Aldi is a life saver! Some products are ok, some good, and some GREAT! However, the one thing that is consistently stable are the prices on fresh fruits and vegetables. As a mother of 4, family of 6, I strive to provide meals for my family that are healthy using as many fresh ingredients as possible! Thank you for supplying an affordable way for our family to eat more healthy! Customer for life!

  4. Karen Darnell

    I agree w others, where are the wonderful german products. I can’t find pumpernickel anymore or the marzipan I love the organic products and most of your products but I started shopping w y’all for the german products.

  5. Karen D

    In the few years that Aldi has been in our area, Aldi hams have become an Easter staple! Always less expensive than hams from Publix (don’t even get me started on those “ham companies”) and so delicious!

  6. Marlies L.

    Like the first comment, I too crave more German products!! Always disappointing that Aldi has so few GERMAN products. I also miss the Lacura specialty skin care products that were available several years ago. Would have stocked up if I knew they would be discontinued. Maggi and Dr. Oetker items would be nice. German bauern brot/rolls would be super. Larger selection of German wursts, etc., etc., etc. On a positive note, I AM glad that you are in the States.

  7. Eva

    I agree with some of the above posters – bring regular German pantry items to your stores – Maggi is almost impossible to get in the USA, I order form amazon.com now and would exclusively shop at Aldi if my German pantry items would at least make regular appearances as weekly specials. But ordering from Amazon just for Maggi is not worthwhile, so I order Dr. Oetker and other items as well, which means fewer stops at Aldi.

  8. NancyStreveler

    I liked shopping at Aldis but I am disappointed that it is no longer a food store but a junk store too. Our store in Clinton, Iowa was a wonderful store to shop but with the addition of the junk lining a huge shelf, it cut down on the variety of foods once carried. Please take that out and put the variety back.
    Thank you for a neat store. Nancy Streveler

  9. Donna

    I like going to Aldi, when I found out it was a German company I thought great my son will be going to the University there, I will get some german food items. the closest one to me is in Schenectady NY. The extent of german products is chocolate. Very disappointing. I found 2 places to shop for german products but just as expensive as online.

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