Easy Potluck Recipes for Football Sundays

September 10, 2014 – Are you ready for some football!? Whether you’re a diehard fan or just love the thrill of the kick off, having a game plan for your game-day grub will keep your crowd of football fans happy. Score big with these four easy potluck recipes:

Mini Hawaiian Chicken Salad Melts
Now here’s a game-day recipe that both sides can agree on! Who doesn’t love a bite-sized sandwich on a sweet Hawaiian roll?

Touchdown Tacos

These Touchdown Tacos will score big with your football-loving friends. Sirloin steak topped with fresh pickled vegetable salsa will make you want to go wild with a touchdown dance!

Turkey Chili Cheese Cup
2014_TurkeyChili_CheeseCup_Reci- blog
No need to dip your chip when your chip’s already been dipped! These one-bite wonders serve as a portable dip cup so your football fans don’t get distracted from the game while enjoying one or two (or three – we won’t tell).

Mini Meat Loaves
Size is the only thing miniature about these bite-sized blasts of flavor! Drizzle Burman’s Ketchup over the top to satisfy that nostalgic feeling of mom’s meat loaf during the game.

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