Doppel What?

September 8, 2015 – Did you know, the very first ALDI store opened in Germany in 1961, kicking off a rich history in providing high-quality groceries at absolutely affordable prices. Every once in a while, we give ALDI shoppers a taste of our roots with one of our favorite weeks – German Week! Not well-versed in traditional German cuisine? Pick up these Special Buys* and tell us what you think!

091714_S_8755_DK_PorkSchnitzelPork Schnitzel  
“Schnitzel” refers to any type of boneless meat, thinned with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried. When people hear schnitzel, often they think of Weinerschnitzel, the Austrian-style schnitzel made with veal. For a taste of Germany, prepare your schnitzel with pork – or pick some up from your local ALDI this German Week!


090915_S_8829_DK_EggSpaetzleEgg Spaetzle
Egg Spaetzle is a type of soft noodle or dumpling popular in southern German cuisine. These funny-shaped noodles get their origin from before noodles were shaped by machine, and instead were formed by hand or spoon. Great when served as a side to chicken or sausage, you can also mix with veggies, or drizzle with butter.




Doppel Keks Cookies
A doppel kek is made by sandwiching chocolate cream between two mouthwateringly tasty cookies. You can (and will want to) eat these anytime, anywhere – just don’t forget the milk!

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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9 thoughts on “Doppel What?

  1. Shaneka

    There are so many things at Aldi that I wish they sold year round. I really miss the small steamable veggie bags of Italian veggies and other varieties that they used to sell a few years back. They were absolutely delicious and I would buy bags and bags of them. My family has shopped at Aldi for years and years. I am really impressed with how they have improved their stores over the years. It used to be a joke to say my mom shops at Aldi long ago but now people are clamoring to get to Aldi!

  2. Jessica

    Just moved back to the US from Hungary, and we really miss European quality!
    I was thrilled to accidentally roam into Aldi’s during German week, and stocked up on REAL muesli! I wish they’d have it all the time. Most stores have more expensive brands with more sugar and other bad ingredients.
    I love Aldi’s offerings of real cheese, too! Keep it up – real, simple, organic ingredients, without paying health-store prices!

    1. Jessica

      oh, and those Schogetten dark chocolates are the best, I’m so glad those are available year round! Compare those ingredients with what you find in a Hershey bar… blech!

      1. Susan

        Read the ingredient list on products that originated in Europe, especially candies that have chocolate ingredients such as Cadberry eggs, candy bars: Aero, MarsBars and Nutella, the chocolate spread–the ones manufactured in the United States–the first ingredient is SUGAR. Those manufactured in Europe have the first ingredient MILK.
        Aldi has made changes for the health of their customers such as organic produce and vegetables, and reduced fat content in their products. Aldi needs to take a step further and reduce the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners, that provide little or no nutrition in their food products. This also contributes to overweight/obesity. Most of these products are “fast food” snacks, sodas, etc. with little or no nutritional value. These products are usually displayed, in large quantities at the store entrance, on the end of the aisles and especially at the cash registers. They are packaged to entice the impulse buy. Let’s encourage Aldi to reduce sugar/artificial sweeteners in their products

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