Do You Shop Healthy?

February 3, 2016 – Did you know? More than half of Americans think it’s more expensive and harder to find products that forgo artificial ingredients – that’s a lotta’ people!

We’re making it easier for you and your family to focus on feeling good this year. We recently changed the grocery game by removing synthetic colors, added MSG and partially hydrogenated oils (a source of trans fat) from our aisles. Take the guess-work out of shopping – we’ll help you get there.
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How do you shop healthy with ALDI? Tell us in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Do You Shop Healthy?

  1. Carla Wilking

    I am on a doctor ordered Paleo diet to treat diabetes, obesity & thyroid issues. Paleo eliminates pretty much everything except organic produce & grass fed/pasture raised meat & eggs. Any processed meat needs to be un cured. I find my local store is lacking in organic produce, and is limited. IMHO I think the non-organic produce can be presented nicer. I wish there were more trader joe options at Aldi. Since being on this diet I am doing less Aldi since I adore all German sweets. Instead of building more Aldis, why not more trader joes? I can get to a TJs in Chapel Hill but it’s not conveniently close (especially since the un cured perishables need to be kept cold!)

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Carla – There is a lot of misinformation out there, so thank you for the opportunity to clarify. ALDI US and Trader Joe’s are independently operated companies with no joint ownership.

    2. michele borges

      you need to shop healthy wherever you go. learning to shop is a life long necessity that leads to you eating better. the mall is not going to have a trader joes nor is the state fair. therefor don’t bash Aldi for doing a phenomenal job at an excellent coast. thank you Aldi you are doing it right.

  2. Carla Wilking

    Oh, and paleo eliminates legumes including peanuts & soy. I can’t eat most the tree nuts you carry because they are roasted in Peanut oil. I like the options for nuts @ TJs.

  3. susan gortva

    organic eggs, cheese, butter, meat, try to get fruit and veggies organic too. I make my own bread, sweets, candy granola and meals always. buy no growth hormone milk in the summer since I believe farmers would naturally let their cows eat fresh meadow, instead of buying costly additives. (hope I’m right) read the label for weird chemicals. limit fish even though its supposed to be “good”. with fukushima its hard to believe any ocean fish could be healthy to eat anymore. buy organic seeds to plant and try and grow some healthy fresh food myself, even in containers on the ground outside. when organic frozen veggies are on sale I do buy a lot. fresh organic carrots are pretty reasonable too. only organic potatoes because of gmo. who knows if they are or aren’t? never anything with corn for the same reason. only organic corn. make my own fresh popcorn. so good. i even buy organic dog and cat food and use D.E. for fleas and ticks. actually my animals eat better than us because I make certain to only get them the best. organic coffee and tea. cane sugar. I try to buy a little spice and herbs every so often to replace my old conventional brands. if only organic was available and nothing else was, everyone would be much healthier. i also now use a berkey water filter since flint michigan. that was major scary. even water is not safe.

  4. Natalie Sporyz

    Love your store, I shop at Aldi’s every week. Great prices,and products!! I save so much money over Tops or Wegmans. Love all the healthy product lines!!!

  5. Joy Betesh

    I love shopping for produce at aldi…the Best lowest price and more importantly you don’t sacrifice on quality. …the prices are so great you can buy a few of each item…Avocados this week are .49
    I bought 5…I mash them up with a little lemon salt and olive oil and use it as a spread on whole wheat toast instead of butter or cream cheese…Delicious & Healthy!!

  6. Jeannette Wilary

    I shop healthy at Aldi by buying their fresh pineapple , gala apples , organic bananas,avocado, all their Fresh vegetables and their nitrate free bacon, and chicken which says Any on it. I also buy their peanut butter and almond butter with no hydrogen oils and it’s very good priced. I buy their Almond milk and only the healthy gluten free products. I save lots of money by shopping for these great products and produce at Aldi. Thank you for being there for us Aldi

  7. Jay Thomas

    I’m on a low sodium diet. I was happy when I found Fit & Active low sodium spaghetti sauces. It is very good and tasty. I also bought a Mama Casa marguerite pizza which was lower in sodium. Recently this store location was expanded and filled with an entire aisle of items that have nothing to do with groceries. Now you can buy dishes, pots and pans, car jacks, toys etc but the low sodium food items mentioned above disappeared. Looks like Aldi’s lost their primary focus. Very disappointed.

  8. Janice Gilbert

    I live in Bowling Green. Ohio and I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE our Aldi! I got hooked on the chocolate glazed donut coffee and now, our store isn’t carrying it! Bring it back or at least tell me how I can get some.

  9. Kerry

    Huge fan of Aldi’s organic and Fit & Active lines. Also love the “Never Any” addition. My husband and I would happily pay a bit more for eggs from happy chickens. I would be most thrilled to see the artificial flavor removed from your French Vanilla K-cups. Those are a particular favorite, but the artificial flavor tarnishes my love for them.

  10. Linda

    Love Aldis!!!
    For such a small store there are a lot of organic items and I love that! I love the organic frozen fruit.
    I do have one request. There are some items with high fructose corn syrup. Sweet pickles and pickle relish are among them. Any way that could be eliminated?

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