Holiday cookies with hot chocolate

Cookie Exchange

December 6, 2016 – The holidays are full of magic, and the magic doesn’t stop with homemade baked goods. Spread the magic with family and friends by following these steps and recipes to host a cookie exchange that will leave you and your friends with a wide variety of baked goods to enjoy through the end of the holiday season!

Invite Your Baking-Savvy FriendsChristmas cookies with frosting.
Send invitations to up to 10 friends who would be interested in sharing their best baked goods. Have each guest bring a copy of his or her recipe, a dozen cookies (or half a dozen per guest, whichever is preferred) for each attendee and supplies to package their treats to take home.

Share the List of Recipes
To make sure you and your guests aren’t baking the same recipe, have everyone send you their recipes ahead of time and ask your guests to be flexible if you need to ask them to switch theirs.

Select a Recipe Your Friends Will Love
Choose your favorite recipe! Here are a few we think you’ll love:
Christmas CookiesChristmas cookies with Hershey Kiss center.
Cookie art is no small -feat! Put your inner-artist to the test with these decorative cookies.

Coffee Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies with a coffee kick.

Apricot Butter Fluff Cookies 
Easy-to-make with only five ingredients!

Meet zucchini bread’s tasty new cousin – the zookie!Pumpkin cranberry walnut cookies with maple glaze.

Frosty Kiss Cookies
Your guests will be waiting under the mistletoe for these.

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Cookies
You had us at maple glazed.

Hot Cocoa Cookies
Chocolatey-rich treats for your guests that are dairy-free.

Ready, Set, Swap!
Set up a long table so guests can sample, swap and package their cookie collections. Also, make sure to offer extra wrapping materials, napkins and warm coffee or tea to keep guests refreshed between samples.

Do you have tips for a perfect cookie swap? Share it below!

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