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4 Things You Need For a Fun-Filled Cookie Exchange

cookie exchange, party, hosting tips, holiday baking, baking tips

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Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s officially holiday baking season! Cookie exchange parties are a great way to gather loved ones together to celebrate and indulge in some of our favorite holiday cookies.  While it’s always nice to bring people together over treats during Christmas time, it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re the person hosting the exchange and doing most of the baking.

Here are a few of our top baking and hosting tips that will make your holiday season a whole lot simpler!

cookie exchange, party, hosting tips, holiday baking, baking tips

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Baking Tips:

When in doubt, always use parchment paper:

Using parchment paper will eliminate the need for greasing a baking sheet, and helps brown the cookies evenly because of the light color.  On top of this, you’ll cut your cleanup time in half, especially if you’re baking huge batches of cookies!

Do as much prep work as you can ahead of time:

Save yourself the trouble of running around on the day of your party and do the prep work in advance. Pre-form your cookie dough ahead of time, and then freeze it for later use.  We also recommend taking your butter out of the fridge the night before so that it’s already soft when it’s time to bake your cookies.

cookie exchange, party, hosting tips, holiday baking, baking tips

Party Hosting Tips:

Create display cards for your cookies:

You’ve done all your baking and now it’s time to party plan! It’s always helpful to know which cookie is which, so making little display cards for each one will help your guests navigate all the sweet treats. If you want to add a personal touch to the display, you can also include the name of the person who baked each cookie!

Get the kids involved:

There’s nothing better than being able to include all of the kiddos in the holiday fun. Set up a cookie decorating table that will keep them entertained with winter cookie cut-outs, frosting and sprinkles!

Planning to host a cookie exchange party this season? We’d love to know your tips! Share yours in the comments below!



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