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Chef’s Corner: Meals in 30 Minutes

September 22, 2016 – It’s 7 o’clock and you’ve just walked through the door. Before you’ve even set your keys down, the whole family is asking, “What’s for dinner?” But between working all day, picking up the kiddos from school, taking them to soccer practice, walking the dog and laundry, you’ve completely forgotten about dinner and need something – FAST! No need to worry, you’ve got ALDI. It’s Chef Megan here; ready to cheer you on from the ALDI Test Kitchen! When it comes to quick, filling and healthy, we’ve got you covered with these tried and true 30-minute meals the whole family will enjoy.

Mediterranean chopped salad with turkey, feta, and lemon yogurt dressing.With a few simple ingredients and a little bit of imagination, any parent can cook like a pro. Our Mediterranean Turkey Chopped Salad has a creamy herb dressing you can quickly whisk together using basic kitchen staples. You also get to incorporate a fun chef’s technique when roasting bell peppers over your stove top flame. Your family will be impressed by their new live-in chef! Throw it all together with some SimplyNature Organic Spring Mix, Lunch Mate Never Any! Turkey, a few other fresh ingredients and you’ve got yourself a fiber and protein-packed nutritious dinner in 30 minutes. Be prepared for smiles all around.

Southwestern chicken quesadilla with black beans and spinach.In the mood for something warm and melted with a bit of crunch? Try this take on a classic, my personal favorite, AND kid-approved recipe, the Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla. It has all the gooey cheese you crave, but also sneaks in some of the nutritious foods that growing children need, like spinach, chicken and black beans. Our Lunch Mate Grilled Chicken Strips are ready-to-serve and can be added into any number of recipes, making them very versatile. Combine the ingredients together in a Pueblo Lindo Burrito Tortilla, sauté until golden brown and in no time at all you’ve got dinner for the whole brood.

Not only will your family be full and happy with these recipes, but you’ll feel like you have super powers, having created healthy family meals in 30 minutes or less. So remember not to stress, you’re only a few fresh ingredients and pantry staples away from a new masterpiece. Visit the Recipe section on our website for more great ideas to help you along in future meal-planning adventures.

What’s your favorite go-to ALDI item for a quick meal? Share it with us in the comments section below!

Chef MeganChef Megan started her blossoming career at the young age of 5, in her family’s restaurant, where she fell in love with every aspect of food. With her mother’s southern roots and her father’s California style, no recipe was left behind. By 18 she was managing the busiest local deli in Riverside, California. After attending Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena, she took a post in a fine dining restaurant that provided the catering for local landmarks such as The Fox Theater, Municipal Auditorium, and the Life Arts Center. ALDI has now been her home for 2 years where she has been able to showcase her baking skills and quick homemade meals, and she can’t wait to see the positive impact that it will surely bring to her hometown!

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