Celebrate German Week with ALDI

April 7, 2015 – It’s German Week at ALDI and we’re celebrating with a few traditional German recipes and a lineup of this week’s must-have Special Buy products! ALDI first opened in Essen, Germany in 1946 by the late brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht. Now, almost 40 years since ALDI came to the U.S., we love to pay homage to our German roots.

2015_Bratwurst_RoastedPotatoes_Bratwurst, Roasted Potatoes and Onions with a Mustard Cream Sauce 
This hearty and delicious German classic is easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. A creamy mustard sauce pairs perfectly with roasted veggies and you can never go wrong with bratwurst.


If you’re not up to speed on your German food lingo, a Krautburger is a delicious beef and cabbage-filled pocket that goes especially well with ALDI German Week! Our Test Kitchen Krautburger is deliciously tasty, using buttermilk biscuits for added savory flavor.



German Style Pierogies 
We’re taking the classic pierogi dish up a notch by adding light and better-for-you favorites such as kale and apples. The beer mustard sauce adds the perfect German complement to an already palate-pleasing dish.



On Special Buy* This Week
031214_S_42437_DK_BavarianSoftPDeutsche Küche Bavarian Soft Pretzels (Special Buy beginning 4/8)
Paired with a cheese dip or served plain, the warm, gooey goodness of a Bavarian soft pretzel is sure to make you tap into your German roots (whether you have them or not).



Deutsche Küche Imported Strudel (Special Buy beginning 4/8)
Looking for an easy sweet-retreat? Pop in one of our perfectly-sugared pastries, available in apple, cheese and fruit. Flaky on the inside and crunchy on the outside, it’s no wonder the strudel has remained a dessert favorite for centuries.


Deutsche Küche Spaetzle (Special Buy beginning 4/8)040815_S_46675_DK_Spaetzle_Garl

A savory staple of German cuisine, spaetzle egg noodles are a comfort in flavor. Whether made in a casserole or served as a side, your family is sure to love this Special Buy.

What’s your favorite German week tradition? Let us know in the comments below!

*Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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51 thoughts on “Celebrate German Week with ALDI

  1. abbey gleichenhaus

    I just wanted to say thank you you have an awesome store and I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing store!

  2. Angela Brzeczkowski

    When we hosted a german-exchange student he was getting quite homesick and one day I decided to take him with me to the “store” i.e. Aldi’s and he got excited and really happy to see something that he recognized from his home in Germany. It truly was an experience and it made the rest of his visit so much happier when he realized we were connected, even if it was just through food! When he told his parents, they were also very excited so it really connected us during his stay. I truly appreciated that!
    Thanks Aldi!

    1. Evlyne Walls

      I totally agree! We have thousands of Germans, and some German military living in our town in Oklahoma, twice a year is not enough! They have permanent Mexican stock, so why not German?

  3. Christine Kokke.

    Love your German specials. Could you please also have some HONEY CAKE – IT IS A BREAKFAST KOEK – has a long shelf life. We loved it in Holland and Germany at the hotels. Delicious and very low in calories. Looking forward to seeing some in your stores.

  4. chris kole

    Those apple strudels are magnificent. If you want a real great treat after you take them out of the
    oven let them cool for a few minutes and serve with vanilla ice cream. WOW— Heaven!

  5. Charles Hutchins

    Being a former soldier garrisoned in Germany(and a frequent traveler,too!) I really love your Deutsche Kuche products and hope to see more of them in the future.I just purchased the Bavarian and Beer Bratwurst,Cookies,e.t.c and they are SEHR GUT!!!!

  6. Gary & Martha Johnson

    Thanks for offering good quality foods @ a reasonable price. Really like the foods that have no artificial ingredients in them. Sure wish you could bring in some sausage (Bratwurst, etc.) from Sonneburg. I was a Border Guard and at the time we had an observation post in Neustadt which overlooked Sonneburg which was in East Germany and I was unable to get their sausages during that era.

  7. Theresia

    love to shop at the aldi store. would like to see more german items like vanilla zucker, Maggie (liquid ) Sesoning, knorr gulasch and sauerbrauten fix, kloos teig (potatoe dumplings ready to cook, salad dressing packets etc.
    Always feels like being little closer to “home” every time I pass an Aldi Store sign. Keep up the great “deals from home”

  8. Michael von Schlederer

    I’m a big fan of Aldi US. I throw a big Oktoberfest party every year and thankfully Aldi always has German food week right around that time of year and they offer the Nuremberg bratwurst at that time. I buy lots and freeze them for use throughout the year, I either pan grill or BBQ them just serve three of them on a hard roll a true taste of Europe. The regular full size brats are good as well. I’ll be stocking up on the fruits of the forest as well as the apple strudel and frozen pretzels this week. I subscribe to the Aldi weekly e-newsletter so I’m always in the know as to what’s featured and on sale.

  9. Carol

    Both the frozen spatzle and strudel are exceptional. Wonderful flavor that is not at all what you would expect from frozen meals. I am all for more German weeks. I also wish that you would bring back your good rye, multi-grain and pumpernickle German bread. It was a staple in my home.

  10. William Rank

    Bring back the Deutche Küche Pretzels! Sie sind ausgezeichnet! The Sauerkraut is the best I’ve found outside of München. Now how about some Obazda to go with the Pretzels?!? 🙂

    1. mark matthews

      I picked up the Bavarian soft pretzels this weekend at my local Aldi’s. Best store bought
      pretzels I ever had. Will buy them regularly!

  11. Sally Paul

    Why can’t you have German wieners and bratwurst at least once a month? They sell out immediately at our Aldi’s.I would shop at Aldi’s every week if you had German sausages all the time. PLEASE

  12. lyn Fugate

    Why do you not carry the spaetzele noodles at Aldi in Litchfield anymore???? Every time we get a product we really like you stop selling it. They were in a bag and just a few weeks ago they were there on a special buy, but most of them went to store employees, I am told. I got a few bagas but am out again and went to the store – We don’t carry them anymore WHY

  13. Ellen k Moskes

    everytime I go shopping I look for anything made in Germany. Not enough items in Aldi..Wish they had more and now the Marzipan is not on the shelves anymore. What is up with that. Even around Christmastime they were M.I.A. Glad now one can use credit cards. The way to go with the shopping carts is great also. Almost every store in Germany does this. No lonely carts floating around the parking lot.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Ellen. Great news! Marzipan will be featured as an ALDI Find starting in September. ALDI Finds are only available for a limited time so hurry in while they last. Just a word to the wise, though, the dates we post here may change or vary by location.

  14. irma A

    I bought German Hot dogs last week (Deutche Kueche) went today and none was in the store.
    My Grandson and Great-Granddaughter did love them. Will you carry them again?

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Irma! ALDI Finds are premium food and household products that are only in stores for a limited time. We love these little surprises and hope you do, too! Check out your weekly ad to see what will be coming to a store near you!

  15. Vicki Mitchum

    Aldi Deutsche Kuche Bavarian Sweet Mustard Haven’t found this at any Aldi’s in different states for over a year. Where is it?

  16. Vicki Mitchum

    Aldi Deutsche Kuche Bavarian Sweet Mustard I cannot find this anywhere!! I need it, please say you can find it for me!!!

  17. CY

    The German Donauwelle Chocolate Sour Cherry Cake is the best !. Our Aldi’s in Seven Hills, OH 44131 either did not get a delivery or was out of it by noon. I searched other stores and found it at the inner city locations of Cleveland. I also agree that the German products should be carried more regularly including this cake! My family enjoys the sausages, mustards, cakes, struedals and schnitzels. And by the way the staff at the 44131 are the tops !! Very fussy cheap residents who will give them a hard time about anything that is not perfect. I know since it is my elderly parents, uncles & aunts who still have their first dime (LOL) and the workers just smile and ask how they can help. The store gets mobbed and the staff bust their behinds to make sure everything is great !

  18. amy whitehead

    I bought the german Rasberry and Orange Jaffa cakes at aldis a couple of months ago. my mom who has dementia ,loved them. she now begs for them every time i go to the store and i cant find them. I asked at Aldis and they said they dont have them anymore. can you tell me where i can find them.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Amy! We don’t always know when a product will return as an ALDI Find. The best thing to do is to check the weekly ads online and in your local ALDI store.

  19. Michael Schneider

    Deutsche Kueche, Beans for $1.99 tastes awful and nobody would eat that in Germany. In Germany, we eat Pie soup, the same size tin for 45 cents, we don’t eat beans. Americans eat beans.

    Also, the red cabbage is no good for German taste. It is too hard and no apple taste inside. Walmart has red cabbage with the brand McNally, which taste way better and German than what you have in Aldi.

    Why I am saying so because I am a born German from Berlin and came to the US in 2010.

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