Dietitian’s Corner

Dietitian's Corner

How to Navigate Holiday Gatherings While Keeping Healthy Habits

Image Source We’re excited to have registered dietitian and member of our Advisory Council, Sally Kuzemchak, share a few tips for eating healthy during the holidays! A health and wellness expert, author of the cookbook Dinnertime Survival Guide, and the voice behind Real Mom Nutrition, Sally is known for her…

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Kid-Friendly Recipes for Back to School

With the start of the school year quickly approaching, we’ve teamed up with Jessica, our Registered Dietitian, to help you make simple and nutritious meals for your families. Our team of ALDI chefs have been hard at work creating easy recipes that will help keep your kids energized and refreshed…

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Healthy on-the-go Summertime Snacks

With the summer in full swing, it’s time for family road trips, water-park adventures and more! We’ve teamed up with Jessica, our Registered ALDI Dietitian, to help you pack and make the perfect summer treats that will keep your family healthy and happy all season long. Are you gearing up…

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Tips for Lowering Food Waste, which Saves Money and the Environment from Mary Donkersloot, RD

Did you know that U.S. consumers throw away roughly 25 percent* of the food they buy? Experts estimate food waste costs the average family of four approximately $2,000 a year! No one wants that! Here are a few simple steps to a more sustainable lifestyle to prevent food waste that…

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