Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey

July 12, 2015 – Funnyman and ALDI enthusiast Ben Bailey hit the aisles to find out what being an ALDI fan is all about. As one fan tells Ben, “There’s no other store like ALDI in the world.” Watch as his ALDI takeover gets to the bottom of what shoppers know best: to know ALDI is to love ALDI.

Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey

Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey: ALDI Love

Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey: Finding Herb

Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey: Best of Ben

What do YOU love most about ALDI? Tell us in the comments!

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314 thoughts on “Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey

    1. Mary Shepherd

      I absolutely love, love, love Aldi! Where else can you get imported cheeses, chocolates and quality of products in one place? No where close! I purchase all my produce, dairy and bread from Aldi. I only go to other places for the things that they don’t have, which are usually nonfood items. We need a bigger one or another one here in Burlington, NC. They’re always super busy and they are fast!

      1. Dmirtiy

        I could say the same but not. I like the products and there is close location but!!!
        There was ‘Bottom dollar’ before there was big assortment and low prices. Now it is Aldi and they do not accept Credit Cards. Unlike Europe most people do not scarring a lot of cash. No bags is OK good for environment but we use to use Credit Cards it is 21 Century and it is America. It is absolutely essential for many people you lose as your customers. Thank you.

        1. Northwoods Cheryl

          As the ALDI information says, it costs much more to process Credit Cards. That drives prices up. If you don’t want to carry cash, then get a debit card from your bank. I know a LOT of people who shop at ALDI. Not a single one I know is concerned about being able to use a credit card. Myself included. ALDI saves me a lot of money. I would otherwise not be able to eat as well as I do.

          1. jules rosen

            1.75% coost for a small store for credit cards – that $ 1.75 per hundred dolars. aldi – for sure could negotiate less ….

        2. Bonnie

          I agree. I would love to shop there but won’t because I can’t use my credit card.
          Debit cards are not safe from theft and I never carry more than a few dollars in cash.

          1. Katy Green

            The difference lies in the fact that by using a debit card you cannot spend more than what is in your account. It is not a safety issues (you need a PIN either way). Which leads to the question why would someone need credit for groceries ???

          2. damien

            credit cards have fraud guarantees; debit cards don’t.
            any consumer interest group recommends against using debit cards.
            After money is fraudulently taken from your account it is difficult to retrieve.
            I always use credit cards for every purchase I can….and pay off in full.
            I can see where the money goes per the statement. (not to mention cashback of 5% for groceries) But not with cash.
            But I would still shop at ALDI as an exceptional case despite the credit cards.

          3. Mesa

            To those who are worried about debit card safety, you can always purchase a secondary debit card you pre-load with cash.

          4. Derek

            I noticed that the credit card thing when I was last there… I sure hope the prices don’t go up as a result.

            Fortunately franchises/chains can get better deals than the standard 3% increase. But still… Every penny counts. At least it does to those of us who are not afraid to keep them in our pockets.

            I’d support there being an extra charge for using a credit card… the way you pay for the bags if you don’t bring your own.

          5. ALDI USA Post author

            Hi Derek! There is no fee to use your credit card at any of our locations.

          6. nccoffee

            debit cards are ‘safe’ from theft if the bank will cover the fraudulent charges/has fraud protection. If your debit card is not ‘safe’, it’s not because it’s a debit card, it’s because you need a different bank. I’ve never heard of a bank not refunding charges from fraud, so maybe you don’t understand the system?

          7. Mrs. Quillen

            That’s not true. I have a debit card and I’ve had money stolen from it and the company replaced every penny of it.

          1. Phillip

            I’m a bit confused. I have always avoided Aldi because the one time I went in and started shopping, I got to the checkout and found out they didn’t take any credit cards. I had to walk out without anything as I don’t carry cash or a debit card with me. But now some people are saying they take credit cards, yet their website still says right up front that they don’t accept credit cards. So which is it? I don’t want to go there again and be turned away.

          2. ALDI USA Post author

            Hi Phillip – All ALDI stores accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Swipe on!

        3. Nancy Giddings

          Oh, contrary to the comment you made;
          Aldi will take your bank card! I use mine there exclusively. It’s very easy &for the ones who cannot understand the operation of using it; use it exactly the same way that the credit card is used. Still can’t understand? Ask the cashier, and she or he will be glad to assist you. They are all extremely polite and helpful at Aldi’s! I am a faithful customer of Aldi’s. Hope this helps you!

    2. Patricia Brill

      I love shopping at aldi for everything. The best thing i like about it is the gluten free products . Would like to see more gluten free stuff and (stay, keep ) in the store . Thank you!

    3. gerald vacha

      why cant aldis

      why cant aldis build a store in antigo Wisconsin,! we have aldis in all the near by towns rhilander merril
      stevenspoint Wausau marsfield shanow but not antigo, people there drive several miles too shop at
      aldis. please look into this..
      thank you.

      1. ALDI USA Post author

        Hi Gerald! As a famous little mermaid once said, we want to be where the people are – and that includes near you! We’ll share your suggestion with our real estate team.

    4. Pamela Wilson

      Please!!! Open a store in Phoenix az!!! I lived in Wisconsin and moved to North Carolina, I was so happy to see stores in North Carolina!! But now since moving to Arizona, there’s no store that matches the prices or Good products, and you’ll going healthy conscious I love it!!! We need your stores in Phoenix!!!!! There’s Whole food store and other stores, but I can’t afford the stores on my budget!!! Help!!!

    1. B L Brown

      Even IF or WHEN you get one in Tyler, Texas…you will still most likely need your local Walmart. Aldi is a small store with limited supply of most items….most are not major brands. Prices are lower, however as much as I love them, the problem that I find with Aldi is that once you find something you really love, you go back for more and find it must have been a promotional item because you never find some things again. They came in doing great, but the quality as fallen drastically in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, and in the cities in that area

      1. Lousan

        i disagree, I have not shopped in Walmart for 2yr and counting because either I go to Dollar tree next to ALDI or Marshall’s/TJMaxx for anything else. Anything I can’t find in the latter, I go to get from cultural grocery stores.

      2. Chelsea

        I used to think that too, but my grocery shopping habits have changed a bit since I started going to Aldi. I used to buy pretty evenly from Aldi, Walmart, Target and HyVee, but anymore I can get about 95% of what I need at Aldi. I go to another store occasionally for stuff like contact solution or the specific cat food and litter we use, but food-wise I can always get the basics at Aldi and for anything else, I actually enjoy having both weekly and seasonal rotations to keep some more variety in what we eat.

      3. Christian

        At least the european aldi stores use for most promotional stuff rotations. So if liked some their specials and are not alone with that then those specials come on regular intervals back, allow you to refresh your supplies and repeat it in a few weeks or months.

        If the items did not sell well, they usually indeed never come back, but you can’t really blame them for that, now can you?

        The limited sortiment itself is one of the reasons they can combine good prices with good quality, for everything else there are still other more pricey stores. Aldi is not the meant to be the one store to rule them all. 😉

      1. ron lenardson

        I Love Aldis also. We need one in North Liberty, Ia. A very fast growing area. My favorite product is their yogurt. I would like to see where their products come from. I’m very disappointed that they stopped offering the Arnold Palmer 50/50 in the gallon size, and so are a lot of other people I talked to.

        1. TT

          FYI – I have had the same issue with the Arnold Palmer Gallons, so I finally asked the store manager why it disappears – turns out it is only stocked in the summer months, so I just stock up at the end of summer to make the value last as long as possible before I have to get some at another local store.

      2. Jessica

        I totally agree with this^^^^ While I do enjoy Aldi, I miss not living near a Wegmans! they are simply the BEST!! low prices on basic items such as milk and bread but you get high end quality. I wish they would come farther south.

    2. Lauren

      i understand your frustration of not having Aldi from when I Lived in Lindale, however you have something wonderful not found in the rest of America! BROOKSHIRES!!!!! I miss them! (But now having an Aldi helps)

  1. Jan Clark

    Really great gourmet cheese, chocolate. Always fun new stuff too.
    Milk, yogurt, all kinds of dairy and produce. Really amazed at some of the beer and wine you have.
    Great prices on everything. Stocked up our daughters pantry for her new apartment in Chicago.
    She is the one who told me about Aldi. I raised a very smart girl 😉

  2. Roger Sorensen

    I love the prices but we need another one in west Lincoln, NE. The current one is 5 miles away. Please build more!

      1. marci

        Five miles in Nebraska is like 25 miles anywhere else. I’ve been to Wayne. Maybe the poster means five miles by telephone! It’s an Nebraska thing, others might not understand.

      2. Anna V

        I used to travel about 30 miles just to buy some of my Aldi favorites, I am an Aldi loyalist. Prayed hard enough, waited 2 years, now Aldi is only yards away from my home. Love Aldi.

        1. Kay

          I drive 15 miles to get to my Aldi. If I lived any closer I would be in there every day.Love my Aldi. I have not shopped Walmart in 16 years.

    1. Brandon

      Why tell Aldi you need a Aldi Store in your area, its a Franchise Business, people buy into the franchise, tell people in your area you want one, or get a petition going to get one & show it to local business owners & investors.

      1. David

        Sorry Sarah don’t know where you got your information but Aldi is not a franchise! It is a family owned business and has been for almost 100 years!

        1. Elizabeth

          I work for Aldi’s & yes, they are a family owned business. 1 brother owns about 3/4 of the old Aldi’s & all the new ones opening up & another brother owns the other 1/4th of the old Aldi’s & all of trader Joe’s. They don’t do franchise & they never will even if it will increase their bottom line. They’re very proud & strict when it comes to their products & they don’t want anyone else to control what their mother started.

          1. ALDI USA Post author

            Hi Elizabeth – There is a lot of misinformation out there, so thank you for the opportunity to clarify. ALDI US and Trader Joe’s are independently operated companies with no joint ownership.

      2. Anna V

        I used to write to Aldis time after time asking to bring Aldi to Brooklyn, NY, waited 2 years but, they listened, now I can eat like a king without braking my bank.
        Keep writing to them.

    2. Sabine Allen

      Really? I used to drive 70 miles to Fredericksburg, VA, until April when they opened “my Aldi” 8 miles from me in Colonial Heights. I wrote letters and emails for 13 years to get them here. Now I’m a weekly customer often twice a week. It is convenient because it is a smaller store with all categories and mostly Aldi brands. Quality for a good price.

      1. Sandi

        We have heard that an Aldi’s is coming to the Williamsburg, VA area. Not sure how soon, but as for now I am going up to visit my son and go to the one just off Lee Highway in Northern Virginia (Alexandria). I am really JUST LEARNING about Aldi!!

  3. Sarah

    I love Aldi, because it makes feeding my 4 teenagers affordable. I was especially happy to be able to buy dorm bedding and other supplies for my two oldest who are heading off to college! ❤️

    1. Karen Scheerer

      I agree about the Phoenix, AZ location for an ALDI store …or anywhere nearby Peoria, AZ !!
      Up and coming ‘bedroom community’ of Phoenix. Hint ..hint !!

  4. Jane Weichert

    We need an Aldi in the Phoenix area. Just made a trip to Indiana to stock up at Aldi. (We did visit our kids while we were there.) But couldn’t take advantage of all the refrigerated products. Love Aldi

  5. Mary a fennell

    Please open up in Ambler PA where you bought out Bottom Dollar and left us with no grocery store….again! (Ever since ACME left)

  6. Mary Abell

    As an American living in Bavaria from 1980-1993 I shopped at Aldi, so when I learned that an Aldi store opened just 5 minutes from my home in Dallas, I was thrilled. The variety, quality and prices of the products there attract me; therefore it is my favorite place to buy groceries.


    Long Island Suffolk County NY……..We shop our Aldi frequently because prices are good,and the quality of food is consistently good as well. Some items presented are unique to the store and sell out quickly.For instance, the Pretzel Buns( or rolls ) are a family favorite that we enjoy and are not available anywhere else that can match the quality of Aldi’s so the rolls fly off the shelves. Now, to all the fans of Rice- Pudding please take this advice. I am somewhat of a Rice Pudding expert. I have eaten many different styles and recipes of this great dish. I am a retired Firefighter. I have had many of my best meals sitting at the Firehouse kitchen table.The late actor/ comedian Dom DeLuise made his Rice Pudding recipe and brought it to the Firehouse for the guys to enjoy. Some ready made concoctions are not too bad and can be enjoyed in a pinch. However, no matter how hard you try, sometimes only the real thing will suffice the Palette that craves the creamy, sweet goodness of Homemade.
    There is one brand that can give any Rice Pudding fan a tough time detecting what is homemade or what is ready made.? That’s right, Aldi’s Ready made ! It is the best tasting and most satisfying readymade you will find. It is the best. Better than any other sold as readymade. Aldi Rice Pudding is the top dog in the store bought readymade Rice Pudding field. Take my word for it,
    Hope and Peace to all—-Ed

    1. Marcia

      I take my 81 year old father to Aldis every Tuesday, here in Des Moines, Iowa. He will not shop anywhere else – and his FIRST stop is to stock up on rice pudding. We now buy 20 cups each week, since other men in his retirement home love it also! When they are out, it’s panic time!

      1. Carole

        You are so right about their rice pudding. I have tried some ready made from other stores, but they were not very good, but the Aldi one is so good. I have only had it twice, but now I am craving it again. Aldi is a great store, and I have two fairly close by to choose from. I love going in and finding things marked down from their already low prices.

  8. Anne

    I am begging you to come to Jacksonville, Florida and release us from the death grip of the Publix Corporation!!! We only have one Whole Foods, one Fresh Market and a few smaller organic stores. For a city that is the largest geographically in the entire country, you would think that we could handle a few Aldis around here!! I will be anxiously awaiting your arrival 🙂 PUHLEEEZEEEEE

  9. patty

    I find something new I want each time I go. I enjoy the organic salads gluten free bread organic milk cheese organic blue corn chips gourmet mustards sparkling water chocolate bars grass fed beef
    And great not advertised specials
    Thank you Aldi

  10. Maria Murray

    I live in California and we do not have any ALDI stores here. I am 66 years old and I have been in this Country since 1971. My Parents used to shope at ALDI in Germany way back then. I wish, we did have ALDI stores out here.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Maria, we are delighted to be able to bring the ALDI difference to Southern California. We’re planning to open approximately 25 Southern California ALDI stores between March and July 2016, and operate approximately 45 by the end of 2016. To get more information about ALDI coming to California, please visit our website:

      1. Mellisa

        How about opening one in Chandler, Arizona please? I used to go to Aldi in Australia but I can’t find one here and I’m always lost in Walmart 🙁

        1. ALDI USA Post author

          Hi Mellisa – ALDI has more than 1,400 stores in 32 states. While we haven’t opened stores in your state at this time, we’ll make sure your suggestion is shared with our real estate team. We hope to see you in one of our stores very soon!

    2. Karen Scheerer

      WOW!! I am SOOO excited about the projected coming of ALDI to at least Southern CA. I had just earlier today posted a request to ALDI via email about any stores located in Southern or Central Valley of CA …or possibly anywhere in AZ (where I live). Low and behold, there are also posts here about possibility of stores in Chandler and Phoenix, AZ. I put my two cents in for a store in Peoria, AZ …so there IS hope! I have been reading all the many great comments about the customer service, quality, economy at ALDI stores around the country and even internationally, I have not had the opportunity to shop in an ALDI store yet. A dear friend of ours lives in Cape Girardeau, MO and has sent us ‘thankyou’ gifts of a Millville (brand) of instant oatmeal in various flavors. These are delicious and I am SO GLAD she thinks enough of us to send us these packets.
      Reading through the comments I am very impressed with the response of ALDI on many of the comments by what seems to be loyal customers over many year. I too hope to be one of those loyal customers soon ,, even if i have to make a trip to CA to do some shopping. No problem really since we have family in Southern and Central Valley and will be able to introduce them to ALDI also. Thank YOU ALDI ! I will be looking forward to the CA openings!!!

  11. Corinna Edge

    I grew up with Aldi in Germany……so having it here in Illinois is great.They have some German food that I can’t find anywhere else.The prices are the cheapest around. Staff is friendly. Love the produce and great Almond milk.

  12. Rhonda Kelley

    Being raised a child / a parent that wasn’t adamant @ not buying anything but name brand items, I was very hesitant to try Aldi yrs ago when then came @ our area where we live. What a MISTAKE!!! 🙁 My husband & I were very quick to try almost everything there, &were not disappointed! Like Ed, we’ve tried the Rice Pudding….OH WOW…it’s WONDERFUL, & tastes just like homemade!!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND shopping Aldi to EVERYONE, your savings will please you, we’re certain. :)) As mmentioned above, you often can purchase household items, outdoor products @ INCREDIBLE PRICES & it’s / great quality….we’ve NEVER been disappointed! :))

  13. LaVonne

    I have been an avid Aldi shopper for many years, hands down my favorite store. My daughter’s family need one in their area. They are military and could really use a money saving store..all that area would benefit from an Aldi, please consider building one on El Paso Texas, asap!! Or military needs you there =)

    1. Brandie

      I couldn’t agree more! Fort Bliss/El Paso are is HUGE and I KNOW Aldi would be a big hit there. I tried to live there for a few months but went crazy without my favorite stores. Wal-Mart SUCKS… It cripples local economy & they don’t take care of their employees like Aldi does. Please bring an Aldi to El Paso… Our military NEEDS & deserves to have an Aldi.

    1. Ashley

      There are several ALDI locations in Florida (you can also just go online and lookup the ALDI’s store locations by state) as well as a new one being built in the New Symrna Beach area on 44 as we speak and should be up within a month or less! Hope this helps and you’re close enough to shop at one and save some money!

      1. Hildie

        Florida: Port St. Lucie West has one since February 2015 (ZIP 34986), and there is another one in Palm Beach. More under construction. We are so happy that as retired people we get to save sooo much! The quality is outstanding. We used to shop at Aldi’s when they first opened in Bavaria in the seventies. Thank you, Aldi!

      2. Rani

        I live at the other end of Volusia County, FL, in DeBary. Our closest Aldi is “over the river and through the woods” into Seminole County (Sanford/Lake Mary). It’s worth it for the fresh fruit and veggies alone, but it’d sure be nice to have one closer. Orange City, FL has the kind of demographics you’re looking for, drawing from Deltona and DeLand as well. Go ALDI, you rock!

  14. Bernard Wilder

    I am a regular shopper at ALDI’s located in Elton, MD. I live in the State of Delaware, but the ALDI’s I frequently shop at is located a short ride from my house. I enjoy the quality of the products sold in the store. But, more importantly, I benefit from the savings on my groceries. Over the past few months, I noticed an incease in the number shoppers in the ALDI’s where I shop. The word is out about the food quality at ALDI’s as well as the savings. The cost of food products has gone up considerably in so many Super Markets. If you budget your money for grocery shopping and if you are looking and searching to save money, but require quality groceries shop at ALDI’s. I gaurantee you will not regret it. I also like the shopping cart system at the store. You pay twenty five cents to use a shopping cart, I like to think this method helps to control the carts from hell rolling free in the parking lots at so many gocery stores….great system.

  15. bill laliberte

    we have a ALDI in RAYNHAM, MASS. they are always out of things that i want. i asked when the shipments arrive, and they said on TUESDAY and THURSDAY. even when they have the stock, they aren’t put out in a timely manner. always have to ask. i shop there for the low prices, as a retired elderly person. an extra person stocking, and more convent operation hours, sure would be an asset. when there is something that want, and see it, don’t wait, as you won’t see it again, trust me. in all fairness, ALDI, is a money saving store. we have just one in our area, and there should be more.

  16. David

    I love ALDI for the German products that they carry and the reasonable prices they charge. I can get German roasted coffee in other places, but the price is through the roof. ALDI keeps it real. I really enjoy some of the imported meats they have on occasion, just wish they were more consistent in carrying those products. the European chocolate is fantastic, and the occasional jarred vegetable or the French mustards!! I’m getting hungry already!! I have to go all the way to Memphis to find a store, wish they would consider opening one in Little Rock!!

  17. Jean Nichols

    why I love to shop at aldi “the fruits and veggies are better price, they have special prices on some days” I picked up 99 cents pineapples but around the corner at another giant food store was priced at $2.99 the same day. They have organic pastas that tastes great. Their specialty foods some you cant find at major stores. To top there little store that can give you just what you need and good prices.

  18. Millie Drayer

    I have to shop at Acmes, only for my cat he doesn’t like your cat food but, me I love it all except when you get something “great” like your deep dish peach pie @ hooked me now its not available any more, but considering Giant Eagle (the gougers) and Acme who does try “your the best, wish you carried more meat. Love ya

  19. B Lee

    Love Aldi’s find all of their brands to be very good however, sometimes the ones you like the most are not always available. Looking for Priano Lasagna Italiano meat sauce with size.I love to see in in the stores here I love to see in the south Plainfield store. I live in area code 07060 Thanks!! All of your products are wonderful.

  20. Robert

    Love that Aldi, All is well but I have one question. I buy a lot of fresh fruit and veggies because of the distance I have to travel to Aldi. How do I store them? I can keep some for about a week and others are throne away. I have tried to freeze and refrigerate and it works to some extent but I finally have to toss them as well. LOVE THAT ALDIS, Robert In DeKalb County Ga

    1. Rani

      Hi, Robert. There is a product you might want to try called Debbie Meyer, I think they’re called fruit bags or produce bags. They’re reusable green plastic bags that keep your produce fresh much, much longer. I can’t remember where I bough t them, but I’m sure you can find their website or Facebook page. Amazon has them, but I think @ a higher price.

  21. Sharon

    My husband and I shop Aldi’s in Lima, OH at least once a week and we are blessed to be able to participate in all the good values and the good quality of food and home supplies that we need. We share the facts of this amazing store to others as often as we can. We travel 22 miles to buy our groceries because the money we save is a blessing to us. The compared prices to other stores are nothing other than AMAZING! WE THANK YOU, ALDI’S for being in Lima, OH. We also thank those who work there, they are friendly and very helpful!

  22. Orville Skaggs jr

    They are building a Aldi in Boiling springs S.C.. We need and Aldi in the City of Inman S.C. … We have a BI-LO in Inman but it needs some competition , we had a food lion but they closed it and left a new store empty.. BI-LO has raised there prices way up because they can and a lot of people that cant go very for have to buy there food there… We need one in Inman S.C.

  23. Phillip Norman

    I used to shop at Aldis, but eventually got tired of the cashiers having a contest to see who could throw my groceries into my cart the fastest.
    Aldi’s prices were good in the beginning, but continued to inch up until they are not competitive any more.

  24. Ovi

    I love Aldi’s prices and products. My favorite regular purchases include half & half, sliced cheeses, brie, premium orange juice, tortilla chips, salsa, and frozen stuffed chicken breasts( only 99 cents each) ! I used to buy the 18 roll package of toilet paper for $6.99, but the last time the quality was different, stiff not soft, so I returned it. They took it back without question. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly trips to Aldi. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they always have new items. I recently bought a small grill pan for $4.99 which holds a single burger or steak. It cleans easily and cooks the meat great! Love it!

  25. Lynn Arsi

    Aldi is new to me and I think our area…the non food items (carpet sweeper, kitchen items) are fantastic for the price…their almond milk, yogurt, cereal and rice cakes are tasty…they have a great selection of gluten free goods!..the check out people are fast and knowledgeable, I look forward to their flier every week. Oh oh forgot good prices on fresh cut flowers!!

  26. rbgetch

    Aldi sucks and not one of these interviewees had a real reason why they liked it. Plus if you dont have a quarter for the locked up carts they dont want your hindreds of dollars on a credit card. What sense does that make. Hate it.

    1. PJ

      Thomas, you don’t say where you are located….here in St. Louis county, all I have to do is tell the checkers that I don’t have change for the cart and they either “front” me a quarter or let me use one of the carts that have at the registers. I just give them the quarter or the cart back when I’m finished! I find it difficult to believe Aldi employees are that difficult in your area!

  27. thomas voss

    As a German born US citizen, I only can agree with the posts on this side. My German home town Lippstadt in NRW had when I left for the USA 6 ALDI Stores. I liked the option to recycle plastic and glass at the store and get some money back to shop again.
    Product quality and diversity are the best, prices are unbeatable, PLEASE Open a Store in El Paso TX

    1. Elke sabia

      I am from germany too and love,love,love it that Aldi’s is now in Roanoke va. I still have to drive almost one hour to get there since we live way out in the country in West Virginia but it is worth it to me.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Janet – The product you referenced is not sold in the US. ALDI US products were not affected by the UK product withdrawal.

  28. Jeanette Moreland

    I first shopped Aldi’s in Jeff City, MO and loved it but I live in Little Rock, Arkansas so my shopping there is limited to yearly visits. Now I get to shop at the Aldi’s in Memphis, Tennessee about once a month when I visit family. The produce is quite good and the prices are so good. Berries, melons, fruit, and vegetables are the main draw for me. I live in a rural area in Arkansas and drive into Little Rock or Conway AR to find a decent selection but can not find a comparable price in any of the stores there. I love the quarter for rent of the basket because it makes people return the basket so it is not rolling down the hill and into your car or parked all over the parking lot. Very nice on rainy days. Can’t wait for one to come to Little Rock or better yet Conway. It is a college town and would be a welcome addition to the stores there.

  29. Latham07

    Aldi’s store in Cambridge OH. Is a really great grocery store, Much better than the major competition Wal-Mart. Prices are great , Can feed a family of 4 for under $100 a week. Thanks Alidi keeping the prices reasonable and great selection.

  30. Martin

    I’m a bloke therefore tend not to like supermarkets. However Aldi is different. You have a business model others can only dream of; Trolleys with a chain and your coin attached so they are returned and not scattered around car parks, prices that are not only reasonable but clear with no silly “special” offers. Your wine is fine and much more reasonably priced and of course your checkout staff are friendly but ensure everyone gets through as quickly as possible (I don’t like waiting to part with my money). Today I was asked if I was old enough to be buying a bottle of wine – I’m a pensioner (cheeky, but flatteringly friendly and fun)! We shop at Fareham, Hants. Minor problems: car park can often b full and if you go late in the day they may have run out of bananas!

  31. Kris Reisinger

    I love shopping at ALDI when I go visit my home town near Ashland, KY. When I moved to the Panhandle of FL, I wrote to the company and requested a store to come. Sorry to report that was over 5 years ago. I love ALDI and would love to see one built in our area of Crestview/Ft. Walton Beach. I love ALDI products and was happy to see that it is an international business too. Best Wishes to ALDI

  32. Keith McCracken

    Aldi has most certainly made feeding our seven children (and a lot of times there friends) a lot more affordable. We first experienced Aldi in Punxsutawney, PA as we traveled back and forth between Homer City to Warren on weekends and holidays to see my parents. We would tell our friends (who also had larger than average families) about how badly we needed an Aldi in the Indiana, PA area. When they finally put one in, my only regret was that I had not attempted to somehow invest in it. That place is “hoppin” all the time and we love the low prices and the cashiers dedication to expedience. Excellent model of efficiency designed to provide quality goods for those who have a life that moves at the speed of a NASCR pit crew.

  33. Jennifer

    Two words: gluten free. Not only are there many options that are specifically gluten free in the store, everything else in the Aldi lines of goods is labeled if it’s gluten free. Aldi had the only chocolate milk that will not make me sick with hidden gluten. Thank you, Aldi! You are my first stop every month for groceries.

  34. Wendy

    My husband and I started shopping at ALDIs when they first came to Rome, NY. Didn’t see alot of cars in the lot, but we went in and found some great values and tried different products and were greatly surprised at the quality! It was great! Told family and friends and they laughed about it, because they thought it was just a warehouse type of shopping and not for them. Now just 5 years later the parking lot at our local ALDIs is packed with cars and family and friends do all their shopping there. I love the selection and the prices. I love the way the prices are clear and none of the games other supermarkets play. Like the bogo where they raise the price and then offer another free. Or spending tons of money on monopoly games when they could be lowering prices. Keep up the good work, we love you!

  35. Liane Reyes

    ALDI is the best when it comes to prices and quality! I love shopping there for the variety and comparable food products. They have very high quality non-food items too: kitchen ware, appliances, mats, etc. I don’t think I’ve been disappointed yet with anything I’ve bought there! I shop there weekly for staples: milk, orange juice, bread, cheese, meat, snacks, ice cream. Their ‘select brand’ chocolate ice cream is outstanding! The 2-slice packs of cheesecake are to die for! When you find a name-brand product it’s definitely a great deal.
    My only ‘complaint’ is as the one commenter said: you find a certain product you really like then find out it’s a promotional item. Examples of this include: chicken sausage links and German pretzels.
    I like to sample a lot of the European pastries and foods made there. Some of the more memorable ones was a spinach-stuffed puffed pastry; vanilla brioche; and the soft-pretzel.
    Their prices on organic and health-foods make them very affordable: quinoa, chia seeds, coconut.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to ALDI to see what they might have in any given week!
    I like their employees too. And for the most part you get out of the store fairly quickly: no long lines and very little wait time.
    Keep up the great work!

  36. Barbette

    Love ALDI’s. I shopped there 30 years ago in Chicago. Now that I live in Athens, GA I can finally shop there again. ALDI’s has been in Athens about 2 years now. I love you so much that I have you App on my phone and can make up my shopping list before I get to the store, and have been checking out you online recipes. My only complaint is that I LOVE Brie cheese and the cheese I bought at ALDI’s hasn’t been the freshest and I end up throwing all or part of it away. On the other hand, I could live off your rice pudding because it is that good.

  37. Sandy

    Shopping at Aldi safes you money, I love their German products like chocolate, cheese, wine, cosmetic. Also the weekly products promotions are great. But I have to say not every Aldi has the same products. The one in Aiken SC, lacks on Grass feed only meat, so as on organic products and sadly is often not very well stocked on the standard German products. A lot of the cashiers needs some training in how to give great customer service. If I do have a nice cashier I tell them thank you for being so nice, in the hope the other catch on that.

  38. Jim Riley


    The grocery store for the “no­ frills” type of guy.

    Best Points From My Perspective…..
    Store carries most products
    Products are mostly generic BUT as good as name brands
    You are NOT overwhelmed with numerous and various product choices
    Store carries seasonal non­food products but you are NOT bombarded with them
    Only four aisles in the entire store
    Store is usually busy but NEVER crowded
    Employees are VERY efficient and pleasant
    More than reasonable prices
    You’re NOT in the store forever…….you’re in and out in minimal time and on your way

  39. Dorothy Renaud

    You have stores all around the world, yet never opened even one right next door to the USA, in Canada. Why not? We make a regular trip to Watertown, NY to stock up on your products, trying to buy enough to last us until the next time we go across the border which is usually every month. We are limited to what we can bring back though, such as fresh fruits and veggies and some meat. PLEASE, PLEASE, open one up in Canada, preferrably in Eastern Ontario. We are in Trenton, Ontario, but would be happy to travel to Kingston to an ALDI there. I know you wouldn’t be sorry. Thanks for consideration. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to go to Watertown, NY.

  40. Ashley

    I first heard of ALDI’s about a year ago from my uncle that lives in New York and was visiting me in Florida at the time, he told me about ALDI’s and that in New York that’s the only place he shops and saves so much money, now I come from a home where we only ate name brand food and wouldn’t try off brands, but I trusted my uncle on this and gave it a try and I’m so glad I did! ALDI’s gives me way more food for my money, it’s really high quality food with simple ingredients and not all that additive crap, ALDI’s kept it old fashion and I like that, years ago people didn’t eat all this processed food and ALDI’s is keeping it simple. I rack up on several snacks and lunch items for my kids to take to school for their lunch and eat for snacks and I love that there’s so many nutritional snacks that are the same as any other store, but a healthier version. I highly recommend ALDI’s to all my family and friends and now we’re all saving money together. Kudos to ALDI’s!! Now if we could only get another ALDI’s location near Orange City Florida, that’ll be great!

    1. Rani

      Hi, neighbor Ashley. I’m in DeBary. We drive down to the Aldi in Sanford on 17-92. Personally, I think Orange City would be perfect for an Aldi .

  41. Carl Feather

    I love Aldi’s prices and quality, but the lack of vegetarian options, mainly the Morning Star Farm line, force me to shop at the evil Wal-Mart. I would love to see Aldi offer a line of meat-substitute products so I would be able to do 100 percent of my shopping there. Aldi is the only store I feel good about buying things at and really the only brick and mortar store I go into. For everything else, except Morning Star Farm, I shop online.

  42. Val

    European chocolates. Imported cheeses. German mustards. Nice (inexpensive) wine selection. Nice selection of fresh fruits & veggies. Lovely cut flowers for under $4 per bouquet. Occasionally Lobster (!!) in the frozen foods. Weekly specialty items that rotate by “themes” each week (seafood, Chinese, Mexican, Football parties, etc), so you can buy all the related items – appetizers, entrees, condiments, desserts – together without hassle. Also, weekly sales on household goods, in a similar “theme” pattern – Bathroom; Laundry Room; Kitchen; Garage; – so that you can re-do an entire room in your home at a steep discount and everything goes together nicely.

    Prices are decidedly lower, without scanning cards or dealing with “specials” that come & go. And I appreciate the $0.25 cart rentals. (Return your own cart, get your quarter back). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the larger “Box” grocery stores and came out to find other people’s abondoned carts pressed right up against my “Baby’s” paint job. (Grrrrr!!) I also like the small, economical size of an ALDI’s store…after a long day at work I really have no desire to go searching for groceries in a store the size of a football field.

    Columbus, OH

  43. Galen

    I only buy one item at a time at Aldi’s because they don’t give bags. I will not bring or use “green” or reusable bags mainly because with continued use.they accumulate bacteria and germs from various products Aldi’s are competitive in most products but Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets chains ,(formerly Amelias) has Aldi’s, Giant,, Safeway, etc beat in price, give bags and accept credit/debit cards. Many local country Farmers Markets are also reasonable.choices. I am not downing Aldi’s, just making some comparisons as I do shop there on occasion..
    Trader Joe’s is also a good choice which I believe is a relative of Aldi’s.

  44. Jennifer Wilson

    I LOVE shopping at ALDI. I drive 45 miles one way at least twice a month to shop there. PLEASE think about building one in Jasper, AL!!!!

  45. Kim

    Love Aldi in Conroe, Tx. Need one in Magnolia, Tx. My grandmother would always say, “I’m going to Aldi’s, They’ve got what I want. Now, who’s got a quarter?”

  46. Eileen

    I love my ALDI almost as much as I love Ben Bailey! Ben if you are ever going to be in the ALDI in Quakertown, PA, please let me know. I will give you a push in my Cash Cart! haha!

    Seriously though, the store is fabulous. From the food, to the cleanliness, to all the great girls that work there!

    The only problem is, it is getting too popular and crowded. I loved it when it first opened here and I was wandering around the store with like 10 other people!!

    Thanks for making food shopping fun, affordable, and smart.

  47. Pamela

    Come on over to Lake County, Florida, north, and knock Sav-a-Lot out of business and take a nibble out of WalMart while you’re at it. I’ve never shopped there, it’s too far away. I love the fair wages you pay and it seems you let a cashier get off of her feet. Believe me, this is the gateway to the Ocala National Forest, those folks who visit, and there are tons of them, just want some groceries for recreation and there is a huge load of poverty out here as well. But we all have to eat. Tell me about franchise information. It’s a great opportunity.

  48. Brian

    PLEASE bring ALDI to Northern California, specifically San Jose, focusing on both low income and higher income neighborhoods. I know ALDI would be highly popular as more people than ever of all incomes are shopping for affordable groceries (including myself the past few years).

    I do shop at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market here (which has seen an explosion in growth and popularity), but I only get certain items there because much of their stuff is surplus/overstocks of oddball items or lower quality items. ALDI could be an “everyday Grocery Outlet” for a much wider array of items that I would buy, especially if it is easy, quick, and nearby.

    I also shop at other stores, but ALDI would be an ideal fit for my philosophy of quality at a value price without requiring bulk purchases, no need for frills, passing on savings from no credit cards to offer the lowest possible prices.

  49. Deborah

    I love Aldi’s. When I was in college it was the only grocery store within walking distance in Davenport, IA. I have lived in San Antonio for years hoping for an Aldi’s. When I visit places or travel and see and Aldi’s I have to stop. The nearest Aldi’s to me is in Temple, TX. I drive 2 1/2 hrs every few months to stock up at Aldi’s,.We sure could use one closer to San Antonio. The products, and produce are the best! In the meantime, I will continue to venture 2 1/2 hrs. north every now and then. It is a lot closer than Waco and Dallas.

  50. Stephen

    I too have shopped at Aldi in Germany and was thrilled to finally have one open down the street from me in Miami Shores. We have the Publix, Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Each one excels at certain items. I shop at all of them and welcome Aldi to the neighborhood. I don’t shop at one exclusively but Aldi will be at the top of my list. Love your pricing and unique brands!
    PS you ran out of shopping sacks, you must have had a great opening.

  51. Michelle

    I found Aldi in Adrian, MI in 1998 when my family relocated. I became a stay at home Mom for 2 years, and Aldi was a lifesaver! Living on a tight budget presented it’s challenges, but shopping at Aldi provided us with affordable groceries and unique low cost items not found other places. Even though finances improved when I returned to work, we still shop Aldi FIRST, then head to the local Meijer or market for other items they don’t carry. And I continue to be impressed that the staff I got to know 17 years ago is still working at our location. That’s the sign of an excellent employer!! Keep up the great work, and love seeing the Aldi expansion across the US!

  52. Mary Ann Sandford

    Enjoyed the video with Ben. I am looking forward to a new Aldi’s just 4 minutes away in Greer, SC. I drive 10 miles now to shop @ Aldi’s . The drive is worth it. I have a sister in Whiting, NJ & the Aldi’s she shops @ is a 20 mile trip one way. This is a very heavily populated senior citizen area, any possibility for an Aldi’s?

    Mary Ann

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Mary – We have a lot of criteria for choosing store locations. We’ll make sure our real estate team receives your suggestion.

      1. Mary

        They are washable – At lest mine are. Also Walmart closed a lot of stores in small towns ,leaving the people with no stores . Would be nice to See Aldi go into these empty buildings

  53. Missy

    Here in Cedar Rapids, IA our Aldi is increasingly sticking organic and natural products I never thought they would! I mean, Millville versions of Larabars and almond flour? Shut up and take my money! Love me some Aldi!

  54. unknown

    I have to admit I have been a valued shopper at Aldi’s for sometime. but what’s scary is a lot of the present foods and products are on recall. this has been ongoing for quite a while. people have reported being sick off the foods and the defective products had caused accident’s.perhap’s this is why items and produce are very inexpensive. the meats do not come from the state you are living in,only to be transported from several states to get to you. honestly if you have to check every food purchase and housegood’s for recall isn’t this time consuming?

  55. Teresa Conley

    My family and I absolutely love Aldi. We do all of our shopping at Aldi except for a few thing that we can not by there. I have also be able to get a few of my friends and family members to start shopping at Aldi.

  56. pany khounsavath

    I don;t know if i got wrong website, i just need to know if there is policy to return merchandise. I bought huntington bedhome pillows but i bought too many and i need to return some. please direct me to the right web. thank you

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Pany – A replacement or refund will be offered for non-food Special Buy items, alcohol (if allowed by state law) or national brands. Please return the package and any unused product to your local ALDI store manager and they will issue a refund or replacement. Thank you!

  57. Joan

    I love ALDI. “Simply smarter shopping” And now they carry so many brand name items. And Organic items too!! We don’t have the Wines in our Md stores. Where are they found?.

  58. Michael

    Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring to say I’m glad we have an Aldi less than a mile away. The low prices stretch my grocery money farther, and the quality of the store’s offerings is equal to what you’ll find at the other mainline grocers, and in many cases better, as it’s cheaper. You can’t judge a product until you try it, and there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering something as good as what you have been paying 30% more for elsewhere. Who doesn’t enjoy finding a good deal?

  59. Learley Wells

    I know who he is! Ben Bailey from “Cash Cab” game show! 😀 He is a comicle guy and nicelookin too! He was funny in these advertisments in Aldi’s supermarket! lol!!!

  60. L. A . Bl.

    I shop at Aldi in Nashville, Tn. At Aldi I primarily buy produce, especially avacados, when the price is very attractive. I also buy romaine lettuce. My purchases are limited, but I enjoy seeing what is in stock.
    Recently I visited family in Owatonna, MN, where Aldi recently opened a store. And I found radishes available there. It was interesting to see Aldi in a different location.

  61. Bev Legan

    I love Aldi’s. Their produce is fresh and plentiful. Everything I have tried from baking needs to fruit taste as good if not better then most brand names. I save lots of money when making cookies at Christmas time. I am so glad I started shopping at Aldi’s over 3 years ago. The cashiers are also friendly and very knowledgable. It is a pleasure to shop at Aldi’s.

  62. Karen Werner

    I love,love,love aldi stores!!!! But like the rest of the reviews,there isn’t one around the corner. I live in bayville nj, and there has been a closed Foodtown by me, hint hint……..give shop rite a run for their money…….. please, think about it. Sincerely Karen werner

  63. Cornelia

    Once I got a taste of Aldis’ prices and great quality products its hard to go shopping anywhere else. (clicking my heels) there’s no place like Aldi, there’s no place like Aldi! I look forward to shopping at my local Aldi (Oxford Alabama) when the new ad comes out I will leave work on my lunch break and go shopping. I am addicted to Aldi!

  64. GD

    today grand opening Aldi/ Pittsfield,MA. Somewhat disappointed, had read online that Aldi had good produce and I did find some. But there were no fresh, unprocessed greens or root vegetables (there were packaged carrots). would hope you would stock good , healthy greens like chard , kale, collards, etc., healthy unprocessed foods.

    Also disappointed in signage. Saw peaches @ .59 …great price, same for other stone tree fruits. But Noooo .59 ea not .59 / lb . I want (insist) to see signs clearly / properly marked price/ unit.

  65. Allison

    I love shopping at Aldi! The prices are WONDERFUL! My only complaint is that I have to drive 45 miles to get to one. Come to El Dorado KS & give walmart some competition. We have a lot of smaller towns around and people who drive a half hour just to get here for a walmart. Aldi would do amazing here I think.

  66. Darlene VanEtten

    I use to be able to do all of my shopping at Aldis, in Lebanon Missouri. Our whole city was excited when you more than doubled the size of our small little store. Then came the BAD NEWS you started to not carrying products that were always on the shelves! When I contacted customer service about not being able to buy regular plain non-flavored liquid coffee creamer I was told due to a lack of low sales it was not being sold in my store any longer!!! When I spoke to the store management Josh his words were “Thats ridiculous customer’s ask for it atleast 5 times a day, and I’ve tried and tried to order it!” We’ve also had our Fit and Active large package’s of non-sugarIice tea removed from the store and management was told its not selling, but they left us the peach flavored one that doesn’t sell as well!!! So as much as it bothers me I’m back to spending money at Wal-Mart. By the way I’m buying more than coffee creamer and icetea since I’m there. I’m going to Aldis less now, just because of two less products you refuse to listen to management and customers about. Sorry, I’d really rather be at Aldis.

  67. robert

    I recently got back to Florida from Alaska.When I went shopping with my brother he turned me onto your store.I was blown away,first the quanity of items and the prices,after picking a few items I could not believe the price of how much we got of groceries.Aldie you are #1 in my bank account for shopping.Everything is so expensive in Alaska and to shop At your store was an experience.Now im living in port richey,fla and most of my shopping is ALDI’s.Thank you all.

  68. Kim

    I remember yrs ago the first time my husband told me about Aldi. I thought it was a tool store!!! Much too my surprise it was even better than he described it. Fast forward too today we have an Aldi near us and I started finally doing almost all of my food shopping here. It is unreal !!!!!!! We pay half of what we pay at a regular supermarket and the items are just as good!!!!! It kills us if we have too go into a regular supermarket because we know we are being robbed. Since my husband is military we are leaving here soon. The first thing on my mind was too look up the Aldis locations where we are moving too!!!! We love you Aldis Please continue too build and expand more locations!!

  69. Belinda

    First experienced ALDI when I lived/worked in Southern Spain in 2008, then got to shop there regularly when I lived in Orlando. Now, living in SW Houston in the Westchase area, the closest ALDI to me is 8.5 miles away (17 miles round trip). I drive there first most weeks, but I’d love to have one closer to home!

    Please, please, please build more ALDIs in Houston!

    1. Sheila

      I WISH there was an Aldi 8.5 miles from me. Don’t complain. I will be driving 35+ miles (one way) to shop at the new store in Baxter, MN. I like Aldi that much!!

  70. karen in northwest indiana

    I have been shopping at Aldi’s from the mid 1980’s. Things have changed a lot at Aldi’s in those years, the biggest are that the cashiers don’t memorize the prices anymore and the variety has gone WAY up. Large corporations make Aldi’s products, many time on the same production line as they make their own name brand. The quality is always great and I have found that clipping and using coupons in other stores does not pay back in the time it takes any longer. Shopping is much simpler now and I bless the people who shop at other stores and refuse to shop Aldi’s because at least there are still places for me to park at Aldi’s! Jump in and enjoy.

  71. Maria

    Hi there. I just shopped in Aldi and got this cute basket with a strap. It comes in different colors, it’s durable, it’s a laundry basket and basket for food shopping right at Aldi. Clever !! I always find neat stuff for the house and the food is good quality and it fits my budget. The stores are well stock and clean….I love Aldi…

  72. Sid

    I LOVE that ALDI’s has great affordable prices. If it wasn’t for ALDI we would not have groceries. ALDI helps provide meals for me and my family and hopefully many others.Everyone needs to know about ALDI so they can help their family too

  73. High flyer

    Aldis has always been a winner. True, their products sometimes disappear, so grab when available! When our store opened, very few went…great for me!!!. Then the word got out. The place is always busy now. I used to have the store almost all to myself. Now, even at the other locations, busy, busy, busy. I hope no one is looking for perfection (there). Every business has its problems and quirks. Overall though, the store/chain is a solid winner. My main and serious concern(?), as anything gets bigger, and then too big, it loses. Quality (can) suffer, depending on where products happen to be made at that time. Every business gets a flat tire here and there; it’s normal. That does not mean that they’re automatically bad. If Also can keep a close eye on its quality and try not to compromise, it’ll survive the critics. People who do try them, after poo pooing them, wake up! Sure, they’re not full service, but customers that know, know that they are privileged to have one to shop in. Drives the competition nuts! Our local store is great! People here somewhat know each other, as a community. Service is always good, complaints handled with professionalism, quality assured, or your double money back, or product replaced and money back. I’ve gone back two times, and they almost throw themselves at you to satisfy your needs. I never take money back. I easily settle for replacement. The store has a genuine comfortable atmosphere to it. You are assured, comforted and respected. I sincerely hope they can maintain operations as they are. It simply works. When I travel, I search out a store and am never disappointed. It’s like home. People who do shop there know they have a good thing and don’t complain. We roll easily. To Also store #34, keep up the good work. Our community has adopted you as one of it own. Hats off.

  74. High flyer

    Sorry about the above misspelling of Aldi…I put “Also”. Blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other (har). Well it’s better than what a friend of mine saw on a bucket of black olives at a fast food place. He looked at the label, and KNEW something wasn’t right. What he eventually let his brain see somewhat shocked him. He almost laughed, but sighed instead. Instead of the correct spelling of “olives”, someone spelled it “all ofs”. Remember, this happened at a fast food joint. Scary! This is an observation of a fast food restaurant. I am super glad to say that the employees at Aldi are top notch at their jobs. It’s one reason the store runs so well. Again, hats off to the store

  75. Sarah

    I seriously don’t know how we would survive without ALDI, my husband is in school and we have a baby. I have two ALDIs in walking distance, but I never knew that some ALDI stores have beer and wine! None in Minnesota apparently, I have to go to Trader Joes for that. I wonder why that is?

  76. Nancy

    I really like shopping at your stores and have been doing so for many years in the Philly Pa area. Now there will be more here, which I like because some are even more convenient.
    My one complaint is that you are getting too many non food items, like toys, housewares, etc.
    It now takes up over 2 long isles where before it was only a small amount.
    Wish my stores had your low fat salted caramel ice cream, like in Largo, FL. It was really good.

  77. Richard Heroux

    My wife and I loved your chicken rice soup and the chicken cordon blue, both of which have
    disappeared in our Pasadena, MD store. We would love to see them return even if you raise the price.

  78. Matthew Kleinmann

    I like Aldi. We do about 80% of our shopping there. Their house brands are generally very good. Sometimes they stop stocking lines that I really like and that is a bit of a pain. Also please stop having the cashiers ask if we could find everything. I have never had any good come from it and it just ties up the line and is really pretty disingenuous. Also I am not sure where you get your produce from but it is on it’s last legs when you buy it “fresh”. A bag on onions will turn to mush in a week, Potatoes are not much better. Contrast that to the onions and potatoes we buy at the Amish market. $8.50 for a 50 pound bag of cull’s (odd sizes) and they will last for months. Ditto with the onions from the Amish.

    One other thing that is a bit annoying are the split cases of stuff. We buy in bulk and I always feel bad keeping the fridge door open for minutes on end while I sort out flats of just the yogurt flavors that I want. You need to be almost paranoid when you buy almond milk as they all almost look the same but they have 3 or 4 different varieties. If you are expecting sweetened vanilla and you get unsweetened regular it is a bit of a let down. Also the beans. God, we spend forever sorting out the garbanzo’s. Does anybody even buy the other beans? Ditto with the soups.

    An one last Q. We just got a fresh case of your albacore tuna. All in water. Some in silver topped cans and some in gold topped cans. Same size, same ingredients. How come one has more calories and protein than the other one? As far as I can tell they are the same product.

  79. Nancy Scheitlin

    Aldi’s sweet and salty bars are superior to any store brand. I am a nurse that works 12 hour shifts. Its a long day so i keep a box of the Millville sweet and salty bars in my locker. I LOVE the taste of these bars. I eat about 3-4 bars a day. since i have a box in my locker, I have started to offer them to other nurses, techs, doctors and basically anyone standing around that could use a snack. I am up to 2 boxes in my locker now. The taste is superior. Please never get rid of the Millville “Sweet and Salty” almond bars. Thank you for all your great products and your great prices.
    House rule, shop Aldi’s first!!!!

  80. Deb

    Yep, it was because of this guy and his crew that my experience at Aldi
    was NOT a pleasant one. It took me awhile to go back there, but I
    did realize it’s not the stores fault that this guy and his crew were
    pushy, rude and thought they owned the store……not really a good
    attitude when there are REAL customers trying to shop in there.

  81. lynn

    true story. a friend of mine complained about eating dinner out that cost $35.00. I said that with
    careful shopping at ALDIS, I could ear for a week on $35.00. I get to go every Wednesday. Great
    products and prices.

  82. Steve Nisbet

    I’ve been shopping at Aldi for years in Michigan, but have moved to the Myrtle Beach, SC area & there is no Aldi! Please, Aldi, expand into the 2nd fastest-growing area in the U.S.

    I love all the Aldi products for their quality & price. Milk is always the lowest price in the area. I’m back in Michigan now & will miss shopping at Aldi when I return to SC (sob).

  83. Rick Korb

    I was just at the regrand opening of the Fond du lac WI store. I,was 34 in line won a $10. But I started shopping aldi 27 years ago. Try this at a Wal-Mart store. Tell them your water melon that you bought 2 weeks ago tasted funny and you had to throw it out. At aldi. They give the cost of the melon back. You do find things that do taste funny there. But I also found things,at Wal-Mart and other store that taste funny. With the other stores you have to prove it with product and slip. Aldi just tell them. I would say we do 75 percent of our shopping at aldi.
    Another. Look at what’s in a can of soup at aldi. Now look at Campbell’s. OH MY ITS,THE SAME

  84. Bob

    Milk sours before expiration date constantly. No longer buying it there. The packages of cheese once opened, have to be eaten within 3 days or they constantly mold. I was told that by the manufacturer! German items are good but overpriced and in short supply. Most are not true German & made in the USA!

    1. CChelios

      I have been shopping at Aldi for over twenty years since they came to our community and have only had to take back two items. When they first opened, I purchased a package of sandwich buns that molded prematurely, and recently I had to take back a package of hamburger that smelled funny. I buy milk there because it is the cheapest around and have never had a problem with it (stays fresh for weeks). I would say that two items returned in over twenty years is a darn good record!

  85. Robert

    It’s a very good place to do your grocery shopping. I like the way they let their cashiers sit down at the cash register to check the customers. They could use a little male help at that position but the girls are just fine.

  86. Ruth

    Hey Aldi! I love your stores!!! Not long ago I happened across some juice, Nature’s Nectar Mango Tangerine flavor. This stuff tastes like rainbows and fairy dust and bright morning sunshine! Anyway, I bought the last 4 bottles from my local store (#13 in Fredericksburg, VA), and they haven’t had any since. Can you maybe send more our way?

  87. Ronnie

    Our store here in steubenville oh that my family visits is pretty close to how the videos are, they run a really tight ship down there, friendly but they keep themselves busy. Aldi is probably the only company in the world where I don’t feel ‘raked over the coals’ when doing business with them. They simply cut cost but not corners. The quality of food is superb, particularly when taking into consideration the price. Aldi will not alway have the cheapest price compared to some no name brand at some other store, but rest assured the quality of that item will be on par or better than the name brand version at the other store and still far cheaper. Pretty simple philosophy it seems. Try to feed their customers quality products regardless of their budget. Beautiful.

  88. Jennie

    What I love best about Aldi is everything! We go there first every grocery trip. We get most of our things there. Anything left over on the list, then we’ll do somewhere else to find it. Also I like it when people pronounce the name AL DI correctly. At what point in our language did AL spell the sound for All. All sounds like all. Al sounds like Al. It’s not that hard. Then again I hear hoards of people say ‘Elvis Prezley’ when it is really Presley.

    1. Nancy Giddings

      I have a house near Tyler, Tx. My banker at SSB told me today that there is a new Aldi’s opening up in the old Discount grocery store that Brookshire owns. I have never shopped there, but he told me that it’s a larger store, the size of the Albertson’s near Paluxy. in Tyler, will be a huge difference, concerning the great prices,and friendly crew , they are known for keeping. I’m just glad that there is one located in Conroe, Texas! I’m about 15 miles away, but with the route there, is atrocious! I-45 has gotten to where we dread driving on it,that is an extremely dangerous area .Now, an Aldi’s in The Woodlands, would be welcomed and truly appreciated . Tons of potential clients await your arrival! Thanks!

  89. Elaine Gannnon

    I love to go to Aldi, I find the German Chocolate candy the best. I love to go into the store every week to find new gadgets for sale. Everything for the home. Great, great prices. If you see something you like, you better grap in then, because the next day or week that product is sold out. Thanks Aldi’s

    1. Eileen Silverstein

      I agree…the weekly specials are amazing! I’ve become a hoarder because I have to stock on those specials before they’re gone.

  90. Christopher Mauldin

    Hi there I live in Moreno Valley California the Home of Aldi’s Brand New
    Headquarters and I just wanted to take this moment to say welcome to
    the neighborhood thanks for coming to our region &
    choosing this city as your starting point ^_^

    while I’ve never had the opportunity to shop at you guys before now
    I look forward to getting the chance very soon I’ve heard a lot of
    good things about you and your companies commitment to quality
    and it’s customers but most importantly as someone currently
    living on a fixed low income this news Of California expansion has
    me very happy we just lost The last remenimts of the failure that
    was fresh & easy previously my (very expensive source) for buying
    organic/home made goods and some harder to find specialty item
    good for my Cooking needs before they had one only ten minutes
    Away from our font door Recently closed now anyway there isn’t
    too many options within walking distance of where I stay and I’m
    unable to drive a car so while fresh and easy was very expensive
    loosing that store in our neighborhood hit me pretty bad leaving
    a huge void to be filled nicely by aldi especially seeing a few of
    Thoese products can now be purchased at aldi’s for a mear
    fraction of what I’m more accustomed to paying for them

  91. Practice Aloha

    Love ALDI!! Love Ben Bailey!! Great combination. Ben, you need to go on the road for ALDI. Please come to my Port Saint Lucie, Florida ALDI… I’ll be happy to push your cart!

  92. Jerome Black

    Just spent two hours standing outside the grand opening of other ALDI store in Ionia, Mi. Got in line #92 of first 100, chance to win gift certificate at 9:00 am doors opening. Well my life story, lady #91 in front won one of four $100. No problem had a great (cold) old time meeting new people, seeing how I only move in to area this pass April. Got my brand new grocery bag and went to shopping, employee’s were nice, working hard to make my visit a good one. Store was well stocked and pricing was just as I expected. Look foreword to a revisit when the wife gives me grocery list to work with. Lookout BIG groceries retailers on the west side M-66, ALDI is here to stay. Happy Person!

  93. Chaka Ferrell

    It is with great pleasure that the residents of the City of Moreno Valley welcomes Aldi Corporate Offices to our community. We appreciate the employment opportunities that you will provide to residents of this great City and we look forward to seeing what other commitments and/or benefits you will provide the community in the near future.

    Hopefully, Aldi can partner with the local Autism advocate groups and provide employment opportunities for disabled adults as well. See a person’s A-B-I-L-I-T-Y, not their disability.

    Once again, welcome to the City of Moreno Valley, CA.

  94. cheryl

    I LOVE ALDI’S In years past, I used to shop Aldi’s when I lived in Ohio and in New Port Rickey, FL. I shopped with my sons at the Champlin, MN, store. It was then that when I realized how nice the store was compared to the Save-A-Lot stores here in Cape Coral/Ft Myers, FL, area. I miss the nice produce and selection you have. When are you opening a store in Cape Coral area???

    We have a growing area in here Cape Coral where I currently live. At Veterans Blvd and Skyline near the Home Depot is a fast growning area. In the past 3 years, we have a new Firestone Tires, DQ, Dollar Tree and now an O’Reilly Auto store is being built. It would be a PERFECT area for a new Aldi’s!! There are numerous lots for sale! We only have Walmart Neighborhood Store and Publix in this immediate area.

    PLEASE consider a store here as we have many people in South West Cape Coral who would shop there. We are a growing area and have many new homes being build here in the past 2 years…. and they continue building!

    Sincerely Serious, Thank You

    P,S. Also, I would be very willing to work there!!

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Cheryl – We want to be where our ALDI fans are located and appreciate your desire to have an ALDI near you! We’ll pass your suggestion on to our real estate team.

  95. Patty

    We’re snowbirds and love our Aldi store in Urbandale IA but missed it when in Florida. Can hardly wait for the new Lake Park FL store to open so I can stock up for our 6 months here. We now have warm weather, beach and Aldi! So glad you picked this location. Your employees will soon know us by name!

  96. Keith M

    After perusing your website and watching the entertaining videos of Ben Bailey I wish we had an Aldi store on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, preferably Ocean Springs, MS. The MS Gulf Coast is a large market and you would be the only high-quality discount chain here. (Wal-Mart does not count!) I know you have some stores in the extreme north end of the state, but when are you planning on arriving on the coast?

  97. Wendy Grotheer

    I’m excited …. they are building an Aldi’s right across the Hwy from my business here in Tyler, Texas … I’ve never shopped at one but from what I hear, I will be. Can’t wait! They are still doing ground work as of right now but once they start the building, I know it won’t take long!

  98. Timothy

    The prices at Aldi are insane. Often times their store brand beats the name brand at the box stores for quality and price. I LOVE ALDI…and have since the 80s

  99. Virginia

    I have heard/read so many wonderful things about ALDI that I finally went to the Woodbridge, VA store to see what the buzz was all about. I bought 4 things that I’ve never seen elsewhere, and those we have tried have been pretty good, but I was really disappointed in the store setting. It was dirty, dingy, smelled a little off which made me not want to purchase much. I felt like the store needed a good scrubbing, from the floors, to the checkout conveyor belts and clutter on the bagging counter…..Maybe I was there on a bad day? I’m not sure I’d go back to that particular ALDI. If I’m being honest, I did not know about the chains on the carts–and found them bit off-putting at first. I can understand and get over the chain, but I’m not willing to give a pass on a dirty grocery store. 🙁 Maybe ALDI USA can do something.

  100. Lura Brown

    i had the pleasure of shopping at ALDI when I visit my daughter in Canton, GA. The products and prices are incredible. I live in California and just found out yesterday that ALDI is coming to Vista, CA where i live. I plan on applying for a job there and hope that I get hired. ALDI not only is a great store but they are very good to their employees. Wishing and hoping i get hired there but even if I dont I for sure will be doing a happy dance just to be able to shop there and enjoy the savings. I look forward to the store opening in March!!!

  101. Tony

    I’m visiting from Europe where we having shopped in Aldi for the last three years. The savings versus the “big four” (Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda (owned by Walmart)) are 30-40% over traditional brands, yet there is no sacrifice of quality. Fresh produce stays fresh and doesn’t go rotten after one week. Was intrigued to see a store in upstate NY whilst here so popped in to check it out. The Chocuer chocolate was the same, some of the Specially Selected range and maybe some of the cold cut meats. In the UK the trolley system takes a £1 (about $1.50) and it is possible to take a hand basket if you only want a handful but it has to be left at the checkout once finished. We can also pay with credit cards although this only happened in the last 18 months or so. Love them, and they will be rewarded with all our grocery budget!! PS – Just purchased their Activity Tracker and it’s fab, half the price of a Fitbit too.

  102. Ilse krause

    My husband and I recently moved from PA to CA and our deepest regret was that there was no Aldi nearby. So our daughter sent us care packages with Aldi chocolate and cookies and most of all COFFEE ! I grew up in Germany so these Aldi goodies were always a little piece of home. But we also love their other products, their no frills set-up, and their prices. Hearing that new stores will be coming to our area made my day. Actually my week! Lol

  103. D Stowe

    Years ago, Aldi kept my family fed while I was in college with good prices and good food. I still shop there for the same reasons and because they offer different cusines that introduces me to new foods. I love Aldi.

  104. Kay Robertson

    Absolutely love my Aldi store here in Easley SC. I can say I have never bought anything I did not like. I am a widow on fixed income & appreciate the prices. I could not afford to shop at some of the other stores in my area. Always amazed at how much more I can get for my money. Thanks ALDI, You make my shopping a pleasure.

  105. tricia caley

    i would love to come back and shop at your store but since i am HANDICAPPED NOW AND CANNOT WALK VERY WELL IT MAKES HARD TO SHOP WHEN YOU WON’T GET ANY ELECTRIC WHEEL CHAIRS ALSO MART CARTS…..SO PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT WHEN YOU ARE in the store and see someone struggling to walk and need to sit it might be wise if you get them..

  106. Eileen Silverstein

    I disagree that Aldi can save you up to 50%; they can save you MORE than 50%! The Korma sauce that I bought for $1.99 at Aldi was the same size as the Korma sauce at another supermarket that sold for $6.99! The delicious Butternut Squash pasta sauce that Aldi sells every fall for $2.50 per jar has the identical ingredients and is the same size jar as Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce which retails for around $7.99 per jar at a competitor’s store. My savings have been up to 75% off traditional supermarket prices. My husband and I do about 75-80% of our weekly grocery shopping at Aldi and are completely satisfied with the prices and outstanding quality.

  107. Susan Reik

    I started out buying little things like cereal and eggs then moved on to frozen, fresh and now I just buy everything I need there including my meat. Of course I go to others stores, I think everyone does. But I love Aldi it’s my first choice always, and now I’ve turned my daughter into an Aldi shopping machine. I can get some of the coolest items for example a guitar!!!! I love going to the store and I save save save so much money. Thank you for bring it to Ohio and the Dayton/Cincinnati area!!! It’s great!!

  108. B Dunsmore

    The website shows unheard of low prices. Seriously! I have a quarter that’s not busy, and lots of environmental grocery bags. They are about to open an Aldi in the Moreno Valley/Riverside, CA area. …I CAN’T WAIT !!!! 🙂

  109. Julia

    I love Aldi, grew up with it in Germany. When we moved to MI I was ecstatic to find out that there is Aldi here. It is part of my weekly morning routine to pop in and get what I need. What I can’t there i go elsewhere, but it is usually not much. Now we will be moving to San Antonio, TX this summer. There is no Aldi there. The closest one is 160 miles away. There is one big grocery chain, that keeps the prices where they like because there is no competition. We need some lower price competition for HEB. There are tons of Aldi’s all over Houston and Dallas!
    PLEASE>>>> consider the market in San Antonio!!!
    Also, please put some german product in your regular assortment that you can find in every german household. Like Bread, Mustard, Ketchup, Zwieback, Joghurt, Maggi and Knorr Sauces and some german licorice. How about the Milchschnitte and Fruchtzwerge? Why do I have to go to world market to buy that stuff when I have a german grocer? I appreciate the German weeks and they are awesome. But why not have more and on a continuing basis? So many fellow Germans have expressed the same views. We would shop even more it if was available, and I think Americans would love it just as much!
    Can’t live without Aldi!
    You guys are the best!
    Our store is always clean, staff is friendly and fast!

  110. Christine Ravizza

    I would love to see an Aldi store in the southeastern area of Virginia Beach, VA, perhaps close to the municipal center/courthouse area! Are there any stores planned for Virginia Beach in the near future?

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Christine – We want to be where our ALDI fans are located and appreciate your desire to have an ALDI near you! We’ll pass your suggestion on to our real estate team.

  111. Michael Moffatt

    Looking forward to having one in Simi Valley, CA (opening soon!). Also – couldn’t help but be reminded on how much I loved Cash Cab! Wish they’d bring that back.

  112. Martha Maynard

    I love Aldi! First went to one in Ohio when visiting my sister. Started going to one In WV while staying there and loved it. Fabulous selections and love the prices. I would shop for family favorites to bring to SC to family members. A new store has opened fairly close to our area. Couldn’t be more pleased useless Aldi would open one up next door to me. lol

  113. Annelore

    we love Aldi’s was born to shop at Aldi’s in Germany,so we know Aldi’s and love everything they have,never need much not sure why we spent so much when we leave and we love everything they carry.To put the Carts away is a great deal that way they won’t roll into any Cars

  114. Mindy

    Love that I can just stop in after the gym and grab any items I need and be out of there in like 15 min and know that I paid less then I would have anywhere else! Great that your doing credit cards now. once I couldn’t send my hubs because he didn’t know the pin to his debit card. 🙁

  115. Lenna Traylor

    There isn’t a thing that I don’t like about Aldi. I can’t remember when I didn’t shop there except when living where there wasn’t one. Their stores are clean, the workers are always busy, fast to check you out, or happy to help you find something. I’d say they earn their money. I don’t remember getting anything from Aldi that I haven’t liked. Love the store.


  116. Marianne Adkins

    My 1st visit to ‘Adli’s’ was quick in quick out! Someone told me to check out there selection of breads, so I did and I was impressed, couldn’t wait to go back! I did and I love it! It’s small, well thought out, w/the selections of al,most everything. I love the quick check out, and the prices are great!!! I will only visit Kroger when there is something I can’t find at ‘Aldi’s’. I made an Anti Pasta plater and everyone loved it..It was my brother’s 60th. Count me in, just hope you stay in town.

  117. Patty Elizalde

    A new ALDI is opening in La Puente , CA … with most Albertsons, Ralphs, and Vons gone now it has been really difficult to grocery shop.. Trying to avoid buying bulk items at Costco( too full and too many looki loo at the free sample ), and staying out Wal-mart ( too messy and lines are always huge) has been difficult. With that said I am looking foward to ALDI! Never been in one but I welcome it!!!

  118. Robert

    No credit cards accepted is a deal breaker for our family. I like credit cards. Debit cards are not safe.
    We pay our credit card off on time every month so it’s more a cash substitute card that we accumulate air miles with fast. In fact we are going to Europe in the spring on air miles.
    We have a Winco nearby, very similar to Aldi, no credit cards. We only use it for a few items.
    If Aldi starts accepting credit cards we will use them.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Robert! Thanks for your feedback. We’re excited that we finally accept credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

    2. Katie Cugini

      I am not sure where you bank but our bank totally reimbursed us when someone got a hold of our debit card and charged airplane tickets to Mexico for 2500. From what I have been told this is pretty common for banks to reimburse people. The other benefit is you can not spend more than what is in your account!

  119. Craig Vickers

    Going to Aldi is a lot like going fishing. You never know what special is on the shelf. One was dark chocolate super berries-reg. $3.99-sale price $.10. I still have a couple of dozen in my freezer. Others: Hot salsa-jar-regular or habanero-$.10; European loaf-tastes a lot like fruit cake but with almonds and raisins-regular $3.99 loaf-$.05. Don’t miss wild caught salmon-$3.99 lb.; canned veggies $.35 to $.49; milk and eggs are always cheaper than Walmart, etc. This was in Enid, OK.

  120. goku

    I would like to see a aldi’s in troy ohio, we have one to the north,south,east & west, but when you have to drive a distance to get there it contradicts the reason for going to a discount store.

  121. Debbie

    I drive 45 miles one way to shop Aldi. It is the closest one to me and even with gas prices so high I still save about 60 to 80 every 2 weeks. I love the fact they rotate out items. That way I am forced not to feed my family the same old thing everytime. They care all the basics and I make my menus according to what they have. We eat better and even the kids love the food. I love, love, love Aldis and the recipes you supply on your website. I can find a new recipe for anything I purchase there. We have Wal Mart and Brookshires locally but one is too high and even with price matching the other will remove items from the shelves so they don’t have too. It’s a peaceful drive to Corsicana Texas and the people there are so nice and the store is so clean and well organized. Have other people shopping there now too. Love, Love, Love Aldi. and love the fact you now off your $10.00 coupons recently. Love Love Love Aldi

  122. Mary Beth

    When will you be opening stores in the San Diego area. The closest store is 86 miles away. We recently moved from Chicago, and I could choose from many Aldi stores, depending on where I was going.

  123. Edward Willis

    I disagree with the person who said ATM card use is not Safe !
    I lost my card at a gas station and my bank reimbursed all of the
    fraudulent purchases the next day. I guess my bank is different
    than yours . I use my ATM card for everything , especially grocery
    shopping . If you don’t have $$$ in the account it wont work …..
    People can file BANKRUPTCY on CREDIT cards which leaves
    a creditor with a negative balance ! CARRY cash, it is what our
    economy runs on , credit is only for Large purchases , Cars and Houses !

    1. Vera H.

      Could not agree more with everything you said: I had my debit card stolen, and my bank reimbursed the full amount the thieves had charged on it (not having a pin, they used it like a credit card). I also believe that cash keeps us connected to the value of “money”. When it’s gone, we see how much we have spent. Not the case with credit cards.

  124. Vera H.

    I don’t know why there isn’t an Aldi store in Tupelo Mississippi – there are several of them in Alabama (where I live), but I only get to them occasionally, since I live on the Mississippi state line. It is THE grocery store!! Great quality, fantastic prices. I spend several months each year in Germany, where I shop at Aldi exclusively. I’d like to do the same here. There are many German car suppliers in the Tupelo area, so lots of Germans are looking for Aldi stores!
    Please consider!

  125. gary patterson

    I used to shop Aldi several times a week for myself and two handicapped neighbors. Now I am unable to shop without the aid on an electric shopping cart –so now 3 of us are no longer customers and forced to use the big mart store [ hate it !! ] which provides a few electric carts. They now get all the handicapped shoppers in our area and many others — and we have money to spend!! Could ALDI please consider helping bring us back to your stores!!?? I can not walk— BUT I can reach and shop and SPEND– but your help is needed. I can’t physically carry a cart to your store but I can spend in your store if you help me and OTHERS!! Thank you. Every day this option is not offered is store profit lost. The 3 of us average about $100-$150. per month EACH in grocery sales– multiply us by hundreds that could use this valuable help. 5-20-2016

  126. William Goldberg

    Thanks for coming to Sioux Falls, SD Aldi. I used to shop at Aldi when I lived in Raleigh, NC and missed it, so it was so nice to see you came to Sioux Falls. Problem is it’s so popular around here they might want to consider opening up another store on the east side of town.

  127. Jennifer Alvarado

    Love this! Ben Bailey is hilarious! We love Aldi and wouldn’t go anywhere else. My kids love to carry the quarter to the carts. Bringing our own reusable bags has taught even our 3 year old a valuable lesson. She got a little canvas bag as part of a prize and now uses it when she plays with her kitchen saying, “Look at my shopping bag!” So glad we have so many close by that it is easy to stop and pick up things and know we are getting a great price for quality items! Keep up the good work!

  128. Sherri Jernigan

    What’s not to love at Aldi’s!!! The videos are informative and great fun — love Ben Bailey!!!

    I use my debit card, never a problem! There’s always great anticipation when heading to Aldi’s. I grab my bags (bought from Aldi and I have quite a few since I forget them so often 🙂 and go looking for new items and great prices. The weekly special buys are always awesome! The produce is especially nice and there are always some phenomenally priced items to take advantage of.

    I’m just thrilled that I have two Aldi’s near me!

    1. Marilyn Hernandez

      My daughter lives in California and I live in Illinois. She bought me a gift card in California and sent it to me in Illinois. I cannot use the card here. I am very disappointed. I love to shopping at Aldi’s. When will Illinois get to purchase gift cards?

  129. Marty

    I am a recent Aldi convert so I am still learning how best to shop the store. I have the luxury of having an Aldi, Fareway, and Hy-Vee all within a few miles of my home. I have developed a circuit for my grocery shopping. I begin at Aldi and buy everything on my list that I can. Next, I swing to Fareway, primarily for my meat purchases, and then on to Hy-Vee to buy anything that I cannot find at any of the other two stores. I am finding that I purchase more and more of my grocery items at Aldi. The quality of the Aldi brands truly are equal or superior to many of the name brand items I had been purchasing.

    After yesterday, I may be changing my meat purchasing decisions. Fareway is known for their meat counter and that is where I purchased the majority of my meat. Unfortunately, Fareway is not open on Sundays so I could not purchase the planned steaks for our Sunday dinner. I was in a bit of a hurry and did not want to bother with stopping at Hy-Vee so I picked up two strip steaks at Aldi. I was extremely impressed with the tenderness and flavor of these steaks. I did not say anything to my wife about where I purchased them and after a couple bites she asked, “Where did you get the steaks?” I told her Aldi. She replied with, “You have to be kidding me! These are great steaks. I knew they couldn’t have been from Hy-Vee so I figured Fareway but didn’t remember you going there yesterday.”

    Based on this, I will have to give your Never Any brand whole chickens a try. I just wish they were air chilled rather than water chilled.

    Thanks Aldi!

  130. Michelle Donnatien

    We would like an Aldi in Delaware! The closest one is in Elkton, Maryland and that’s over an hour away. Aldi would be good in Northern and Southern Delaware. People love low prices and great produce!

  131. Teri Marie

    I just got an ad for a new store opening soon in my neighborhood. I am looking forward to checking it out. I am a true critic because I am a top cashier at another food market. This will be fun. And I also received a $5 coupon!

  132. Kathyj

    I love the fact that you can use a credit card now. I can track what I spend each month and my statement breaks it down for me. (Always pay it off monthly, though.) The only way to have a credit card and it also helps with your credit score). I never liked using my debit card and never carried cash, now I can shop more at Aldi’s. Also like paying less and enjoy the fresh produce to eating healthy.
    Thank you Aldi’s

  133. CrazyinCT

    ALDI IS AWESOME!!!! I love it! I love it! I love it!!! You absolutely cannot beat the quality or prices. It doesn’t get any better than this. My only wish is that they had even more products at these great prices and that they had a location closer to where I live. Otherwise, It’s my favorite store to shop!

  134. Cindi Sharpe

    I love Aldi’s and they do take credit cards in Arlington, Texas. The fruit is great and they have great prices on all there products. I just wish they would buitd another Aldi’s in Arlington, Texas . First I go to Walmart and then I go to Aldi’s. I just love that store….lol

  135. Cassandra Ridenhour

    I’m constantly preaching Aldi to my friends and family. The consistent good quality, the low prices, and the small stores keep me coming back. Plus, I love the surprise of the weekly specials. I pick up the weekly newspaper just for the Aldi flyer.
    Thanks for making shopping enjoyable instead of a dreaded chore!

  136. Dee

    I love Aldi grocery. They have a better return policy than most other places I know. I wish there was one of those stores in my dinky *lil town to compete against Wal*mart cuz we need that. That’s ok I would rather go out of my way & go up to NYS Aldi opposed to walking 1/8 of a mile to the other store I mentioned. Always awesome Aldi. Good catch phrase I think. Of course the store is going to get some bad reviews, cuz anymore I really don’t know what biz doesn’t. Thank-you again.

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  138. Scott P.

    Went to the ALDI store in Royal Palm Beach FL. where I live for the first time today and I wasn’t aware of the .25 cart deposit and I had no change, I didn’t know about the NO shopping bags provided as well. I walked in a bit frustrated, walked over to a cashier and she quickly smiled, lent me a quarter and said I will find an empty box to use this time around. Then I went shopping…I became very aware of the friendly people that worked for ALDI and their willingness to calm any fear I had of not knowing how to navigate and take advantage of what ALDI shopping was about. I realized that with ALDI you must learn the “groove” of an ALDI store to take advantage of all ALDI has to offer. I shopped and got a few ALDI brand items as well as VERY GOOD priced produce and the BEST prices on Red, Yellow & Green peppers I have seen in many years for the quality that ALDI offered. I went home put things away, opened up the can of The Chef’s Cupboard “Chunky” New England Style Calm Chowder and proceeded to eat it cold out of the can…It was outstanding !!! I came on this webpage to leave this comment and can’t wait to try the other Items I bought. I will be going back tomorrow armed with a quarter and my shopping bag.

  139. Charles Dunn

    You know it would take too long to list all of the quality items…..Been going to Aldi’s for years… I want to thank you for allowing me to put a weeks worth of food on the table instead of going out for dinner… and people dont believe me…… sometimes folks….things can be to good to be true…
    Oh…the return policy is the best ever….. Thank You…
    Charles D.



  140. Brandon

    I go to the ALDI in Fairport, NY. It is a new ALDI store and has been open for only a few months, I believe. During my trip to the store, I was greeted by friendly people coming out of the store, as well as a cheerful staff indoors. As far as having a quarter available, it is unneeded at this store. People are so friendly that they see you coming to shop at ALDI and lend you the cart. ( Maybe not all the time, but it happened twice to me. I pass on the generosity and do the same every time I shop.) No quarter necessary. I have been to this ALDI on a weekly basis and it is always the same, FRIENDLY PEOPLE, amazing produce, good deals, GREAT PRICES, and overall friendly feeling. It takes all the stress out of food shopping coming here. And not only that, they keep the place so fresh and clean. It is an absolute joy to go shop at ALDI. (And the Ben Bailey videos are so funny. I do love him.)

  141. Suzemagoo of Melbourne Florida

    * Steady Quality * Good Pricing * Friendly Service *
    Can’t have one without the other and ALDI has both, er, I mean …. ALL THREE!

  142. Rosie S.

    The featured weekly household items is what I search for first. I’ve gotten many nice items. Also the produce prices beat out all other markets. Great prices on plants too. And now I can get cash back when I use my card. Saves me a trip to the ATM.

  143. Paul Albright

    We Love Aldi, we shop there 2-3 times a week. 2 miles from our house. Excellent food and prices. Oue store is a 5 isle store, a little small. Needs to be a little bigger.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Elizabeth! It’s great you want ALDI near you! We sent a <3 note on your behalf to our real estate team. Thanks again!

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  145. C

    Hi, I love aldi a lot. Used to shop there in Europe, I was surprised when I found one close to me. However I bought a coffee grinder last year or two, I tried it once and it packed up.called the company and didn’t get anyone .

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      We’re sorry to hear about this, C. Please contact our Customer Service team for help at

  146. Sue Berry

    I finally got to shop at Aldis at the new store in Cartersville Georgia. WoW! I finally get to buy items I could not afford at ALL THE OTHER STORES. Please d/n change. Thank You

  147. Dannette Pagel

    My family discovered Aldi when my father was stationed in Germany in the early 80’s. Five years later we discovered that there was one in the town that we lived in, and at the time it was a god send, as money was tight at the time. fast forward to now, I am a Mom now, and enjoy introducing friends and my extended family to the value and quality that you ind at Aldi. I also miss the chocolate from Europe and have been happy to find it there as well, and well with in my price range.
    If you are looking for good quality produce at prices that almost everybody can afford, Aldi is the place to go.

  148. Marilyn Louise Fair

    i’m a senior citizen, am disabled & on crutches…….is there any possibility of your offering electric carts?The only way I can shop is with an electric cart as I can’t walk at all without my crutches. I used to shop at Aldis…..but have been on crutches for 13 years, after being struck by lightning. I drive 25 miles down to Elkhart, IN to go to Walmart to shop. You are building a new store in Elkhart, IN, on the corner of Co. Rd. 6 and Emerson Dr. Is there any chance that you would be able to offer electric carts? This is not a luxury……but a necessity to us handicapped persons. Please consider this request.

    Thank you!

  149. Patrick Welch

    regarding Aldi,s on Memorial Drive in Chicopee, Mass..
    This location does not provide electric scooter type shopping carts.
    I have written earlier but got no response.
    Other Aldi locations do have them. I require one when I shop.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Patrick- Thank you for voicing your concerns. We’ll share this request with the appropriate department so they’re made aware of the situation.

  150. Wanda

    Aldi , How about some vegan stuff that would be the complete package….like vegan cheeses and vegan pantry items that would take you over the top from other supermarkets. Vegan nation is growing world wide and we need supermarkets to keep up with us …right now great numbers of vegans are shopping online for their vegan fresh/pantry needs.

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