Boozy Football Bites

January 19, 2016 – From cold weather tailgates to cozy couches and big screens, we’re dishing out all your favorite boozy football bites for the big game. These touchdown-worthy combinations will have you (and your friends) showing off their end zone celebration dances._ALDI_JAN_SuperBowl_BeerPairing_2 (2)

Kinroo Blue Belgian White Ale with Loaded Potato Skins
While this Belgian witbier may have a summer feel, the fruit citrus taste is aperfect match for the different cheeses you can use to load up this potato appetizer!

Monterrey Cerveza with Buffalo Wings
The teamwork of the honey and hops of this Guatemalan drink results in a sweet taste that can take on the fire of this wing dish.

Revolution Harbor Boston Lager with Mini Meat Loaves
Between the caramel malt and delicate hop finish, this brew is a winning choice to this mini, but mighty, meat recipe.

Bacher Lager with Crunchy Bites
The refreshing finish of this Belgian’s aroma flavors of mild malt is strategic to this spicy and crunchy bite.

Boot Tread Belgian Amber Ale with Big Game Potato Poppers
The fresh cascade, saaz hops, biscuit malts and hint of roasted caramel takes the win for bringing out the flavor in this big game party favorite.

Have another winning combination? Tell us your game day strategy in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Boozy Football Bites

  1. Jran

    Love the Imperium Lager. Served it to a friend and thought it was Stella Artois. Great with Gruyere on crackers (all from Aldi). Love Boot Tread also.

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