Score and save with ALDI finds for your big game party!

Big Game Menu Three Ways

January 27, 2017 – With just a few days left before kickoff, we’re here to let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to be a big spender to put on a big game bash. Whatever your budget, ALDI has you covered with mouthwatering snacks, delicious dips and fresh, high-quality meat—all for a whole lot less than the opposing team.

Are you ready to do your touchdown dance? Entertaining is easy with ready-made menus at your perfect price point:

Under $10

It’s 30 minutes ’til game time and your friends just called to say, “Surprise! We’re coming over.” This menu is for you, Party Pro. Ask ’em to BYOB and set out this surefire spread of chips and dips:A spread of ALDI chips and dips for 10 dollars and under, including tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole.

  • Clancy’s Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips – $0.99
  • Clancy’s Big Dipper Tortilla Chips – $1.49
  • Little Salad Bar Fresh Salsa – Medium or Hot – $1.99
  • Little Salad Bar Original Style Guacamole – $2.49
  • Clancy’s Cheese Dip – $1.99
  • Brookdale Chili With Beans – $0.99
    • TOTAL: $9.94

Under $20

The big game and finger foods go together like savings and ALDI. Set up these bad boys and let the compliments roll in:A spread of ALDI finger foods for $20 and under including Pepperoni Pizza Snacks, Pretzel Slims, Crackers and red grapes.

  • Fit & Active Meatballs – $3.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s Pepperoni Pizza Snacks – $1.99
  • Clancy’s Original Pretzel Slims – $1.69
  • Little Salad Bar Hummus Quartet – $3.49
  • Savoritz Buttery Round Crackers – $1.59
  • Red Grapes – $2.99
  • Happy Farms Cheese Cubes – $1.99
    • TOTAL: $17.73


Under $30

If the sweet sounds of referee whistles have you itching to break out the grill, this menu is for you. Fresh meat and all the fixin’s at the low ALDI prices you love:A spread of ALDI party foods under $30 including Grass Fed Beef, chicken wings and kettle cooked chips.

  • Simply Nature Organic Grass Fed Beef – $5.49
  • Happy Farms American Cheese Singles – $1.49
  • L’oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls – $1.99
  • Clancy’s Original Kettle Chips – $1.49
  • Kirkwood Chicken Wings – $8.99
  • Tuscan Garden Buttermilk Ranch Dressing – $1.29
  • Burman’s Ketchup – $1.49
  • Burman’s Mustard – $0.99
  • Burman’s Original BBQ Sauce – $0.99
  • Lettuce – $0.89
  • Celery – $0.99
  • Baby Carrots – $0.99
  • Cauliflower – $1.99
    • TOTAL: $29.07

If you need some recipe inspiration for that big spread above check out our Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef Sliders with Crazy Condiments and Tailgate Party Wing Match Up recipes!

Visit our store locator to find your closest ALDI to grab these and more touchdown-worthy bites.

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26 thoughts on “Big Game Menu Three Ways

  1. Frann

    Heard Aldo’s is opening in Hackensack. I’ll certainly visit because I’ve heard good things about store. Do you have an opening date ?

    1. Reba Voss

      I’d appreciate being able to get chicken &/or turkey gravy year round. We use it to make “KFC” chicken bowls at home…often!!!!

  2. Nancy

    Johnstown, Pa Aldi is always out of stock and not a clean store that surrounding area Aldi’s display. What is the problem here.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Rise! It’s great you want ALDI near you! We sent a <3 note on your behalf to our real estate team. Thanks again!

  3. James Ceres

    I love your stores my favorite is on Rt 35 in Hazlet,NJ. The store has a lot of different items in a smaller sized bldg. It’s great not to walk through endless aisles found in competitors new supersized stores. The staff are hard workers and very friendly and helpful. Oh yeah, your prices are great too!

  4. Helen Muir

    Please, Please look into bringing an Aldi’s to Newport or Derby Vermont. My boyfriend and I work in Newport during the week and drive home to Arlington Vermont ( near the Bennington store). The must do for our two days at home is to go to Aldi’s to shop. We bring it back to Newport with us on Sunday. Please bring one up here. I miss it so during the week. I love your store. I am a vegetarian and your have delicious veggie food I can’t find anywhere else.

    Helen Muir

  5. dancy moxley

    Shopped here a couple weeks ago, They have Great prices!! Spent a 180.00 dollars and had a buggy slap full,including meats too.The food looks good, and is good!! We will be back! Thanks ALDI USA

  6. Patricia Rebholz

    Thanks for all of your Gluten Free items! You have more GF than ANY of the larger stores (Kroger, Walmart, Meijer) in my area. Wish you had GF buns and GF rye type bread – both delicious and they break up the monotony. I shop at the Forest Park, OH store. Love it. The workers are friendly and helpful always.


    We are snow birds in Brooksville FA. We see a new store opening here , and we’re so excited, we hope they open before we go back to Erie,PA.on April 1st. We use our ALDI’S weekly at home and love the prices and the products.

  8. Elaine Harms

    We are so happy to see the Aldis in Menifee, now if you can put one in Hemet, CA it will be much more convenient for us. We spend the winter here and miss our Aldis in Marshalltown, Iowa.

  9. Mary Ann Robert

    Could you tell me when the store in Cape Coral, Florida. We saw a sign in a store window but since then it was removed. Could you tell me when and where?

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