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AldiStore_Produce_Aisle_Angle_PSeptember 23, 2015 – As loyal ALDI shoppers know, shopping at ALDI is a unique experience. We do everything we can to pass savings down to our Simply Smarter Shoppers, including things like quarter-for-a-cart and our select assortment of ALDI-exclusive products. Instead of offering coupons, we offer low prices EVERY day at up to 50%* less than national brands.

Despite the everyday perks you enjoy at ALDI, there is one day where being an ALDI shopper is just a little extra sweet: the day Special Buys go on sale! Every week at ALDI, we introduce a new selection of Special Buys** for our shoppers, where you might find savvy items like an Electric Wok or Kitchen Living Juice Extractor.

To be sure you don’t miss out, visit your local ALDI as early as possible when a new Special Buy item goes on sale – once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can see what Special Buys are coming to ALDI each week by visiting our website or checking your local ad to get the scoop.

What’s the coolest Special Buy you’ve ever found at ALDI? Tell us in the comments!

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national competitors.

**Available while quantities last. All products may not be available in all stores. Prices subject to change.

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61 thoughts on “Best Day to Shop ALDI

  1. Louise

    My family will only eat off of white dishes we searched multiple store looking for the best set with a sensible price, I found just what we needed at Aldi’s.

  2. Albert

    I honesty can say that I’ve never bought something from Aldi that I wasn’t satisfied with! But the purchase that stands out is the Kitchen Living brand slow cooker/pressure cooker appliance…..WOW! after I bought it, I looked at Wal Mart and BB&B to comparison shop, and NO ONE even makes something that does both! It works fantastically! Bravo, Aldi, bravo.

    1. Judith

      Yes indeed. I have been using my electric pressure cooker for over a year now and I LOVE it! It was more than 67% lower than the nationally advertised electric pressure cookers on the “Foodie” type channels and famous chef promoted brands! ALDI really rocks for sure. I sear my meat, cook it for 15 minutes and add myALDI veggies for 10 minutes and dinner’s ready — NO slow cookers for me and an all day process — just my wonderful electric pressure cooker from ALDI!!

  3. Tara Highberg

    Would love to have an Aldi in Red Wing, MN. The other stores are approximately 45 minutes away no matter which direction. Love shopping at your stores but hate having to drive, so we only go if we are gonna be in that town.

  4. Phyllis

    I bought Mandolines for my sisters for Christmas and stocked up for Bridal and wedding gifts. Along with each Mandolines they will also get a gift card to Aldo for veggies!

  5. Penny

    Your special buys all start on Sunday, we are Christians and remember to keep the Sabbath day Holy. So we can’t take advantage of Sunday specials. We do shop the other days of the week, but many times the specials are gone, but not always.

  6. Patti Valitzski

    I bought a memory foam queen size mattress for my disabled husband who is in the bed 99% of the time it has kept him free of breakdowns and bedsores . I bought it 3 years ago and it is just like new . I am so very grateful that I could get it living on Social Security Disability with No Food Stamps with paying that 20% co-pay for his medical expenses and his medicine he takes 10 I never thought I could get him one since he requires so much care I can not work so money is so very tight I shop at Aldi because we eat the sale rack each month but this has saved him so much pain and discomfort . Aldi you are a blessing to my family ! Hugs!

  7. Renate Goad

    I recently spend some days shopping at the ALDI Stores in Stuttgart and München, Germany. In those stores I found what I searched for in the US stores but with no luck. I found those squares cleaning cloths in colors yellow and teal. Those cloths are the best. I first used them in Hamburg at a friends house while visiting. Why can you not bring those cloths over here. By the way I bought 5 bxs and they contained 3 individual pcs. A reply would b appreciated.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Renate – ALDI US is independently managed and operated from ALDI in other parts of the world. We appreciate your feedback though and will share this with the appropriate department.

  8. Sherry Mcmichael

    i bought a small but powerful rechargeable blower… My girl toy… All mine for the decks, porch and walk way… Small enough to fit in my closet and powerful enough to get it done… I wish idy bought a dozen… I’m the envy of the neighborhood

  9. Anne

    It might sound strange, but the best Special Buy we ever got at Aldi’s was a snow shovel. It did a great job and it lasted a lot longer than any other snow shovel we ever had.

  10. Pat

    It’s hard to pick just one. I’ve got a kitchen full of Special Buys plus others elsewhere in the house. The quality and price can’t be beat! Just one example….when my name brand “bullet” broke, I replaced it with an Aldi Special Buy. Works great and cost 60% less!

  11. Marsha Sherwood

    We have purchased more special buys than we can count, in the last 34 years of shopping at Aldi! However, among my favorites in more recent years have been the porcelain-coated cast iron cookware, and the stoneware mixing bowls. We also got a glass-top patio table and chairs a few years ago for about $200 less than the exact same set, marked down at a Sears outlet store!

    1. Missy Jones

      Yes Yes Yes, My Husband bought me the Dutch Oven Porclien Ceramic Cast Iron pot, I love it Of course I had to sent him to Aldi’s with a picture from the ad paper in tow, but hey it’s all good….I use it ALOT, especially when I make my Jams @ Harvest time……Love it because nothing sticks to the inside, easy clean up……..just wish it was not so heavy……but sure beats paying the high dollar in other shops.

  12. Margaret

    I bought microfiber dishcloths several years ago (4) and I am still using them. They were a Best buy. I wish I could find them again but the tag with the name is worn off. I have bought several great items at Aldi’s. Love shopping there.

  13. Linda Straton

    Best day ever bought enough food too help needed family supplies for a few families, my dollars are well spent. So glad there in my neighborhood. Love the Aldi. Linda straton


    I have visited my local Aldis on Wed or Thurs & been told that the special buys did not come on the truck and would be there when next truck delivery happens(usually Sat) Upon returning after the next delivery was supposed to happen, I have been told the same story again, It wasn’t on the truck. There have been times when I have had the opportunity to shop at Aldis in Leesburg, FL and found the items I was looking for were there! THIS STORE IS LESS THAN 10 MILES AWAY! I CONTINUE TO BE REPEATEDLY DISAPPOINTED IN THE LADY LAKE/SUMMERFIELD STORE. I HAVE REQUESTED ITEMS THAT THEY PREVIOUSLY STOCKED AND BEEN GIVEN VARIOUS EXCUSES WHY THEY ARE NO LONGER STOCKED AND FOUND THEM AT LEESBURG STORE!

  15. Sarah

    I got a cast iron Dutch oven from Aldi that I use the heck out of. Stovetop, oven, it’s great! And much less expensive than comparable name brands.

  16. Sondra

    The best “Special buy” were my car floor mats. They are a nice, heavy duty rubber that cost at least half the price of other stores. I purchased the last ones at our local store and my husband was jealous when he saw them. Thank you Aldi. My family is thoroughly enjoying our town’s new Aldi. I purchase all of our yogurt, cheese, eggs and milk from you. Chocolate one can beat German chocolate from Aldi.

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Bobby – We want to be where our ALDI fans are located and appreciate your desire to have an ALDI near you! We’ll pass your suggestion on to our real estate team.

  17. Kathy Goodsell

    I have so many Aldi Special Buys that I can not say which is my best. I shop all over for good prices but, I go to Aldi’s first. Most of my groceries come from there. My husband is diabetic and they even have a lot of items I can use when cooking for him. I have never run into a product I didn’t like, even though they are not well known Brand names. What can I say, I Love Aldi’s!

  18. Karen Miller

    After spending $60 dollars on school supplies for some grandkids, we thought someone else would need to get them backpacks..but when we were at Aldis we found really nice ones for $7.99. We were so excited, my husband bought one for himself along with 3 more for the excellent buy!

  19. Angela

    We’ve had great luck with a few unique special buys- topping the list would be our gas grill and memory foam queen mattress. Great quality and truly unbeatable prices.

  20. Frida Ferguson

    When I first came to America, a single mom with a little boy and a tight budget, started shopping at Aldi because of my needs. Today I am an American citizen and businesses owner and recommend Aldi because it has the best produce and the best prices. We love Aldi !

  21. Kathi

    Would love to see an Aldi in the Pensacola/Milton area of Florida.
    I miss shopping Aldi’s. We used to shop in the York, Pa store when we lived in Pennsylvania and when we moved to Maryland shopped the Edgewood store. Please consider coming to Northwest Florida. Thanks .

  22. Melina Meysami

    Will there be any new stores in San Bernandino County? We really need stores in Victorville/Hesperia and Crestline/Arrowhead lake Locations!!!!!! Thank you!!!! : )))

    1. ALDI USA Post author

      Hi Melina, we are delighted to be able to bring the ALDI difference to Southern California. We’re planning to open approximately 25 Southern California ALDI stores between March and July 2016, and operate approximately 45 by the end of 2016. To get more information about ALDI coming to California, please visit our website:

  23. Kermit Richmond

    I would love to see you open up a store in Hastings , MN , you can always count on quality products at the best price at ALDI. Love your stores.

  24. zah. hosein

    I have shopped at Aldi on port st lucie blvd florida since it open.
    It is very deceiving in its ad. It lures you on. It ad says one thing and when you get there early in the morning for the item, they are out.
    Point in, just Wednesday they advertised a preasure cooker. I got there at 10 am and was told they only got 2 pieces. Now give me a break. How could this be. They don,t give rain checks. I was not alone on this issue. The chicken in the packes were forming bubbles as one customer pointed out. Everyone of my trip to this store I get the answer from the clerks that they are out of it.
    I will not be going back to the store. W I ll not get my business.

    This is

  25. Doug Schrader

    Would love to see an Aldi store in Murray, Kentucky as it is a 55 mile drive to the nearest store in Paducah. Murray is a university town and has a surrounding population base of approximately 35,000 not counting the student population at Murray State University which is in excess of 10,000 students.


    I have been shopping at aldi sins 1998 in Indiana . And I have always found it easier to shop because I was raising 3 boys and a daughter on my own. I have like your website . HOWEVER ..IT’S NOT USER FRIENDLY for myself .I can’t speak for others. But I like to be able to compare items, I genrally buy and would really appreciate it so much if you could PLEASE make this CHANGE. I only shop at aldis I only compare prices from Boiling springs sc. ,And Hillcrest Spartanburg sc. Thankyou so much ifor taking the time and reading my suggestion. It really means the world to me. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  27. blonde_n_FL

    I’m always on the lookout for special buys! I just love them! I’ve bought all kinds of garden tools. My fav has to be the leaf pickup scoops. That was the best buy ever! It makes leaf cleanup so easy, and much easier on the back since you don’t have to bend down as far to scoop the leaves up. Also picked up a vacuum, cushioned kitchen mat, waffle/pancake pan, self inflating mini cell foam mattress, bicycle light kit, ipod usb cable, active shorts. I’m sure there is more, but that’s a pretty good list!

  28. Jan McKay

    Special Buys are always fun. A smorgasbord of surprises, always. So many faves. . . the ceramic coated frying pan is my go-to pan. Nothing ever sticks! Love the Italian effervescent water from Italy. Hard to haul home as many bottles as I like to buy but so worth it!

  29. Northwoods Cheryl

    I bought a few wood splitting axes last fall. They were good quality and 1/2 the price of the hardware and farm stores. Also, the yard working tools.. I bought several Bow Saws, Branch clippers, and a set of jack stands for the garage. Living in the north woods of Wisconsin, I REALLY appreciate the savings in the groceries as well. There’s not a lot of good jobs up here, so every penny counts. I have cut my grocery spending in half, sometimes even more, by shopping Aldi’s brands.

  30. Lara Whitt

    Thank you for not using artificial colors in you products! My son is ADHD and synthetic colors and preservatives make his brain go haywire. Thanks to Aldi, he can now have fruit snacks, kids cereals, and colorful drinks. Aldi’s practices surely show how much they care about their customers. Thank you for making such a difference in my son’s life!

  31. Patty Williams

    I shop at Aldi every week…love this store! The only complaint I have is how the cashiers throw the groceries in the cart. They don’t do that in Germany!!!!

  32. Nancy Santiago

    My husband and I love shopping at Aldi’s. We are happy that they opened an Aldi’s close to us. Love their sale. We have not been disappointed with any of our purchases. Employees are friendly and helpful. We are always recommending people to Aldi’s

  33. Christina

    I have been shopping at aldi’s since I was shopping with my mom in the 90’s in Chicago. Just recently discovered a new one in Killeen, Texas. Would LOVE to have one in Central Texas. Perhaps 20 mile radius from zip code 78626. Based on these reviews I will have to check it out more often. Can anyone tell me if you’ve ever seen patio furniture? Looking for something for apartment patio size. Also having the issue of not being able to see a sales paper for the Killeen location.

  34. Mrs. W. Dean

    You still didn’t answer my question. Out of 7 days in a week which is the best day to shop, when all the shelves are stocked?

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